According to a study by Daily Mail, the average person uses as much as 30 apps a month and 10 apps each day. So, you can bet there’s definitely still is a need for reliable, user-friendly apps.

But, out of the hundreds of thousands of apps that are submitted to Apple’s app store and Google Play each year, how do you get yours live? We share with you 3 ways that will help increase your chances. Read on to find out!

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1. Don’t Skip Out on Alpha or Beta-Testing

It goes without saying that alpha and beta-testing are two necessary steps in the app development process. Think of alpha-testing as the “first beta-testing phase,” only the users aren’t target audience members but employees.

By going through alpha-testing, you can spot any bugs or other glitches in the code. And then make the necessary changes so that you have a more stable app for beta-testers.

Once Alpha-Testing is Complete

After the alpha-testing phase is over and all of the issues are sorted out, seek out several target audience members to be your beta testers.

Remember, although beta testers may not know as much about app technology—unlike your alpha tester (uh hum, your employees) — they make up for it by pointing out problem areas alpha testers may have missed.

Beta-testing is crucial because the problem areas are issues target audience members will most likely notice in a heartbeat. Again, this is because your beta testers are a sample of your target audience. Overall, doing these phases will rule out bugs that could stand in your way of going live.

2. Ask the Right Questions and Answers

Go deeper than just “how will my app help my target audience?” Think about the specifics with the development and design of your app. What specific pain points does your app address?

How specifically will this affect your target audience’s day, week, year, and, yes, life? The more specific the question, the more in depth you’ll get in developing a better-quality app.

But, also, pay attention to your answer: Can you narrow it down? If your answer is still vague despite narrowing down your answer, you may be asking the wrong question.

Get to the Right Questions and Answers with Market Research

Of course, getting to the right questions and answers means knowing what makes your target audience tick. Do target audience research: mull over case studies and industry reports, not to mention conduct your own studies, go through the entire mobile app development process and understand how do mobile development services work.

The more research you do, the more information you’ll have to pull from and use when you design your app.

3. Consider Investing in Performance Monitoring Software

As the name suggests, performance monitoring keeps you and your team updated with how your app is doing. Such software will usually track and monitor error rate, request rate, and slow pages, among other metrics.

Some developers may make the mistake of installing performance monitoring software after their app goes live. But it’s just as important to use during the pre-launch too.

In a way, it acts as a technological alpha- and beta-tester, consistently updating you on the latest database version, load times, etc.

Of course, the type of performance monitoring software, like the one from, depends on your app’s features as well as you and your team’s goals.

Final Thoughts: Spread the Word Early

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Get on social media, start writing guest posts and press releases, even tell people via word-of-mouth about your app. The more people you tell, the more you increase your chances of a high download rate come launch time.

What other ways can developers improve their chances of going live? What has your app developing experience been like? Be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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