Acquisition of merchandise through phone applications? Isn’t that a naïve bargain for Indian crowds as there is absolutely no visual analysis of the product and also duplication of such goods could prevent us from trusting the applications? This skeptical fragrance was scattered through large masses in the country due to the bizarre entry of app-based shopping models. But, in today’s highly compact commercialized era of work, throughout the nation, people cannot afford to travel distances just for petty stuffs which can be ordered online. Such services by mobile applications pleasure us and we just can’t resist. So what are the unique sculptures of display that are hidden inside the apps, transforming us into a hungry shopaholic? For learning the extremes of these applications, below are a few mentioned apps that can give you an incredible shopping experience.

Amazon India

screen322x572Rumors were absolutely correct on Amazon India standing as the pioneer to all solutions and also vanishing the bewildered minds of people about online shopping being a savior to time, money and unadulterated attributes of products. You might be wondering why is Amazon’s app is so special? Well, with it, you would experience pk-heading-numbered numerous categories of literally anything you require. The aroma of mammoth projection of goods has just commenced. You, as customers would browse through the app, finalize a product and order it, expecting the delivery within 3-4 days or so. But hold on to your breaths, because the commencement of one-day delivery erupted only from Amazon India. Just order a good now and grab away the same by tomorrow. 

Download Amazon India AppS*

*Available for Android, iOS & Windows Phone


Flipkartflipkart-windows-phone (2)

Customer satisfaction is the key towards Flipkart’s application to cater for. Out here, the satisfaction received by customers by ordering merchandise is unique, unlike other websites. Because of its replacement facility at your doorstep, Flipkart hands over this marvelous asset on exchanging the product you are not satisfied with. And especially, when dealing with clothes are considered, this application makes it comfortable for the customers to check the fittings first and after that, return the good or retain it.

Download Flipkart App(s)*

*Available for Android, iOS & Windows Phone



MobileSite_Banner_New25-27thOct (2)Jabong’s mobile application has not much of a quantity as compared to other apps at hand, but when it drives towards the stop of brands, Jabong’s the showstopper. Even the word such as Titanic cannot be a tool for Jabong’s description as an app. The app spreads it wings towards a massive variety of branded goods categorizing in each sector like gadgets, clothes, cosmetics and many more, just for the satisfaction and large catering towards the customers.

Download Jabong Mobile Apps*

*Available for Android, iOS & Windows Phone


snapdeal mobile appComing to Snapdeal’s application for serving it’s customers, the mobile app has tasted success and specialization reviews by the customers because of its most primary feature of savings, or you could say that snapdeal is cost-effective to other shopping applications. Squirting out a trivia that about 60-65% of the products which are sold online, almost all of the apps have the same goods to display for, but whats so special about this app? It has reduced prices compared to other online retailers by the use of Snapdeal coupons which help the app do so.

Download Snapdeal Mobile Apps*

*Available for Android, iOS & Windows Phone



It’s difficult to imagine how Paytm has crawled over the top 10 websites in India for shopping and also has mobile applications for the same. Do you know what pleases Paytm’s customers? Unlike other apps, Paytm’s mobile apps are quite special – as those give you an opportunity to recharge the phones you’re using and also pay bills through that particular feature. And now, it’s absolutely flabbergasted to learn what Paytm has turned into. Presenting cost-effective goods such as gadgets, home decor etc., the app has blown the online market due to its hands spreading like roots of a tree.

Download Paytm Mobile Apps*

*Available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia & Windows Phone

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  1. Nice post Gaurav. We at OfferO Offer are gonna launch our coupons app soon! Will let you know once done and will be glad if you can review the app experience.

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