The 10 Best Social Media Monitoring Apps for Parents

Are you worried about what your children do in their social media apps? Children and teenagers today go hand in hand with the social web. Do you see a single child or teenager without social networking accounts and apps nowadays? 

Today's parents' main concern is their children's online activity. With the rise in digitization and availability of the internet and smartphones, children have an increasing tendency in social media addiction.

Though social media has a lot of positive aspects, parents have raised their concern about the negatives of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Tiktok and many more. Parents also get worried about their children's privacy, online safety and the risks of online bullying.

So the necessity of social media monitoring arises here. I have listed the 10 best social media monitoring apps for parents to keep track of children and their online activities.

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Best Social Media Monitoring Apps for Parents

The 10 Best Social Media Monitoring Apps for Parents

Following are the 10 best social media monitoring apps for parents to learn about their children's activities.

Best Social Media Monitoring Apps Fenced.AI is one of the most satisfactory parental control solutions and software for parents. Parents can use this app to ensure children's safe experience on any online networking site and see what they do on their social media platform. offers different parental control features such as keystrokes logging, remote monitoring, geofence alerts, blocking inappropriate content and apps, generating web browsing history of the children's device, and many more helpful features.

If the parents require monitoring apps of social networking sites, this software is the way to go. With this software, parents can monitor social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype.

Key features of app

  • View sent and received messages history with timestamps.
  • View the shared files, media, and files.
  • View the keystrokes in private chats.
  • Get notification alerts in social media apps.
  • Get geofence alerts.



FamilyTime parental control and monitoring software help manage and monitor children's mobile activities and online activities along with different sophisticated features for social media monitoring.

This one-stop parental control solution blocks harmful internet content and apps. It helps to monitor the installed apps, internet filterings, app management, track calls, text messages, call logs, location history, etc.

Also, FamilyTime helps parents get alerts on suspicious and inappropriate content that children might get into. It provides parents with SOS alerts, children's location alerts, app block alerts, etc., to ensure children's online safety.

Key features of FamilyTime app

  • Block inappropriate apps on their device
  • Track web browser history
  • Monitor keystrokes.
  • Monitor and view social media text messages.
  • Remote monitoring through the FamilyTime control panel.



With the mSpy parental control app, parents needn't stay at the edge about what their children might be doing in their social site accounts. mSpy offers all of the features to monitor the children's social media accounts and apps.

mSpy works in stealth mode, i.e., once you install it in the target device, you remain anonymous. It is a powerful mobile-monitoring tool to see social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, Kik, WhatsApp, and many more.

mSPy helps the parents track their children's whereabouts through the location history and geofence alerts and see if they are engaging in adult apps such as Tinder, Kik, etc.

Key features of mSpy app

  • See their Facebook messenger chats and conversations.
  • Record all the key logs in the social media apps, SMS, and call and text messages.
  • View their every activity from the mSpy control panel.
  • Screen Recorder to record their every social media activity.
  • Monitor web history and block detrimental content.



Qustodio parental control and monitoring software is another choice if parents want to monitor their children's social media accounts and activities. It lets you track all of their SMS, sent, and received messages in different social media platforms your children are active on to keep them safe online.

Parents can get real-time notifications and emails through the Qustodio dashboard about what they might be doing, to whom they are talking if any suspicious and dangerous text has been sent or received.

Qustodio helps track call and location history and filter inappropriate web content if any potentially dangerous content arises.

Key features of Qustodio app

  • Locate children's geolocation.
  • View suspicious contact, text messages, and calls.
  • Get alerts and reports of their social media activities.
  • View their social media and other apps usage with date and timestamps.
  • Set Time Limits to use apps and surf the internet.



Bark parental control solution is a comprehensive tool that parents can use to monitor and track children's online activities. It effectively monitors social applications such as Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Kik, TikTok, and many other social media apps.

Bark provides different parental control features to efficiently monitor their online behavior to ensure children's safe online experience and detect any suspicious behavior online. It helps track their location, get alerts about their check-in check-outs so that parents can get relief about their safety.

Key features of Bark app

  • Identify dangerous risks on the internet and social media apps.
  • View text messages sent and received in SMS and social media accounts.
  • Activity report on their web history and apps blocking.
  • Monitor emails and screen time of apps.



With NetNanny parental control software, parents have to get no more concerned about their children's digital security. NetNanny offers the best parental control software to effectively and efficiently monitor every activity of children in active social networking sites and block the unsuitable apps on their devices.

At the fingertips of parents, they can see their online surfing history, track their location, manage screen time along with setting time limits and get insights about their real-time online activities from the NetNanny dashboard.

Key features of NetNanny app

  • Block adult contents and explicit results with the internet filters.
  • Get alerts and summary reporting about their web histories activities.
  • Block harmful apps and scan for the installed apps.
  • Social media protection and restrict access to unsupported social media apps.



Famisafe parental control app helps parents know every social media activity of their children. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Famisafe allows parents to know their children's online activity and limit app usage.

Parents can add controls to their social media accounts if they detect any threatening and dangerous text messages so that they get instant alerts about them. Famisafe provides every detail with customized reporting of the children's web history, location, call logs, contacts, shared files, images, etc.

Key features of Famisafe app

  • Detecting suspicious text messages, chats in social media apps.
  • Instantly block dangerous contents on the internet
  • Tracking their location history and geofence
  • Help to view TikTok history and YouTube control usage.



Mobicip digital parental control app offers to monitor and track features of children's every activity and accounts online. So if you have any doubts or suspicions on children's whereabouts, what they've been up to, what conversations they take part in, how they communicate, Mobicip is the one-stop solution for parents.

Mobicip parental control application helps protect the children from harmful internet content, set time limits on their apps and devices usage, and get all their detailed online activity reports.

Key features of Mobicip app

  • Real-time email alerts about suspicious activities on apps and social media accounts.
  • Scans social media content for any harmful or negativity
  • YouTube monitoring and website filtering
  • View their social media text messages, multimedia files, shared files.
  • Geolocation and geofence alerts.



iKeyMonitor is another recommended parental control and monitoring app that parents can use as social media monitoring apps for their children's digital well-being. It provides social media monitoring tools in Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, Vibe, and many other social media apps.

Parents can remotely monitor and protect their children from suspicious online predators, cyberbullying, or any other online risks they might encounter with the instant alerts in the iKeyMonitor dashboard. They can track children's GPS location, call and text messages, web history, and many more.

Key features of iKeymonitor monitoring apps

  • Record keylogging of text messages and typed keypads in apps
  • Add the alert keywords that you think might be harmful.
  • Track and monitor private messages in social media apps.
  • Block inappropriate web content and apps.
  • Take screenshots and screen recordings of their online activities.

Safe Lagoon

safe lagoon

Safe Lagoon parental control software provides a healthy online experience for children. It helps to properly track and monitor all children's online activity, including social networking sites such as VKontakt, Viber, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Safe Lagoon helps parents view the text messages, shared files, images in their messaging apps and get alerts if any dangerous texts are sent or received. It helps parently get a detailed view of their children's screen time and manage it accordingly.

Key features of the Safe Lagoon app

  • Block harmful and dangerous apps instantly.
  • Get an activity report about their online activity.
  • View web browsing and usage history.
  • Provide real-time notifications and GPS location alerts.


Children nowadays are entirely connected through social networking platforms. They often validate themselves with the number of likes, comments, shares, followers in their posts, which is not healthy behavior.

Also, with the increasing rate of cybercrimes, children are at the edge of being victims of online predators. So it is necessary to monitor and track their online social activities.

Keeping children's safety in mind and monitoring their suspicious activities, I have thoroughly described the 10 best social media monitoring apps for parents. I hope you loved reading it. Thank You!