10 Best Stock Video Sites that Offer Free Videos for Commercial Use

Are you looking for some free videos that you can use freely in your next video project? If you are, you should definitely check out this list of the 10 best stock video sites that offer free videos for commercial use and without attribution.

Why Stock Videos?

Pexels - Best Stock Video Sites
Pexels is one of the best free Stock Video Sites

Videos are the future, and no matter what field you are in, you must be encountering one video or another. An average Internet user tends to watch around 100 minutes of online videos every day. Videos have a longer impact and also have much more conversion than other mediums. That is why videos are preferred even in business and marketing projects.

YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok – are all popular platforms that have their own set of video reels that keep the users obsessed with the apps.


Using stock videos has several benefits, particularly for businesses, digital creators, and marketing agencies:

  1. Saves Time: Creating original video content can be time-consuming. With stock videos, you can quickly find footage that suits your needs without the hassle of shooting it yourself.
  2. Reduces Costs: Producing your own videos often involves costs related to equipment, locations, actors, production crew, etc. By using stock footage, you can significantly cut down on these expenses.
  3. High Quality: Stock videos are usually professionally shot and edited, ensuring high-quality footage. This can help to increase the overall production value of your content.
  4. Variety of Choices: Stock video libraries often have a wide range of clips covering diverse topics, locations, and scenarios. This allows you to pick the best stock footage for your project.
  5. Legal Assurance: When you purchase stock footage from a reliable source, you don't have to worry about copyright issues. The rights to use the footage, either non-exclusively or exclusively, come with the purchase, protecting you from legal problems down the line.
  6. Quick Solution for Deadlines: Stock footage can be downloaded instantly, making it a perfect solution when you're under tight deadlines and need high-quality visuals.
  7. Easy Integration: Stock videos are usually available in a range of formats and resolutions, making them easy to integrate into various projects and platforms.
  8. Global Reach: You can find footage from around the world, which can help when you need to represent diverse settings or multicultural themes.
  9. Supports Storytelling: Stock footage can fill in gaps in your narrative or provide background, context, and illustrative content to help tell your story more effectively.
  10. Consistent Style: Many stock video sites offer you to choose from consistent style that fits your needs and design.

So, if you are looking to create a video of your own, you may need stock videos to get started quickly.

Top 10 Websites for Free Stock Videos

There aren't too many free video sites like these but I have hunted and gathered some of the best that there are.

In this section, I have listed my picks for the 10 best stock video sites for stock footage that you can download for free. You can also easily customize these as per your needs, without worrying about copyright infringement.

You simply need to download the clips you select and add appropriate graphics, text, and music to create appealing videos for your upcoming marketing campaigns, do whatever you want. As I said, they’re all completely free to use!


Free Stock Video Footage HD 4K Download Royalty Free Clips 2023 05 002590

Videvo hosts thousands of free stock video clips along with music, sound effects, and motion graphics created by its massive community of users. It’s important to note that clips downloaded from this website are licensed in several different ways; as a result, some of them aren’t usable with particular kinds of projects. Given below is a brief overview of the different types of licenses:

  • Public Domain licenses allow you to use them freely as per your wishes.
  • The Videvo Attribution license lets you use clips for free, as long as you’re willing to credit the original author.
  • Creative Commons 3.0 is similarly free to use with credit, and also allows you to adapt or remix it.


Google Chrome Free Stock Video Footage Video Clips Pixabay Pixabay 2023 05 002588

At Pixabay, you will find more than 2.3 million videos and images released under a simplified Pixabay license. Whether you’re looking for a simple three-second shot of someone reading a book or a minute-long panoramic shot of a futuristic city, you’re likely to come across it in Pixabay’s massive collection of HD stock videos.

You can use all the material available on Pixabay’s website free of cost, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes and for both print and digital. However, some of the items do clearly mention what is not allowed and you’re expected to follow those rules. Although it isn’t mandatory to get permission from or give credit to the original artist for using or modifying the material, it is always advisable to do so.

Life of Vids

Google Chrome Life Of Vids Free Videos for Designers Web Creatives amp anyone 2023 05 002586

Life of Vids is a large collection of free stock videos, loops, and clips from a popular advertising agency in Montreal, Canada known as Leeroy.

There aren’t any copyright restrictions and you are allowed to redistribute a maximum of ten videos on other websites.

The website adds new videos every week and features a stunning roster of free stock images for you to go through and choose from.


Free Stock Footage Videos 4k After Effects Templates and More

Videezy features a massive collection of royalty-free video clips for both commercial and personal use. However, you must always check every clip’s specific licensing details beforehand to confirm that your chosen material is available. Most clips mandate you to credit Videezy.com if you decide to use them. However, you also have the option of buying credits if you want to use footage without giving credit.

The platform hosts a wide range of high-quality video clips in 4K and HD resolutions. When you are going through videos, you’ll notice that some are marked as “Pro”. These are premium clips that you can only get access to after paying up with credits.


Free 4K Stock Videos Full HD Video Clips to Download 2023 05 002592

Originally founded as a website hosting free photos, Pexels subsequently added a huge library of free 4K and HD stock videos. Its license allows users to use all videos and photos for free and without any attribution. Nevertheless, giving credit to the original photographer whenever possible is always a good gesture. Also, you may edit and modify videos as per your wishes.

Pexels’ time-lapse stock videos are especially amazing, and there are several exciting clips from GoPro-wearing climbers and divers. It also includes a useful “mockup” category for footage of mobile devices with green screens that you can easily replace by using chroma keying. You can try exploring Pexels’ daily “trending free stock videos” to see what the most in-demand stock videos out there are.


Free Stock Video Footage Royalty Free Videos for Download 2023 05 002594

Coverr was originally founded by professional filmmakers and entrepreneurs who required visually appealing and accessible videos for their products. Today, it serves to fulfill that same requirement for other emerging brands. It presently hosts thousands of free videos that have been downloaded over five million times. All of them are HD quality and available to download in .mp4 format.

Best of all, you don’t need to register at Coverr or give credits; you just need to visit the website, choose the video footage you require and download it for free at once. You can then use these clips for both commercial and personal purposes, and also modify or copy them as you want.


Royalty Free 4k HD Stock Video Footage Clips Dareful 2023 07 002834

Originally known as Stock Footage for Free, Dareful offers quality stock footage videos up to 4K resolution licensed under Creative Commons 4.0. Essentially, it means that you may freely share and adapt its content as long as you give due credit and mention any changes you have made. The stunning footage has been shot by an experienced photographer named Joel Holland.

Unlike other websites featured on this list, Dareful doesn’t feature a massive collection of thousands or millions of clips. However, its relatively smaller collection of hundreds of royalty-free, open-source 4K stock video clips will likely feature something that will appeal to you.


Free Stock Video Footage HD Royalty Free Videos Download 2023 05 002600

Mazwai features a large collection of, in its own words, “handpicked” free stock footage and moving images, although it doesn’t reveal the identity of their creator. Nevertheless, you will have access to a wide range of high-definition content that is licensed either under the Mazwai license (freely usable everywhere without giving any credit) or the Creative Commons 3.0 license (freely usable as long as you credit the original author).

The platform aims to help every artist, web designer, and creative to find quality video resources for their personal and professional projects alike. The team regularly keeps adding new videos to expand the available choices for users.

Freepik Videos

Freepik Videos

Freepik strives to be the one destination for all your content-building requirements. With a constant flow of free-to-use video footage and the support of other visual elements such as stock images, fonts, and vector designs, video production just got a little easier for personal and commercial projects. 

All videos are quality checked and available in 4K and HD resolution, giving you the quality range needed to keep competitive while providing your audience with breathtaking color and smooth frame rates. You can also preview videos at lower quality, smoothing out the selection process.

  • Free-to-use videos will need to be attributed in accordance with the license agreement 
  • Premium members will benefit from premium content, a higher download cap per day, and no need for attribution


Free Stock Videos SplitShire 2023 05 002602

Splitshire was originally created by a web designer named Daniel Nanescu, who wished to offer his collection of videos and photos for free commercial and personal use. Since all the material you will find at Splitshire has been created by one person, it is much more unique than stuff hosted by other stock websites.

The videos at Splitshire mainly consist of drone footage of picturesque outdoor scenes; you can easily download them by clicking on the title beneath each video. They can be used for free across all your social media profiles; however, you cannot sell them or use them in projects featuring inappropriate content such as discrimination, racism, or violence.

Bonus: Clipstill

Clipstill is a unique addition to the list. It has a limited selection of its quality “cinemagraphs” available monthly for free download. Thus, I highly recommend checking it out regularly and stocking the material for later use. After all, who knows when you will suddenly need the footage of a speeding car or fruit falling from a tree?


By using free stock videos in the right places of your projects, you can truly bring them to life – whether they are intended for websites, campaigns, formal presentations, or your own personal use. They are a great way to save time and cut production expenses without having to compromise on quality.

However, finding the right video clips for your projects can be rather tricky. All the websites I have listed here offer a wide range of high-quality video clips for download, complete with flexible licensing. After downloading them, you can use them as many times as you like.

If you are working on a project that pays, you can always upgrade to the premium/paid plans and that will give you access to premium video resources.

There are several premium stock video sites that you can pick from, like:

  1. Shutterstock: This well-known site offers a massive library of stock videos across a variety of categories. They offer both subscription plans and on-demand packs.
  2. Adobe Stock: Adobe's stock site provides high-quality videos in various formats. It's especially convenient for those already using Adobe's suite of creative tools.
  3. Getty Images: Known for its exceptional collection of photos, Getty Images also has an impressive selection of stock video footage, including both contemporary and archival video clips.
  4. iStock (by Getty Images): iStock provides budget-friendly options as well as exclusive, high-end footage. They offer both subscription plans and credit packs.
  5. Envato Elements: Enavto stock footages are amongst the best in the line and this is available on a subscription model instead of pay-per-clip.

I hope this article helps you find just the right material to make your work more appealing and successful than ever.