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Hey there, welcome to My name is Gaurav Tiwari and this is my homepage and personal blog on Tech, Education, Business and Blogging. Here I share my experiences on learning, marketing, growth hacking and design. I am here to help you build a great brand, blog, career or business.

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Email Marketing for Beginners

email marketing

How to Build Your First Email List? Exclusive PDF Guide

The majority of marketers agree: email marketing is still the king! Even though many trendy social platforms and apps appear all the time, analytics show that email still has the most success.

The cornerstone of running successful email marketing campaigns is to build a list of engaged readers, leads, potential customers and loyal customers. However, it can be quite hard to build a high-quality email list that will boost your sales, especially if you’re just beginning.

If you are still at the beginning of your journey and you are yet to start building your email list from scratch, we’re bringing you the best tips on how to get users to sign up.

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Ecommerce in 2020: The Definitive Guide

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Rise of the Internet, smartphones and now this COVID-19, has made eCommerce an essential for any business. If you don’t own an online shop now, you are destined to fail or feel outdated. But worry not. Going online with your business is very easy.
In this definitive guide, I will walk you through in these headings:

  • What is eCommerce?
  • Advantages of eCommerce
  • Why eCommerce?
  • Choosing The Best Ecommerce Platform
  • Why choose an ecommerce platform?
  • Top Ecommerce Platforms
  • How to Optimize and Grow your ecommerce business
Full Guide Local Shop to Online Shop

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Features of a Cloud Database System The salient features of any cloud database system are as follows: The database service is built and accessible through a cloud-based operating platform, End users can easily host the database without having to buy the necessary hardware components, End-users can manage the cloud database themselves using a web browser

Search engines have truly leveled the playing field for the big whales and the small fish in the industry. While that’s good news for all emerging businesses, it’s still a challenging task to become visible amidst the crowded digital space. Collaborating with a digital marketing partner to develop a working SEO strategy can optimize your

NEET, which stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is the dream examination for every medical aspirant throughout the country. For the candidates getting through this examination, it is like a dream come true. May is the most crucial month of the year for the candidates who have spent many sleepless nights just to prepare

When you start your journey as an internet marketer, due to changing trends and new technology, you have to keep researching and updating yourself regularly or you will be at risk of falling behind. Marketing courses, which take weeks, months, or sometimes even years to complete – may too feel outdated after a time. This