How to Revise Physics for JEE Main in Just 1 Month?

If you are wondering how to start your revision for Physics for JEE Main in order to crack the JEE Main exam 2024 in 1 month, I am here to help you in the best possible manner.

I have everything you need, from the complete syllabus of physics to important chapters in physics and weightage of chapters to a number of questions asked in the previous year's examination and then a 1-month revision plan of physics for you.

Building the revision plan of Physics for JEE

In your JEE Main 2024 exam pattern, the Physics section takes first place in the question paper. As you must be aware that the Physics subject is the highly competitive section and scoring well marks in the subject should be easy and quick if you are able to tightly hold the concepts. So, before jumping to the last-minute preparation of the Physics subject, let us look at the syllabus of the subject first.

JEE Main 2024 Physics Syllabus

The complete syllabus for Physics carries a weightage of 30 marks on the JEE Main exam 2024. The Physics syllabus is further divided into two components Part A and Part B. Part A will test your theoretical knowledge and carry 80% weightage whereas Part B tests your practical component and has 20% weightage. There will be no change in JEE Main exam syllabus and pattern for every subject. I am providing you with a revision plan for the subject Physics for 1-month preparation.

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JEE Main 2024 - Revision Plan for Physics

Number of WeeksPhysics Topic for Revision
1st WeekGeneral Physics
Newton’s Law of Motion
System of Particles, Centre of Mass and its Motion & Impulse and Elastic & Inelastic Collisions
Law of Gravitation
Linear and Angular Simple Harmonic motion
2nd WeekRigid Body, Moment of Inertia and Conservation of Angular Momentum
Linear and Angular Simple Harmonic Motion, Hooke’s Law, Young Modulus
Pressure in Fluid, Pascal’s Law, Bernoulli Theorem and its Applications
Wave Motion, Doppler Effect
Total Internal Reflection, Deviation and Dispersion of Light, Propagation of Light
Wave Nature of Light
3rd WeekThermal Expansion of Solids, Liquid, and Gases; Calorimetry, Latent Heat; Heat conduction in one Dimension
Newton’s law of Cooling; Ideal Gas Laws
Specific Heat
Equivalence of Heat and Work; Blackbody Radiation
Electric Current, Capacitance, Coulomb’s Law
Magnetic Field; Biot-Savart Law and Ampere’s Law
Magnetic Moment of Current Loop;
Effect of a Uniform Magnetic Field on a Current Loop
4th WeekElectromagnetic Induction and Magnetism
Modern Physics
Previous Year Question Paper
Mock Test

Topicwise Weightage for Physics in JEE Main 2024


Let's now talk about the weightage of the Chapters in Physics and the number of questions asked in the subject. This will help you in remembering important topics for the exam and you can conduct quick and smooth revision for Physics. Here is the tabulated form of the same.

Topics from Class 11 Weightage (in %) Number of Questions Topics from Class 12 Weightage (in %) Number of Questions
Kinematics 1.7 01 Moving Charges and Magnetism 6.3 02
Laws of Motion 2.7 03 Electric Charges and Fields 3.7 -
Rotational Motion 6.3 02 Current Electricity 4.7 03
Units and Dimensions 5.3 01 Electric Potential and Capacitance 3.3 02
Work, Energy and Power 3.7 02 Alternating Current 1.7 02
Waves 5.0 01 Ray Optics 5.7 -
Thermal Properties 0.7 - Semiconductors 10.7 01
Oscillations 3.7 01 Dual Nature of Radiation 4.3 01
Thermodynamics 6.3 01 Wave Optics 4.7 02
Kinetic Theory of Gases 2.7 01 Electromagnetic Waves and Communication Systems 3.3 02
Mechanics of Solids and Fluids 2.7 01 Atoms and Nuclei 2.3 01
Gravity 3.3 - Magnetism and Matter 1.0 -
      Electromagnetic Induction 3.0 -

Note: The topics indicated with a hyphen in the column of the number of questions indicate that there were no questions asked from these topics last year. But that does not mean you can skip these topics. Though preparation and revision are required for all these topics.

Important Chapters of Physics for JEE Main

image 1

Some topics are important in every subject, so check all the important topics which you should not skip in your revision for JEE Main 2019 for the subject Physics.

  1. Circular Motion
  2.  Newton’s Law of Motion
  3. Current Electricity
  4. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
  5. Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics
  6. Atomic Structure in Modern Physics
  7. Centre of Mass and Momentum Conservation
  8. Classical Magnetism and Magnetic Properties of Matter
  9. Rotational Motion
  10. Laws of Thermodynamics
  11. Electrostatics

The aim of providing a revision plan, weightage of the topics and important topics of the subject Physics is to boost your confidence before the JEE Main Exam 2019. Do a lot of practice, solve previous year's question papers and mock test in order to give your preparation a brilliant success.

Don’t forget to download a JEE Main preparation app from your favorite app store. It provides free study notes, quizzes, mock tests, previous year papers, and all the updates related to IIT-JEE exams. Explore study notes on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in my Study Notes section.