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This blog is run by Gaurav Tiwari - a New Delhi based Designer & Blogger - who has been into content writing for around a decade. It contains his portfolio, services that he offers and his resume as well.



10 of the best commerce colleges in India

Recently commerce & economics courses have seen rapid growths in numbers of both the students and colleges. With more than a hundred types of courses and thousands of colleges, B. COM. and M. COM. may show promising careers. But you must be alert and aware about the commerce college and course you’re going to choose after your 10+2 (and graduation). Checkout the 10 best commerce colleges out of all those thousands this & that colleges.

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Evans Walsh

How Social Media can Boost SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two tightly interwoven strategies that focus on developing an appealing identity to attract visitors. Both these strategies are organic and have their

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Gaurav Tiwari

[Real Life Problems] Why do you need a website for your business?

Whether you own a small workshop or a huge business, you can always find a reason to have a great website. After all, don’t you think your hard-work needs support from every corner possible. Who knows if you are missing a good online consumer base. Or, who knows what opportunities are still waiting for your single move?

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Top Five tips to ensure defense from cyber threats

Network Security is very important for any business because it helps them protect against cyber threats. You should have a comprehensive network security system for your organization, with different layers

Top 10 Best Tips to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Today, Twitter has become one of the most effective tools for businesses and marketers. It can help you reach out to new customers, boost engagement, generate leads, build brand awareness

How successful is 3D Printing?

From Woodblock printing to digital printing – the printing industry has seen a continued development for centuries. When the first printing press started in the fifteenth century, who knew that

Measure your Social Potential with Thoughtbuzz

ThoughtBuzz  is a social monitoring tool for tracking and analyzing social media profiles in a hassle-free way. It allows users to connect their social media profiles and track the engagement

Asus Zenfone 2 Android L smartphone with 4GB RAM lands in India

After surprising Indian smartphone market with their mid-range Zenfone devices last year, tech-giant ASUS is ready again to rock with new competitively priced high-end Zenfones. The second generation Zen smartphones, called Zenfone 2,

5 Next-generation Headphones you might want to buy

A headphone is no longer limited as a tool to listen the music. From playing games to watching movies – listening podcasts to attending phone calls – or just showing-off, headphones are

The disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

If there’s one thing we’re probably all agreed on, it’s that when it comes to buying and goods and services, value for money is the top priority. From web hosting to

How to fix your damaged pendrives & memory cards?

Storage devices are certainly the most functional hardware tools. Every time you modify files on a pen drive or memory card, you’re figuratively forcing it to its demise. A storage device has a limit of total actions done on it. A MicroSD card can have around one to tens of thousands of delete actions. So, every time you are deleting a file, you are playing your storage device’s substructure. Your device will get weak & less secure by the time. Throughout this, the insecure file transfers may place adware or virus junks in your storage that are not removed even after completely formatting the disk. Once entered, these junks corrupt stored files and ultimately the disk.

Best Hotel Management Colleges in India

Hospitality is a very noble word. It’s been the substance of human civilization for thousands of years. Who knew this eternal humanity property will someday arise as a great timeless

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