There is no doubt how influential are Indian parents to their children’s career decision-making. They surely look for the best for their children, so that both theirs and the children’s dreams accomplish. Parents’ guidance is important and extremely required for every child. This tradition is based upon the experiences earned by the parents, especially their own education and non-education understandings. They know better than their child, the student, who has a lot to learn before he could do better.

But then comes the problem. The parents aren’t quite updated with the latest career trends and are motivated by the luxury of getting quickest results. Their education belonged to 80’s-90’s when the education was ‘status’ focused. People used to run for government institutions for job priorities. But that is out of relevancy now.

The definition of career  has changed a lot by time.  New career choices are no longer just job or status oriented – they are now all about contributing to the world with an ultimate target to satisfaction.

Now as a parent, you cannot send your kid to Delhi University or an IIT, just because you were the alumni of same institution and ended up with a good salary package. Competition is several times tougher than once it was used to. Such verged institutions are not enough to fulfill the requirements the modern world is having, even if we are not taking in account the hurdles in getting admission to their academics.
In this scenario, your thinking needs to be updated with latest trends. The latest trends are with new corporate theories, startups and social valuation.
Today it is important that we do not limit our children imagination and aspirations with our limited 80’s-90’s experience in the world of 2016.
This is why you need to look at the opportunities like those are provided at premier universities like Lovely Professional University. LPU, has showcased their #thinkbig idea through this amazing video.

The video has a motto like, if you have to think anyways, why not think big. Because, every decision you’d make will affect you and your child altogether.

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