Top 20 Tricks to improve the speed of your website

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Web optimization is indispensable and a crucial aspect of enhancing the speed of a website although it is something that webmasters often overlook. Imagine the money and resources that you can save and how you can boost the speed of the website and eventually increase the traffic and readership for maximizing the benefits of a business. According to a survey, less than half of the online visitors leave those websites that take more than three to four seconds to load and it is more than a mere fact. Faster loading time not only helps in amplifying better ranking in the search engines but also increases your revenue. With every second that is wasted in loading a website, the conversion rate decreases to a great extent.

The following optimizing tips will help you enhance the speed of your website and you can expect a substantial increase in the profits as far as your business is concerned:

Follow the basics

Starters in online business begin with the fundamental aspects although this does not imply that you will get crazy with highly enhanced levels of speed.  The key is to have a simple design for your website that includes not more than one or two images along with the relevant text. Try to enrich the website components rather than increasing them in number.

Few weeks earlier we had an Interview with CEO of Coupon Machine about their success in 2015. He said, simplicity is the key to success for reducing the loading time of websites and makes your customers happy and satisfied with the elements that you have included in the website.”

Combine and load scripts

Instead of having single scripts, you can compile all the scripts together along with CSS layouts in the form of a single stylesheet. The above-mentioned performance techniques will lower the chances of increased bounce rates. The online world has become highly competitive and survival strategies are changing rapidly for better results when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Improve Organic search and increase conversions

Have you got thwarted with the application of keyword searching techniques and monitoring your website ranking? It is time to think of newer and better ways to increase the speed of your website. However, there is no need to get obsessed with a newly found technique as it is more important to ensure whether the customers have got all the information that they need from your website rather than hovering with concepts and ideas.

Put in relevant information

You have hired the best content writers and have made them write some of the best product descriptions yet you are not getting favorable results. It is the time you check the information in your website to find out the quality of the content and ensure whether it is informative. It is the time you take a break and change the content for increasing the rate of conversion. The information present on the landing page is important for boosting the success of a website.

Build deserving backlinks


This is one of the most prominent optimization techniques and you will surely repent for not having used it as part of the procedure of constructing a speedy website. Depending on the industry and the structure of your business, you have to get hold of a few links that will help your website get favorable results. Check the list properly and look for those that resonate with your business and abandon the rest. While checking the referral links, you can navigate to each one of them and search the websites of the competitors. For instance, you may be a fashion retailer and have got links of a top blogger. It does not hurt you much when you check the blog roll to find out whether it is possible to establish links. Try to work out a mutually beneficial relationship with the blogger. Believe it or not, it will pay you in the end.

Use CDN or content delivery network


The location of the user creates a great impact on the increased speed of websites. It is easy to distribute the content across servers for better speed but you must be wondering how to make all this happen within a day. Using content delivery networks, it is easy to reduce the size of the files and send them faster. What exactly is this method? It is a pool of servers that are located in different corners of the globe. Thus, the server of one location can help another which is present in a different location.

Get new ideas for improved content

Searching sites is a good option for obtaining new ideas about contents. Fortunately, when visitors turn up to look for information in the search box, they must have access to relevant content. The data that you get in site search helps you understand whether the links that you have obtained match the choice of the online visitors.

Avoid redirects

URL redirect is what webmasters do often for guiding the users when the website shifted to another location or help them reach the correct page. However, with each redirect new requests for HTTP are created which in turn increases the loading time of the website. In short, it will take more time for the user to reach the destination page when the number of HTTP requests increase for which minimizing redirects is the only solution.

Optimize web images

The images in the website help in getting more traffic but when these images are not properly optimized, it is more like a burden which utilizes a large amount of data regularly. Knowing the formats for optimizing website and its images is a good practice for increasing the loading time of websites and quite inevitably you will end up reducing the bounce rate of websites. Gracy, a Nutritionist and blogger, “You need to expertise in Photoshop for optimizing web images rather focus on various tools and techniques that can help you achieve your objectives. Our sales figure has been increased to 30% after working on optimizing images and CSS widgets.”

Mention the image dimensions

The web pages are furnished before the images and mentioning the dimensions of the website helps in reducing the loading time. When you mention the size of the image, the browser does not reflow when the images are finally downloaded on the website.

Brainstorm for new ideas

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You have to look for new concepts and ideas to make the website accessible to the target audience. Check whether your website include elements that make it unique. For instance, your customer support service may be available for long hours when compared to that of your rivals. Whatever it may be, you have to make serious efforts to ensure that the website loads within a short time.

Database optimization is important

A majority of websites use database for storing information. When you have a dynamic website such as e-commerce, you will surely need database for storage purposes although it can have a negative impact on the speed of your website. You can add index to the database for locating information faster. Instead of scanning scores of records, the insertion of an index helps in narrowing the data and it returns to the web page within a short period of time.

Increasing share buttons and multiple videos

Whatever your site contains, you have to be selective in your approach. Including share buttons and videos help in reducing the loading time to a great extent and this is certainly good news for website owners that are trying to enhance the speed of their websites.

Access to tools and techniques for enhancing website speed

There are multiple tools and techniques that are available for webmasters. Using these tools in an appropriate manner can help increase the page speed. You can try different techniques to see whether you need to make improvements for better results when it comes to enhancing the loading time of websites.

Caching is important

What exactly does caching do and how does it help you to get speedy websites? To simplify the answer, it is good to focus on cache mechanisms and absorb the benefits fully. Whether it is offline browsing, increasing the speed or reducing costs you can get solutions for everything by utilizing cache mechanisms

Using compression software is beneficial

With the help of data compression software, it is possible to reduce the size of the data before you send it to the browser. However, all this is related to the server side according to the request that has been processed by the client.

Reducing the size of the web page

The size of the page plays an important role when you have to increase the speed of the website. Whether it is the content, the videos or the images that are present in the website, it is imperative that you try to keep the size as small as possible thereby allowing the website to load within a few seconds. Saving the web page on the web archive folder helps you measure the its size for making the web page user-friendly which is the motive of website owners and the online visitors.

Configure platforms

Whether you have hosted or licensed your e-commerce website, you have to examine the configuration carefully for enhancing the speed of the website by reducing the loading time remarkably.

Use the latest version of plugins and software

Stay away from outdated plugins and software and instead move to the latest versions for loading a web page within seconds and eventually increase the number of online visitors.

Removing flash content from the website

As a website owner, you have probably learned a lot about managing contents and the significance of removing flash content from the website for reducing the burden and increasing the speed.

Website loading must be an easy and effective experience for the online visitors and allow them return to your website when it contains valuable information which is relevant to the usage. You have to think of ways that help you mitigate those factors that increase the loading time for obtaining adorable ranking and revenue.