image1I am one of those parents who believe in giving complete freedom to their children when it comes to making a career choice. My daughter who is five years elder to my son wanted to pursue fashion designing. Coming from a family where a majority of the children are either pursuing Engineering or Medicine it was hard for me to accept that my daughter wished to tread a career path that was unique and different. However, my initial skeptic was put to rest when she graduated as a top of the line student from NIFT. Today, she is excelling in her career and simply loves her job as a chief designer for a major clothing brand.

For the first time in my life, I realized how important it is to allow your child to pursue what he or she desires. When we were young career opportunities were limited. However, the scenario is very different today and children are spoilt with career choices. So, when my son came up to me expressing his desire to join medicine I was pleasantly surprised.

Choosing the right coaching institute is very important when it comes to preparing for engineering or medical entrance exam.

Traditionally, it’s the parents who wish that their kids choose high achieving careers like medicine or engineering. My son always fared well in academics, but he also loved to read and write. I always felt that we would become a journalist or a writer. In class X he secured 94.2 % in CBSE examination, and he joined PCMB stream in class XI.

I was not sure if he could take the pressure of these heavy subjects, but he was both adamant and confident. He was particularly enamored by life sciences and wanted to start preparing for medicine. Since he was amply clear about his dreams, I felt that he needed expert guidance.

I wanted him to join a coaching institute and found Aakash Institute reviews to be the most positive. The Institute as we all know is one of the premium coaching institutes in India. It offers coaching for medical, engineering and other competitive examination in the country. So my fellow parents, if you are looking for a good coaching institute for your child, below are my reasons why I choose Aakash Institute for my son.

Friendly Admin Staff

As I reached the office of this premium Institute, the one close to my house, I was greeted by a very friendly staff. I had several questions about the faculty, fee structure, schedule of the class and other information about admission. The admission counsellor at the center spent nearly one hour with me and made me go through each and every point in the brochure.

Reasonable fee Structure

For a middle-class family, being able to afford the education of our children is a significant relief. Fortunately, I found that the fee structure was very reasonable. There were no hidden charges and in comparison to the other institutes the one time deposit and other components of the fee structure seemed affordable.

Good Classroom Infrastructure

I was thoroughly impressed by the classroom infrastructure of the institute. The classroom was very spacious, well-lit and adequately ventilated. Several batches of classes are conducted each day so there is never over-spilling of students. Secondly, the Institute maintains the quality and standard of the classroom throughout its branches across the country.

Top Level Faculty

This is perhaps the most forthcoming reason why Aakash Institute reviews are mostly favorable. The coaching center has been offering coaching to aspiring engineers and doctors for nearly 30 years now. They have hands-down expertise in the field which is evident in the quality of the teachers that they have hired. Most of their faculty members are JEE qualifiers themselves and are very experienced.

Rich Study Material

The content material and notes offered by the Institute is par excellence. Compiled together by one of the finest faculty of the Institute, the additional notes and study material provided by the institute is extremely helpful to students.


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