Zyro Review: The Best Visual Website Builder, or Not?

Have you tried to design a professional website only to discover that you don't have the creativity or technical skills? If yes, then don't worry - you can use website builders to sort out that problem. These handy tools come with a vast library of readymade templates and an intuitive editor to help you create a spectacular website within no time.

One such excellent website builder is Zyro, and it comes with numerous powerful features to make it easier than ever to build a quality website.

zyro review

In this Zyro review, I will first describe the user interface and salient features of the Zyro website builder. After that, I will discuss its AI tools, editor, customer support, pricing, and more.

Without further ado, let's begin with the review.

What is Zyro?


Zyro is a website builder powered by a well-known web hosting company named Hostinger, a popular web hosting company. Established in 2019, it has its headquarters in Kaunas, Lithuania. It offers customers quality website building, e-commerce, and AI solutions.

The most significant advantage of using the Zyro website builder is that one requires no prior knowledge of coding or designing skills to get started with it. Instead, it allows you to choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates or build your own website from scratch on a blank canvas.

Although the website you create is a sub-domain under zyrosite.com by default, you can readily add your custom domain to it as well.

User interface

Zyro comes with a visually appealing, modern, and easy-to-use user interface. As of now, it is available in more than 25 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. Its header panel features all the necessary tabs you need to easily access your emails, domains, websites, checking subscriptions, referral program, roadmap, and so on.

You can build your website on Zyro in three ways:

  • By using a website template
  • By using Zyro's AI Website Generator
  • By building your website manually from scratch.

You will see all your designed websites on the Websites tab and can view your live website, rename it, edit it, duplicate it, delete it, and access site settings.

Users who purchase the eCommerce plan can also set up an online store and manage it with a mouse click. The bottom right features a handy Help button where the efficient customer service team eagerly awaits to solve all your problems.

To summarize, Zyro's user interface is modern, well-organized, and beginner-friendly.

Zyro Editor

In this section, I will describe all the features of the Zyro editor.

Drag & Drop Editor

Zyro features a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor, which means that you will get to see any changes you make on the editor exactly the same way on the final site.

Gridlines in Zyro editor

The Zyro editor supports drag-and-drop functionality and features a special grid system that gives you great design freedom. It allows you to easily arrange all the elements without ruining the aesthetics of your website.

The editor is fully functional on both desktop and mobile devices. The mobile view lets you preview your website and even supports mobile editing. To sum it up, the Zyro editor is undoubtedly flexible, intuitive, flexible, and user-friendly.


After opening up the editor window, you will notice a list of pages on your website from the left panel. You can click on these pages and edit them individually.

Also, you can easily add new pages with a single click by choosing a template from pre-designed layouts or designing a new one by yourself. You can hide specific pages from the navigation menu, edit page settings, and also add a new drop-down menu to your website.


Everyone will agree that the most important aspect of a website builder is its elements. Currently, Zyro supports twelve elements such as Buttons, Text, Images, Video, Social Icons, Embed code, Instagram Feed, and more.

Personally, I feel that although these elements will suffice for beginners, professionals will likely find them to be rather limited. In that case, you can try adding more advanced elements to your editor.


The Zyro Editor allows you to experiment with the appearance of your website freely. You can alter your website's color scheme by selecting one from a wide range of color palettes. It also allows you to edit the colors in the palette, edit the shape of buttons, and change the typography of every element.


Sections are readymade blocks of content that users can directly use on their websites. They comprise the About section, Contact Form, Follow Us section, Headlines, Images, Map, Social icons, Slide Show, and so on. You can easily add any section to your page with just a single click.


I was surprised to learn that Zyro's website builder plans also include blogging features. You can conveniently create and manage your blogs from your website builder dashboard. However, keep in mind that the currently offered functions are pretty simplistic.

I advise anyone who wishes to take up professional blogging to go with WordPress. However, if you are a casual blogger who just needs to create blogs for sharing information once in a while, then Zyro will serve you pretty well.

Zyro Templates

Zyro aims to give beginners a smooth and hassle-free website designing experience, and website templates play an important role. It features over 140 pre-designed professional templates to help you create different kinds of websites, such as blogs, e-commerce sites, photography sites, portfolio sites, resume sites, restaurant sites, landing pages, and more.

You can create a website from scratch by choosing the blank website template and dragging and dropping different sections and elements onto it.

Zyro Speed

Generic speed

Website speed is very important if you want to scale and rank your websites higher.

Zyro is fast and takes all performance metrics to an almost perfect level.

Zyro Customer Support

Zyro offers customer support in four ways: email, contact form, live chat, and knowledge base.

Zyro's knowledge base consists of a massive collection of more than 250 useful articles covering categories such as Blog, AI-Powered Tools, Accounts, Domains, Integrations, Website Builder, etc.

Its live chat support features a polite and dedicated customer support team and is quite appreciable for beginners. On average, they will respond to your questions within 5-10 minutes. They also save your previous conversations in their chat box in case you ever want to revisit your resolved queries.

Zyro AI Features

Generic SMB

Zyro's robust and efficient AI tools set it apart from other website builders? They will help you get started with your website quickly and more effectively.

AI Heat Map

Zyro's AI Heatmap is an advanced tool that analyzes your web page and displays areas that require your attention the most. When you upload an image in JPG or PNG format, it will highlight the focus points on the image.

You can then arrange major elements according to the given suggestions on those highlighted spots to optimize your site better and boost your conversions.

I'm quite surprised to see the Heatmap feature available at such an affordable price range; you will usually access it as a paid add-on along with website builders.

AI Writer

The AI Writer is a GP3-based writing tool that produces plagiarism-free text content for your website, similar to AI writing tools like Rytr and WriterZen. You first need to enter a few sentences of your own or choose one from different categories like Agriculture and Farming, Gaming, Sports, Music and Entertainment, and so on.

After that, you must further narrow down what your website is about by choosing a topic specific to your industry. The AI Writer then auto-generates a few paragraphs for you to edit and insert on your website.

AI Logo Maker

The AI Logo Maker is an intelligent solution for quickly creating professional logos. Start by choosing a starter logo followed by a color and shape. You can also edit it out in the Zyro Logo Maker, which offers a pretty diverse and appealing icon collection.

Other AI Tools

Apart from these tools, Zyro also offers several other AI tools such as:

Zyro SEO Features

As of now, Zyro offers rather limited SEO features for their users. It allows you to add a page title, page description, preview image, and website language for every page on your website. Nevertheless, these features are sufficient for beginners and non-technical users.

Zyro Integrations

Powerful marketing integrations

Zyro integrates with numerous third-party services to enhance the functionality of its platform. Apart from the services & features given below, you can also add custom code (JS and CSS) to work with other tools that allow such integrations.

Image Libraries

Zyro integrates with a stock photo platform named Unsplash to give you access to an image library containing millions of free images. While designing your website, you can directly import images from Unsplash or search for relevant ones using the search bar.

Email Service

The Zyro website builder integrates with Titan Email and lets you set a professional email address for your website. You can connect a pre-existing custom domain with Zyro or purchase one from Zyro itself.

Live Chat Services

You can stay connected with your customer round the clock with the help of live Chat services. Zyro readily integrates with live chat apps such as JivoChat, Messenger Live Chat, and WhatsApp.

Analytics and Marketing Services

Analytics services allow you to analyze your website traffic, measure your conversion rates, and keep track of your visitors' activity. Zyro integrates with all major platforms, including Google Analytics, Adsense, Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and Hotjar.

Automation Services

Users who choose the E-commerce or E-commerce Plus plans can add the Zapier app to their online store and connect with various third-party apps such as accounting software, email marketing services, and CRM.

Zyro Pricing

Zyro presently offers four different pricing plans, as shown below:

SpecificsWebsiteBusinessOnline storeAdvanced store
Pricing$2.90 per month$4.90 per month$8.90 per month$15.90 per month
Storage spaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free email (3 months)YesYesYesYes
Free domain (1 year)YesYesYesYes
Number of productsN/A1001002500

The renewal rate remains the same for your chosen plan.

Users wanting to build a website can go for the Website plan. If you need to build an e-commerce store, you should choose their Online Store and Advanced Store plans.

Payment Methods

Zyro offers a wide range of payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay.

How to Create a Website With Zyro?

There are only a few steps involved to create a website with Zyro and it takes around 5-10 minutes.

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Open Zyro.com

zyro one

Open Zyro.com using this special link. And click on the Start for Free button.


signup to zyro

Signup by filling in all the important details like email address and password. You can also continue with Google, Apple or Facebook logins.



Once signed up, you will be landing on the template chooser. Choose one of your choices or start from scratch. Hover on any template and pick by "Start Building" button.

Edit and Publish

Google Chrome 2022 10 18 001256

Now edit the website template as per your needs and hit "Publish Website" once ready.


  • InternetnLaptop or PC


  • Zyro Website Builder

Materials: Nothing required.

See this video tutorial for building websites with Zyro.


Concluding Zyro Review

You don't need to have any previous knowledge of coding or designing to create a website with Zyro website builder. It is a very user-friendly and affordable platform with plenty of attractive templates, robust AI tools, and enough elements to customize your website.

Welcome to Zyro website builder!

Additional Resources:Find out more in our Knowledge Base: https://support.zyro.com/en/Take a look at our blog: https://zyro.com/blog/Contact our Customer Suc...

Zyro Website Builder Review

Zyro website builder is a great option for everyone wishing to quickly and economically design professional websites. I highly recommend it to beginners, freelancers, bloggers, and smaller businesses wanting to design a portfolio or business website under a limited budget.

Price: 2.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web

Application Category: Web Development, Website Builder

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use
  • Good price
  • Beautiful templates
  • Integrations
  • Global payment methods
  • All in one solution


  • Speed on the slower side at lower plans

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