Logo Design : Golden Rules to Create Logos That Grab Attention

Who doesn’t want to create logos which can make a big impact and assume a permanent place in everyone’s heart? Unfortunately, designing a truly impactful logo is not as easy as it seems to be…You might have seen many artists spending sleepless nights over creating the ‘perfect’ things for their clients, and often ending up with frustrating results. But let that not be the case with you. In fact, no matter how inexperienced you are in this field, you can create innovative logos for each of your clients. Of course, there is no mantra to get things right every time; but a few rule of thumbs can indeed do the trick for you, as it has done for others.

So without much delay, let’s move on to the Basic Tips and Tricks to Create the Perfect Logo:

#1: Understand what a logo is

First of all, you should understand that logo design is not a mere amalgamation of some shades, unique fonts and fancy lines. It is more about creating a brand identity. A logo is, in fact, more identifiable than the name of the brand.

#2: Think simple; be simple

Understand that creating a logo has nothing to do with your typography and illustration skills. It is more about your sense of presentation and design insight. You can look at the “Nike” logo for some inspiration. That’s simplicity well-defined for you!  Remember that if thoughtfully created, your logo will not even need a caption or your brand’s name. Be simple, but not vague altogether and half the game will be won.

#3: Dare to be dynamic

In other words, don’t stick to any particular design pattern, no matter how nice it seems to you. Moreover, NEVER hesitate to explore your creativity by trying different color combinations, patterns and similar things. You are sure to come up with surprisingly pleasant results.  Remember, being inflexible in logo design can only lead to a minimal scope of improvement. This is a loss that no artist can possibly afford.

#4: Be versatile

Make sure that the logo you design must look nice everywhere. For example it’s no use designing something which looks cool on posters, but terrible on coffee mugs. Otherwise, your logo might lose out to its competitors on the market. And one more thing — your logo should look nice in every color scheme. Check Apple’s logo for consideration. Doesn’t it look nice even when it is displayed in black and white, or the shades that are not a part of the actual design?

#5: Use Helvetica…


Yes, a logo designer is supposed to experiment and re-experiment with all sorts of fonts before zeroing in on the right thing. But what if you can’t think of any ‘perfect’ font? Helvetica might come to your rescue. It has done the trick for big names like NARS, target, Fendi, JCPenny, Numero Magazine, Crate & Barrell and American Apparel… Hope it will work for you too…

#6: Have an upside-down view of the logo you have already designed

Do you think it’s absurd? Well, this is a ‘secret’ often tried by many logo designer gurus in the industry. Looking your logo (basically, any printed design) in this way might offer you a fresh look at design’s white spaces and balance. Try it to believe it.

#7: Try not to imitate

Do you admire the works of any particular artist and wish you could innovate like him/ her? Then take this piece of suggestion very seriously – try your best to resist the temptation to imitate your design diva. Yes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it is not when you are busy creating a logo for your clients. Make sure that the design you want to use will be appropriate for your client’s requirements. Otherwise you will simply allow your efforts to fall flat, and your favorite designer will actually not come to your rescue.

So these are the top tips to create fine logos for your company or website. Just consider them a little seriously – you are sure to see a significant improvement in your progress.

Gaurav Tiwari

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