Once I listed books on Algebra and Related Mathematics in this article, Since then I was receiving emails for few more related articles. I have tried to list almost all freely available Calculus texts. Here we go: 

  1. Elementary Calculus : An approach using infinitesimals by H. J. Keisler
  2. Multivariable Calculus by Jim Herod and George Cain
  3. Calculus by Gilbert Strang for MIT OPEN COURSE WARE
  4. Calculus Bible by G S Gill [Sometimes this link work, and, randomly it won’t.]
  5. Another Calculus Bible by Neveln
  6. Lecture Notes for Applied Calculus [pdf] by Karl Heinz Dovermann
  7. A Summary of Calculus [pdf] by Karl Heinz Dovermann
  8. First Year Calculus Notes by Paul Garrett
  9. The Calculus of Functions of Several Variables by Professor Dan Sloughter
  10. Difference Equations to Differential Equations : An Introduction to Calculus by Professor Dan Sloughter
  11. Visual Calculus by Lawrence S. Husch
  12. A Problem Text in Advanced Calculus by John Erdman
  13. Understanding Calculus by Faraz Hussain
  14. Advanced Calculus [pdf] by Lynn Loomio and Schlomo Sternberg
  15. The Calculus Wikibook [pdf] on Wiki Media
  16. Vector Calculus
  17. The Calculus for Engineers by John Perry
  18. Calculus Unlimited by J E Marsden & A Weinstein
  19. Advanced Calculus by E B Wilson
  20. Differential and Integral Calculus by Daniel A Murray
  21. Elements of the Differential and Integral Calculus[pdf] by W A Granville & P F Smith
  22. Calculus by Raja Almukkahal, Victor Cifarelli, Chun Tuk Fan & L Jarvis
  23. A course of Pure Mathematics by G. H. Hardy

  1. What a great resource! Thanks for posting this. I’m happy to find a couple of good free vector and multivariable calculus books; that will be useful for both me and my students!

    Thanks for putting this together, and for sharing it.

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