Is Using A VPN To Maximize Anonymity A Good Idea?

We're all adamant about our security and privacy nowadays. People make sure to be certain of their money and where it goes and how securely it goes. They think long and hard about which investments to place it in and study the most beneficial to either their savings or their retirement plan. 

Of course, all of us would be dead set on making sure we put our information out there with as little to no trace as possible. But how can you do that when everything is done over the net these days?  

As most people move to the Internet to do their transactions, from shopping to browsing, it's not a surprise there may be lurkers trying to steal your information right under your nose. It's as dangerous as carrying around hard cash, which may also be stolen in that form. 

With that said, what can be done? As we move into what might be the peak of technological use and advancement, there are always ways to go around that dilemma. For example, in recent years, VPNs have come into use.

It's being talked about by influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and Facebook posts; you name it. As the rise of ecommerce comes about, and everything is now about an online presence and traffic to generate sales, it's not hard to imagine many people have had their online security in mind as well. 

Before pondering upon the benefits of using a VPN, let's first discover what a VPN is.

What Is A Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, allows you, the user, to do your browsing and online business through a secure server. It can be compared to a tunnel you pass through from your computer to the parts of the Internet you wish to visit. 

Once you connect to the private and secure server, as far as anyone is concerned, your location is wherever that server is and not where you are right now. There are several articles online explaining what is a VPN and how it serves a role in the lives of both customers and businesses alike. Even I have written an article on "why you should use a VPN?". VPN sounds like a convenient thing to use for ensuring your privacy while on the Internet, but did you know it wasn't made for that purpose?

Originally, Virtual Private Networks were a way for business networks to conduct meetings and transactions safely over the Internet. For owners, it allows you to access a business network from wherever you are, say like in the comfort of your home.

Over the years, many incidents of hackers and malware have been rampant, and people now have a new use for VPNs, which only made this business more popular, as it should. VPNs are not only a great investment when you're often out connecting to public WiFis, but it also blocks any unsuspecting eyes from your card details. 

Why should I be using a VPN? 

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Still not convinced with the great invention that is VPN? Here are 7 advantages of using a VPN! Whether you're a casual Internet user or a business owner, protecting your information from hustlers and trolls should be next to common sense. 

Masked Identity

90% of those who make use of VPN have anonymity as their intended use. However, did you ever think about what details you would release when you're still about to buy your VPN? You can even purchase VPNs with Bitcoin-like crypto. The act of shopping for your Virtual Private Network might compromise your details, especially if you place in your credit card and other private information. In comparison, bitcoin leaves little to no trace. 

Remote Access and Usage

The great thing about Virtual Private Network is that it stands as a great asset for many companies. Having a VPN means most of your employees can work safely and privately from home as long as they connect to one. This gives the employees a sense of security with their work and can push productivity higher than before. 

Safe File Sharing

With a Virtual Private Network, you can almost ensure your file sharing is safe. No matter how long the duration of the file-sharing or what kind of file it is, a Virtual Private Network protects these files from. Internet ruffians are stealing you. 

Censorship No More! 

Have you ever had a show you want to watch on Netflix, but a big black screen with the words "Whoops, something went wrong..." popped up instead? Yeah, we feel you. With VPN, you can finally watch those shows wherever and whenever, at your own pace. 

Same with other websites that block certain regions and countries. Whether their filter means much more than just an angry whim, it is never a good thing to face in front of the screen. By using a Virtual Private Network, take back Internet freedom.

Enhanced Browsing Experience

There are other more casual perks with using a Virtual Private Network than just anonymity and work-related reasons. One of them is the overall performance of your browsing. They increase efficiency and Internet bandwidth, which is not to be confused with Internet speed. While Internet speed is how fast your information is received and downloaded, Internet bandwidth is how much information you get in a given time. It's measured with megabits per second (Mbps). 

Price Range

Good news for those looking to use these with a tight budget. Nowadays, many VPNs are affordable, with some having a price of as low as $3. News of compromise on the Internet have spooked both businesses and common folk and thus catapulted VPN sales through the charts. There's no better opportunity to decide on one than today. 

Living Cheap

By now, you've learned a lot of surprising benefits of a Virtual Private Network, but did you know there's one more that might help you save a buck or more just by owning a VPN? No one living in this era would pass up a money hack (pun intended)! 

If you're thinking of traveling, worry not with the exorbitant flight tickets. A VPN will allow you to change your location to a region or country with the same flight ticket, only cheaper! Most people don't know that airlines and reservation offices have varied prices for each country. So try out changing your location and compare prices with your current one. 

Another hack is shopping online. Many online shops have varied prices as well, just like flight tickets. They depend on whether your location registers locally or internationally. Most online shops may give you a higher price just by being there locally, whereas resigning somewhere outside of the country gives you a relatively lesser cost. By using a VPN and changing your location, you can experiment with the cost and thus have the best profit in your online shopping experience! 

But it's not just the lowered cost you'll have the great pleasure of taking part in, but also your security. According to some articles, it is desirable to use a guest checkout rather than setting up a profile online if you make a one-time purchase. 

Even without extra details imparted, you can still track your delivery. Instead of using bank details, use PayPal or similar companies for your purchases.

To VPN Or Not To VPN?

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Short and simple: it is indeed recommended to have a VPN in this day and age.

Social media continually loses their user's trust by several compromises, and even large businesses face the same problem. What's stopping other sharks on the Internet in targeting you and your details? 

Avoid the grave mistake of giving out your personal details and bank information over the Internet like free cookies. Choose to protect yourself by using a VPN while enjoying the benefits of being secure.

Here are my picks of VPNs: