3 Best Ways To Use Video Marketing To Grow Your Dropshipping Business

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Video marketing is a very useful method to help out any business, including dropshipping business. In this article I will tell you about 3 of the best ways to use video marketing to grow your dropshipping business.

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One of the big questions that always comes up is what kind of videos should I be producing? What kind of videos should I really spend my time and energy on?

I’m not going to talk today about how to produce those videos, there’s a bunch of different articles out there, including one of our own, you could really just do things on your own, if you’ve got a team use your team otherwise if you’ve got a cell phone just use that and record videos that way.

What we’re talking about today is more about the content and the strategy behind it. What kind of content? What kind of videos should you create and why?  I’ve got 3 types of videos to talk about.  

Introduction video for your dropshipping business

So the first video you can create, and this is really a great starting point  is just an introduction to your business. Now usually these videos are tied very closely to your mission statement.

The point of these videos is not to talk about your features, talk about your services, or your products or things like that, that can all come later, what this is really for is:

  • connecting with your customer
  • giving them an idea of who you are
  • what kind of experience are they going to have if they work with you?
  • how are they going to feel afterwards?
  • how are you going to treat them?
  • how do they feel about you and your business before they’ve even decided to do business with you and to work with you?

So this kind of video is just that introduction. It’s kind of like your elevator pitch, it’s like the shaking hands and kissing babies of videos, right?

All you’re trying to do here is showcase who you are, the heart of your business, your mission, and why it’s in the customer’s best interest to work with you.  

Commercial/promotional video

Now the second video is explaining your offer. And this is honestly probably one of the more common types of videos that you find. 

This is what you’d consider to be more of a commercial, a commercial type, you’re expressing, and showcasing the different features and products the services that you have, this is where you’re translating what you have into what the customer needs, and what are the next steps to get it, right? If you’re in the dropshipping niche, a common video title would look something like this: “How to find out what shopify theme a website is using?”

If you’ve ever seen a commercial, this is what it is. It’s really trying to connect the features and the benefits and the advantages of whatever product or service that you are selling to your customer and what they’re trying to achieve. 

Now you can go really high production with this, or you can go low production with just a cell phone kind of showcasing what your product is or your service.  

A lot of times you can use these videos on social media, this can be a really behind-the-scenes kind of video. If you’re a landscaper maybe it’s the behind-the-scenes work that’s being done, and then showcasing what it looks like afterwards. You’re showing your product and your features, and showing the customer what they can expect.  

Customer profile

Number three is the customer profile. You might also call this a testimonial video, or a customer review or something like that.

At SaleSource one of the things that we really love to do is tell our customers stories and their stories are ingrained in the story of SaleSource (leading dropship spy tool) also.

We’re a small business, we work with small businesses, we’re passionate about small businesses. So for us it makes sense to tell the story of the small businesses that we work with.

For you this may be more of a customer side yeah, B2C, maybe you don’t work a lot with businesses, maybe it’s with actual consumers or customers or something like that, it really doesn’t change the theory behind the video, and the strategy that you’re going to employ.

What you’re doing here is telling your customer’s story, and allowing that video to showcase what another customer, a new customer or potential customer might also experience. You’re tugging at the heartstrings a little bit,  you’re having a conversation, you’re showcasing, what was the experience of somebody just like you?

Someone just like you with the same wants and desires and same goals and goals for working with us as a business, by showcasing that you’re able to connect with a potential customer emotionally by showing them the true experience that another customer had before them.

Everybody wants to walk a path that’s a little bit easier when someone else has already walked it. You never want to be a customer, you never want to be that first penguin off the iceberg into the water because there might be a whale down there, something ready to eat you. You never want to be the first lemming off the cliff.  

So by using these videos you can show that other people have been here before you, and other people had a great experience, and you can tap into that herd mentality of if someone else similar to me had this kind of experience,  I can expect to have an experience similar to that. It’s a great way to showcase your business, showcase your product, showcase your customers, and earn some new ones.

This article was contributed by Jake Patterson. Jake is the business lead at SaleSource. SaleSource is the best dropshipping tool ever devised, supporting Shopify Dropshipping, Aliexpress Dropshipping and more.

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