Distance learning programs are becoming as one of the popular modes of higher education. Today, it is possible to obtain a degree in the course of your choice through distance learning. If you want to pursue a professional course along with your job or other full-time course, then distance learning is a boon for you. But, before choosing a distance learning course you need to research and evaluate the institution as well as the program you are interested in to pursue. We have listed some important factors you should consider while choosing a distance learning program:



When choosing a distance learning program the first and foremost thing you have to check is its accreditation, i.e. certification of adherence to quality standards that an institute relishes from an authorizing body.

Remember, only accredited and nationally acknowledged distance learning programs lead to an educational degree and are accepted as such by, your prospective employer.

As various ‘diploma mills’ are running that are interested in your money rather than providing you quality education, it is very important to be very careful about the recognition of your institute from where you are pursuing your distance learning program.


This is another important factor that you must consider while opting a distance learning program. Most of us choose distance learning programs due to its flexible nature.

Hence, when choosing a distance learning program you should therefore carefully check- Does the institute have a fixed semester schedule or can you follow the program more flexible? How often does the institute have on-site attendance and are those fixed or flexible?

Some distance learning institutes provide several dates and locations for the necessary on-site consultations, so that you can choose the ones that are most suitable for you. So, you need to choose the program that best suits your lifestyle.

Financial Factor

This is one of the major factors that play a vital role in choosing a distance learning program. Many of you select a distance learning program over regular college programs due to the affordability it offers as compared to study program on location.

When choosing your distance learning program, you must care of value for money and all the good or bad factors of distance education.

Online and Offline Support

The quality of personal assistance is a very important factor when choosing a distance learning program and often decides about success or failure of your studies.

Even though you are not tangibly attending the classes does not mean you do not need it. It is really important that the distance learning institute provides you online support to help you anytime.

You must ensure – When can you reach the professors? Is it easily possible to arrange flexible personal appointments as per requirement? Is there personal support for training and during the exam preparation?

Are questions answered instantly or do you have to wait for an answer few days? All these factors have to fit your personal learning needs and preferences.

Reference Material


This is the primary source of education in distance learning program. In a distance learning program, study material provided by the institute plays a very important role. If the study material and its quality is not good, then pursuing any course will not going to benefit you.

The study material should be revised from time-to-time to keep it updated with the regular course. All the material should be up-to-date. Availability of supplementary books is another key factor while choosing a distance learning program.

Alumni Talk

Talking to alumni is another important factor you should consider before choosing a distance learning program. Many times, the institutes will on its own give your contact details to a few past students to help you get information about their experience.

If this is not possible, the institute should be able to provide you short “testimonials” from previous year students.

Now, when you know the things you need to consider while choosing a distance learning program, choose the one that balance your busy life’s responsibilities with the education required to flourish your career ahead in life.

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