It is a dream harbored by many young minds across the country and for good reason. Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the coveted IITs here. With each passing year, the competition gets even tougher. While some, with their shrewd tactical approach to studies, proper guidance and hard work crack the entrance exam, the unlucky ones are left wondering where exactly did they go wrong.

iit jee inception program

If you are reading this, then surely you wouldn’t want to be in the latter category. But then what exactly is the right way to go about studying for it? Where can I get the necessary guidance to get higher marks in the JEE Advanced exams? All these and many more questions will be answered live on Sunday, the 6th of July 2014 (12:30 PM – 13:30 PM IST) by UFaber expert Mr. Rajiv Jain.


The IIT JEE inception program is a unique approach to cracking the entrance. It involves mentoring the student for greater success, not just in the upcoming exams but also for the better part of life. It concentrates mainly on four salient features, they are:

  1. Increasing study hours
  2. Establishing a daily, weekly and a long term plan
  3. Developing exam temperament
  4. Motivate and inspire

You can bet on it to work wonders, as it is India’s first and only such personalized mentorship program.


The webinar will start with the introduction of Mr. Rajiv Jain, following which he’ll address the viewers and explain the nuances of the JEE exam, the skills needed to perform well. This address will be backed up by the explanation of the different phases of the inception program. And, it’ll wind up by a discussion with students and parents.

The instructor is an important aspect of any learning endeavor and Mr. Rajiv Jain is a top-notch professional, with a decade of experience in IIT JEE coaching. In his early days, he was known for his mesmerizing style of teaching in KOTA and has been a regular feature of the ranker’s batch at Resonance. He is a qualified tutor, who has mentored more than 3000 students in his career and many still swear by his name. If that’s not enough, he holds a B-Tech degree in Electronic engineering from IIT Bombay.


The seat booking process is a rather easier one. You just have to register yourself with and fill in your details in the “Register now” section on the page. UFaber moderators will then mail you the invite as confirmation on the email address provided.

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