Do you often get bothered by a slow or frozen laptop or PC? It’s a common day problem to computer users who mainly multi-task with their system. New computers do run well but as the time passes and architecture gets old, they start getting into performance troubles like – slow speed, freezing, high boot time and more. The speedy apps that ran buttery smooth in the beginning, now run in rough way. We all like paced interface and a laptop that doesn’t hang itself at all?

In this article, we have shared some tips & tricks that can help your old Windows laptop (or Desktop) speed-boost. Using these tips, you can again feel your laptop as a new item. Even though these tips mainly apply to Windows PCs, some of the points are also proven to work well on Linux and Mac operating systems too. The tips are easy to follow and require no coding at all.

#Tip 1: Boost RAM with ReadyBoost for Windows

Now-a-days, most of the laptops come along with at least 4GB of RAM. But if you have an older device, you might have a laptop with a 2GB or lesser RAM. Less system RAM means more limitations on the functionalities and inferior multitasking capabilities. Buying a new RAM is the ultimate solution to this problem but there is something more you can do without spending money on an extra RAM.

If you have a system with a low specification, you can try readyboost feature available for Windows.  ReadyBoost is an inbuilt feature and can boost your laptop/desktop’s performance by a high margin. Just insert a compatible pen drive to your PC and select ReadyBoost option from the properties menu of the drive.

Voila! You are ready to go. Windows will take around 4GB of your pendrive’s storage and will add it to your system RAM. Using ReadyBoost is good to increase RAM and helps decreasing the load time up to 75%.

#Tip 2: Overclock Your CPU/GPU and other components

You may also use overclocking to boost your CPU’s performance. Overclocking is the process to increase the clock rate by passing the limitations manufacture has set on it. Not just CPU, overclocking also applies to GPU and other components of the system too. It increases the clock rate due to which overclocked-components perform more operations/second. It helps the CPU to run fast at higher speed than it was designed to run.

#Tip 3. Disable Windows Animations

If your computer is taking too much time while maximizing and minimizing the windows or in different animation effects, then you must turn off the animations and other effects. This will improve your system performance.

To turn off the unnecessary animations, open control panel and navigate to the Ease of Access Center. There you can turn off the unnecessary animations and enjoy faster processing.

#Tip 4: Defragmentation

Too much fragmentation slow down the hard disk and pulls down the computer performance. A solution to the fragmentation problem is to use a defrag  or defragmentation . Defragmentation rearranges fragmented data and make disk drives to work more efficiently. It places all files stored on disk into non-fragmented chunks and remove the empty spaces between the files. You can find Disk Defragmenter in the start menu of your computer and proceed the way it instructs.

#Tip 5: Clean Cache & Temporary files

Cleaning the cache & temporary files of your computer always boost the performance. You should often clear cache & temporary files to improve your computer’s response time and make it fast for multitasking. For cleaning cache & temporary files, you can try installing CCleaner like free apps. CCleaner can clear cache, delete temp files, clean registry and more other tweaks helpful in speeding up your computer.

#Tip 6: Uninstall unnecessary applications or software

Uninstalling of unwanted software also improve your computer’s performance. It takes a minute to find a waste app and uninstall it. Make sure there are no unwanted applications installed in your system. Unwanted apps don’t just eat your precious storage but also cover major parts of system RAM as well as CPU processing.

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  1. Keeping your computer updated and clean from junk files and other rubbish can help boost the performance you receive from your device. You’re right, un-installing things you may not need will also make a big difference, I usually delete unnecessary apps/documents that are pre-installed.
    If you have a really old model you may actually be due an upgrade.. Im talking less than 2 GB RAM Speeds – in 2017 going in to 2018 that’s way to slow.

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