Why IGNOU is a Great Choice for Students?

There were days when distance education was not considered as a valid source to impress the employers. It was mostly termed as the last option. With time, such a notion flew by the side and distance education when pursued from an institute like IGNOU is welcomed with open arms. You might be thinking, as for why IGNOU is a trusted education institution in this particular genre when there are multiple options listed on the row. Well, to understand this, an in-depth analysis will be required.

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Scope is incredible 

Anyhow, the concerns of students studying distance education are more compared to the regular ones. A significant brawl that runs over the minds of every student with regards to prospects. IGNOU passed out students are well versed in their course and have a dignified degree, which is enough to crack down on their dream jobs. 

Endless Career Options

Every student, no matter from which field they are hailing from, IGNOU University has a way for them in the name of courses and degrees. There are around 247 programs with 67 regional and 80 overseas partners. It is the only distance education institute that has a marked presence all across the world with pride. Apart from degrees, students can also opt for certificate courses too. 

Active Placement Cell 

Both on and off-campus placement options are open to IGNOU students. The official website (ignou.ac.in) is being updated from time to time with a view to educate the students with the latest news. Placements are carried out for reputed companies from all over the world. 

IGNOU Degree is identical to any accredited institute’s degree 

IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University. It was established after the name of the late prime minister Indira Gandhi under the act of Parliament in 1985. No question lies in the validity of the degree delivered by this institute as it is considered equal to any accredited institute of India.

Materials are crafted by experts from the field

The materials issued by this institute are an outcome of a well-thought-out process from the experts. Even the students who are writing civil services, bank or any governmental examination take support from the materials crafted by IGNOU itself. With this, it can be examined as to how intensively the books are created.

Course Fees are Under Budget

When compared with any other distance education institute or regular colleges/universities, the course fees prescribed by IGNOU are affordable for people of all stages. Those who are going through financial struggle, yet want to design their career must look into this institute only.

Online counsellors are of great help  

This institute has begun supporting the students in every manner. Among all, an online counsellor available on its official website is incredible. Within a few clicks, any student can reach out to the experts and give an end to their queries and doubts. 

While wrapping up, it can be said that IGNOU holds every bit of benefits that a student who is willing to pursue distance education can absorb. It is one of the celebrated institutes across nation imparting a recognized level of education through a distance level. Therefore, opting it for further studies will never be a wrong decision. 

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