Best Physics, Chemistry & Biology Books for NEET Preparation

Obviously, whitecoat and stethoscopes is a dreams of many since their childhood. It’s so fascinating. Many students want to pursue medical science as their career. And the gateway for medical colleges is NEET.

If you want to take admission in MBBS or BDS or AYUSH courses in top medical colleges in India NEET is your only way in. NEET is a pan-India medical entrance examination. Almost each and every medical College asks for your NEET score for your admission.

NEET will be only entrance examination which will be considered for UG admissions. NEET is however considered one of the toughest and difficult to crack. More than 12 lakh students apply for the NEET examination, so the competition is not going to be easy. That’s why all the aspirants need to work very hard. In addition to hard work, some smart work is also required, which will ultimately make hard work a bit easier.

So, during preparation, books are the most important asset for the medical aspirants. Obviously, the syllabus of NEET is well defined. That’s why you need to refer to some of the most sought-after books. Those books are key to success in NEET.

So, if you are looking for the best Physics, Chemistry & Biology Books for NEET Preparation, this guide is for you.

Best Books for NEET 2024

Certain Basics

NEET comprises three segments, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany Zoology). The syllabus is well synchronized with CBSE and all state boards. The syllabus contains topics covered in the class 11th and 12th.

So obviously, your first move should be to cover NCERTs of all the subjects. NCERTs should be the first priority of every medical aspirant. You should start with the basics. The main motive should be to clearly understand the concepts and its practical applications. You don’t need to grasp everything. You just have to focus more on certain topics.

For the extensive competition, you have to simply follow the recommendation from the medical council of India.

What qualities should be present in the reference books?

  • Fundamentals should be cleared.
  • Concepts should be cleared and the applications allied.
  • It should help you to prepare strategically.

The Best books for NEET preparation

What are the best books for Physics?

Physics is the most difficult section for medical aspirants. Physics undoubtedly requires hard work. It’s because it includes many deep segments, concepts, and numerical analysis. The physics portion will contain 45 questions that weigh for 180 marks. It means each question will carry four marks.

The Physics section should be prepared by emphasizing on the following:

  • The conceptual knowledge of the subject should be deep and crystal clear.
  • Use of conceptual knowledge to solve the problems
  • Tricks and tips should be there to solve difficult questions easily and accurately with very little time.

Here is the list of best reference books for NEET Physics:

  1. NCERT Physics class 11th and 12th (both parts)
  2. Concepts of Physics: by H.C. Verma
  3. Fundamentals of Physics: by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
  4. Problems in General Physics: by IE Irodov
  5. Objective Physics for NEET: by DC Pandey
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What are the Best Books for NEET Chemistry?

The chemistry section in NEET is undoubtedly the most scoring subject in NEET. You just need some extra effort and you can score really well in the chemistry section. Mostly medical aspirants score more in chemistry than Physics. The chemistry section also comprises 45 questions that make over 180 marks in NEET. The subsections comprise of Physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry. The students should go through inorganic because this is very easy to handle if revised thoroughly.

Now Listing the Best Books for polishing your concepts of Chemistry:

  1. NCERT Chemistry
  2. Physical Chemistry: By OP Tandon
  3. Inorganic Chemistry: By Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
  4. Organic Chemistry: By MS Chouhan
  5. Modern's ABC of Chemistry for Class 11th and 12th

What are the best books for NEET Biology?

Of course, biology is most important for NEET preparation. It comprises of 90 questions which make 360 marks in NEET. 45 questions are from Zoology and 45 from Botany. If you are a Medical aspirant, it is natural that you have to absolutely brilliant in biology. So, if you have a good hold on class 11th and 12th biology, then you can easily crack NEET with a very good score. A Good score will automatically bring you a very good Rank in the NEET.

Coming to the Best Books for Biology:

Why should I choose the reference books which are mentioned up there?

  • These books are the best for preparation according to toppers
  • These books will surely help you to clear the concepts
  • Language is easy to understand
  • They have previous years question assessment to give you the idea of questions
  • Have tips and tricks for students
  • Answers keys are provided along with the practice sets.
  • Last but not least they are relevant and trustworthy books by the best publications

Hope this index of hand-picked books for each subject would have helped you to choose the right study material for you. Happy Preparation!