Every year millions of aspirants apply for the IIT entrance examination, but not many of them are selected. This goal seems almost impossible to students who are at the level of mediocrity. Over the years, however, there have emerged stories of inspiration where even mediocre students have marked their worth in IIT through their hard work and sheer dedication. Such students are trailblazers who not only transform their life but also make other average students believe in their potential.

If you are also one of the average students who wish toace JEE but feel demotivated, then worry not. We are going to retell the tales of 5 average students who aced IIT with flying colours and are now reaping the sweet fruits of their tough toil.

Nikhil Garg

The story of Nikhil Garg’s success is no less than a quintessential example of the miracles of hard work and perseverance. Till the time he reached the 10th class, everyone around him expected him to be nothing more than just an average student. However, he went to Kota for his IIT preparation. During his preparation, his mother passed away due to breast cancer, and this pulled his spirits down. It was his father who supported him then and motivated him to strive hard for his goals. After two challenging years of extreme hard work, he achieved an All India Rank of 6 in IIT JEE 2008.

Rajiv Dandotiya

He barely passed class 12th with just 39% score yet he went on to mark his name among the famous IIT Alumni. Hailing from a small town in Rajasthan, Rajiv Dandotiya studied in government schools and started working as a helper in his father’s factory during 1995. Desperate for a good future, he asked a bookseller to give him books of a competitive exam where his low marks would not make him illegible.The bookseller gave him the books to prepare for IIT. In 2002, he cleared IIT and got admitted in 5-year Dual Degree program in Industrial Engineering & Management at IIT-Kharagpur. The average boy later went on to earn a PhD from Lulea University in Sweden.

Gaurav Soni

Just like the other winners in this list, Gaurav Soni was also an average student who turned himself into an outstanding achiever. He switched to an English Medium School after completing his eighth standard from a Hindi medium. Gaurav faced a lot of academic adversities due to his weak command over English. He tackled many failures in examinations but never lost his hope. His hard work, dedication and practice later got him selected in IIT.

Anirudh Rao

The regular average boy, Anirudh Rao, wanted to ace IIT but lacked focus. It was only after the JEE forms were out that he realised the dearth of days he had to prepare. However, Anirudh did not want to give up on his dreams, and in just three months, he covered every subject from the beginning, practised the whole syllabus and got an AIR-1278 in IIT JEE. In just three months, he did what years of preparation does not give to students. All this could happen only because of his resolute mind and incredibly hard work.

Aashish Agrawal

During his school days, Aashish Agarwal never took his studies seriously. It was only after finishing school that he became clueless about his career and decided that IIT is his only aim now. To prepare for the entrance, he shifted to Delhi and scored a 310 taking him to the NIT. However, he knew his purpose was IIT. So, he dropped another year, studied by himself and practised a lot. After much hard work, he cracked IIT in 2012.

All these success stories are shining examples of the fact that even though you are an average student, you can achieve your goals with hard work and determination. Just believe in your abilities and keep on working hard. Today, with the advent of technology, there are ways of studying that were previously unavailable. So, push hard and strive for a better tomorrow by going the extra mile for the ultimate success.

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