Students are more into Social Media. Is it good or bad?

Social Media fever has spread like wildfire and there is no escape from it. Everyone, irrespective of age, is getting hooked on the growing popularity of Social Media and one type of population that is getting more attracted and captivated at the same time is the population of students.

Students are more into Social Media. Is it good or bad?

It is a tough question because there are positive impacts as well as negative impacts pertaining to Social Media usage. As the impact is from both the angles, we need to look into both the aspects and introspect.

Positive effect of Social Media among Students

Students on social

More Informed

It is shocking but true that the use of Social Media platforms is making the students more aware about what is happening around the Globe. News and newspapers are old tools while the latest news spread through social media sites. This definitely is a positive impact that we ignore.


Students who are otherwise less empathetic towards the people in their society show empathy on online platforms. This gradually makes them more sensitive towards the feelings of others in their circle.


With this platform, many students who belong to the rural parts of the world have access to experts from other parts of the world. This makes learning possible even you are from an interior region.

Improved friendship

Relationship gets closer and more contact is established with friends who are even away from them. With more online presence, you get in touch with your friends who had been out of contact and this way one also develops the long lost bonding among friends.

Career Guidance

Students have greater degree of understanding of career and opportunities. They get to know about the latest trend in jobs and careers rather than sticking to what was the conventional career opportunities like Doctors, Engineers only. Now, students are more informed and they know the various opportunities available outside the two mentioned fields. As per a report, more than 89% of employees have been hired from LinkedIn, 26% from Facebook and 15% from Twitter. Isn’t that encouraging?

Negative Effect of Social Media among Students

It is no surprise that the GPA of students with no use of Social Media is higher than that of students who have frequent social media presence. To be precise, as per a report, the GPA of non-social media user and social media user are 3.82 and 3.06 respectively. This is not pointing at a good direction for the students. There is more to the negative impact of social media that will stress you if your student or children are falling prey to this too.


A student who spends more time on social media has lesser physical activity to do. In fact, a student who was more into sports earlier may get influenced to even drop out from the sports activity. As a result, one can hamper the immunity and fall sick frequently. Moreover, eye sight can be impacted. Students have a long way to go and this sudden eye sight problem can get serious with age.

Cyber bullying

Many students are falling victim to cyberbullying. This is also leading to crimes and suicides across the Globe. Students are vulnerable to crimes and groups that are into attracting students and young minds to commit such crimes. If you don’t want your children to be trapped, it is important that you talk to them about the ill effects of social media openly so that they don’t have the fear of discussing with you.

Less Engaged in Study

There is nothing that can beat the importance of education. A student going to school and college, when takes to social media and uses a smartphone extensively spends lesser time in study compared to the time he or she used to spend before owning a smartphone. As a result, there is deterioration in the scores of the students. This is not a healthy sign that any school/college teacher or parents should ignore.

Knowledge before Time

There are things and news that students can get disturbed or excited about when they learn it an age when they don’t have to; especially school students. Introducing smartphones and social media at an early age can spoil the innocence they are born with.

There are good as well as bad impacts of social media. There is a limit to everything. Limiting the students' use of social media can have a positive impact on their minds. It is also true that students are getting smarter and more social with the use of social media; however, young minds are innocent and need better guidance. It is a boon as well as a bane to the society. How do you want to use it?