How to Uninstall iMessage On a Mac

On the whole, iMessage is a pretty useful app and millions of people use it to communicate with one another on Apple devices. However there are quite a number of instant messaging apps out there, and you may prefer using one of the many alternatives instead.

If that is the case you may want to uninstall iMessage so that it no longer takes up space on your Mac’s storage. Normally to uninstall apps you’d move them over to the ‘Trash Bin’ but if you do that with iMessage you’ll receive an error because it is a native OS X app and there are certain safeguards in place.

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While it is technically possible to get around those safeguards and uninstall iMessage manually, doing so is notoriously complicated. Fortunately, with Movavi Mac Cleaner you will have a much easier alternative at your disposal.

Inside Movavi Mac Cleaner is an ‘Uninstaller’ feature that you can use to remove any and all apps that you don’t need. To learn how to get rid of iMessage on Mac using this feature, just:

  1. Click on the ‘Uninstaller’ menu.
  2. Let the scan complete then click on ‘OS X Apps’.
  3. Select iMessage by ticking the box beside it.
  4. Click ‘Remove’ to uninstall iMessage.

While you’re using that feature, you may also want to remove any other apps that you no longer use – whether they are native OS X apps or not. In fact, Movavi Mac Cleaner would’ve also located any files that may have been left behind by apps that you’d removed in the past, and you can delete those as well seeing as they’re really just wasting space.

Once you’re done uninstalling all the apps you don’t need, you should also clean your Mac and remove all the junk on its hard drive. When you first launched Movavi Mac Cleaner it would’ve scanned your hard drive and already located any junk that is hiding on it – so all you need to do is click a button and start removing that junk.

Make no mistake, there are several other useful features in Movavi Mac Cleaner as well. If you want to delete any files and be certain that they can’t be recovered then the ‘Shredder’ feature will be helpful. Alternatively if you’re worried about malware or internet threats then the antivirus and firewall will help to protect your Mac.

Suffice to say, Movavi Mac Cleaner will help you to maintain and safeguard your Mac. By keeping it clean and allowing you to remove apps that you don’t need (such as iMessage), it will ensure that it keeps on performing optimally. Add to that the protection that it affords your Mac, and you should definitely be able to make sure your Mac is well taken care of.

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