I often meet and chat with business owners who are seeking advice about their website.  Often they come to us after having completed a site through another agency.  In fairness the websites look great, functions well and yet the business owner who has invested their hard-earned money into the project is desperately searching for the answer to understand why the website is not producing them enough leads – in some cases generating less leads than their old out-dated website which they would now happily take back.  Here are some of the most common mistakes we see:

It Only Works on Computers

iphone2 (Small)The world is fast paced and is accompanied by millions of internet users manipulating mobile phones and tablets to browse the internet on the go. Your website should perform its major capabilities across multiple devices and almost any screen size. The two options are creating an entirely different mobile website or making your current site responsive so that it has the ability to move and adjust in proportion to the browser width. In addition to displaying on mobile devices, it should be compatible with the top 4 internet browsers.  If your site does not pass this basic test, you are undoubtedly loosing potential opportunities through a reduction in your web traffic.

Your Content is Outdated

Your website should grow as your business grows and therefore your content should be updated regularly. This includes pictures, information, links, and pages.  Make sure that your content is informative.  Ask yourself this question – what do you offer on your website to encourage your visitors to return?  Would you revisit the website which seems to offer the same products for sale each time?  Probably not.  And you should apply that same rule to your website, no matter what you are offering.

Search Engines are always on the lookout for fresh content, not text that has been there since the launch of the website.  Content updates continue to have a very strong relevance when it comes to performance on search engine searches.  This is still often missed by web site owners.

Make it a priority to sit down and write a new and engaging homepage.  Or you could consider an active blog.   Think of this as an act of contribution.  When you share your ideas or stories with others, you are enabling your website to reach people with your message.  What a powerful marketing tool!!

You Have Missed The Point

outdated contentAlways make your website design and content appeal to the individuals that are most likely to buy your services. If you are a babysitting service, don’t make a website that will sell to a baby, make one that sells to their parents. When deciding to start a blog, write posts relevant to your clients, not your competitors.  Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for advice on what they think of your content.  Constructive criticism from your customers can be used as a valuable business asset.

You’re Using Too Much Content

The average user spends 20 seconds on a website – so spend some time analyzing your home page.  Make sure that your content matches your customer’s wants and needs.  It needs to offer independent value to those reading your content.  Remember that a bad message amplified in volume is still a bad message…. there is just more of it to read.

No Call to Actions

Thick about whether your marketing message is motivating your customers to take action.  You can start off by analyzing your websites performance through your Google analytics account.  Compare the visitor numbers you have and how many leads are generated.

If you feel that the visitor numbers should be generating more leads, check to make sure that the website is communicating what you want your visitor to do next.  Is it offering enough call to action?

The Conclusion

Check through your website a couple of times a week to look for any errors or mistakes and fix them immediately. These top 5 common website mistakes can be addressed by most website owners fairly quickly and without much (if any) costs associated.

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