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Social Media Marketing Practices every blogger should try!

We all know how important Social Media is to blogging. Let alone blogging, Social Media is now said to be even the core of modern corporate world. From a one-person startup to multi-billion dollar companies, everyone knows the importance of how essential social media has become to business growth. Big companies are putting a lot to their social media projects to get more and even more exposure. They are spending big to feast their products to more people. On the other hand, small companies struggle to find their way to the top due to constrained resources. In the case of blogs the circumstances turn out to be different.

Bloggers make their money in all the ways they can. Their money making ideas are unique and durable. They live to create & sell ideas. They relish their life building intellectual products. Bloggers know the internet upside down, except the fact that they don’t have much to do on Social Media. But as a matter of fact, bloggers understand the advantages of Social Media in their profession.

Some may say that blogs are social networks too. But as far as working methodology is concerned, those are not. Blogs are totally unique and to grow those certainly need aid from other blogs and social media. Blogs can effortlessly see growth by the support of other blogs, bloggers and also using various backlinking strategies. But on social media, things get a little more-trickier for bloggers. The main reason to that is the off-page promotion involved. To promote a blog on social media, bloggers need to divert focus from their blogs to Facebook/Twitter etc., for which they don’t have much time.

But there are still some ways to promote a blog without even leaving the blog dashboard. By following those bloggers can do both at the same time: blogging & growing.

1) Automate!

Automation is essential for both the time saving and quantitative distribution of a product, which in case of bloggers is the content. You can use external services to post your latest blog posts to various social networks. On WordPress, several plugins sport automated publishing to social media. I have used Jetpack & Buffer like tools to automatically post my tweets and I was pretty happy with the results.

2) Use better social media buttons


Looks kill, don’t they? So, instead of using those regular old & boring social bookmarking icons, try some creative icon packs and unique call to actions to encourage your readers to promote your blog content to their own social accounts. There are several icon packs & social bookmarking tools are available online. Those can be integrated with any blog in nearly no-time.

3) Carve amazing post titles

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Controversial and creative blog post titles get more attention than the usual ones. Even if your content is not that amazing do not forget to boost it with a cooler title.

4) Repeatedly publish to social media

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There are several tools that enable bloggers to publish their content periodically in random orders. Repeated sharing boosts social presence and increase the number of backlinks to your site. Blogging tools like Revive Old Post and buffer can help you repeatedly post to social media without even blinking an eye from dashboard.

5) Make other bloggers post for you!

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Other bloggers may post about you and your content once they find your stuffs interesting and shareable. Try to build engagement with fellow bloggers by first following and sharing their posts. Sooner or later you will be noticed and you’ll see your content being shared reversibly. Once you are set to the social-media rhythm, you can relax and enjoy seeing your social traffic boosted.

6) Social SEO: The future of SEO

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We all know how Google’s search algorithms are changing. Social Media now plays an important role in ranking of webpages in search results. All you need is to properly configure your social accounts, link those to your blogs and verify your identity with webmaster tools. This will let Google know that which social networking sites are linking back to your webpage and you would see a significant difference in your SERP.

7) Grow a pair of hands. Hire an SMM!


Sometimes you don’t find enough time or brain to do all these stuffs. So, instead of diverting yourself from your precious blogging business you can ultimately hire a Social Media Marketing expert. SMM Experts can help you be a top player in your content niche.

Happy blogging!

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