5 Ways You Can Use Video Conferences in Your Business

Before the pandemic, individuals and businesses were starting to get in on the video conferencing trend. Now, that trend has become a lifestyle. It seems highly unlikely to change, even after scientists develop a vaccine, and things return to normal.

There are various video conferencing platforms and apps, and they have many features. If you want to use one for your business, you’ll need to think about what you require from yours.

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There are also all kinds of uses for video conferencing. Let’s examine five of them right now.

Give Your Employees a Pep Talk

As you look at the different video platform usage, one that jumps out immediately is that you can use yours to give your workers a pep talk. This is helpful if:

  • You have a big project that you’re about to start
  • You’re approaching the end of a significant project
  • Morale seems to be down

As a business owner or operator, you'll likely have your finger on the company’s pulse. You’ll know when your workers have enthusiasm for the job, and when they have waning energy.

Now, you might have workers at remote locations, and it’s even more challenging to keep everyone on task and motivated. You can summon your inner General Patton and give a fiery speech via video conferencing whenever you feel that’s necessary.

You Can Do a Daily Check-In

You also might choose to use video conferencing at the start of each day. That’s challenging if you have an enormous company with hundreds of employees, but it can work well if you own a small or medium-sized business.

At the daily check-in, you can talk about:

  • What everyone is doing that day or week
  • What progress people are making on various projects
  • Any changes you want to see

This is a way to keep everyone focused. You can also gauge how everyone is feeling. At a time when Covid-19 is wreaking so much havoc, and there is a contentious presidential election going on, bosses and owners should carefully monitor how their employees are doing.

You Can Call an Emergency Meeting

You can also use video conferencing if one of your company’s projects has run into an unexpected roadblock. Maybe you’ve just spoken to a client, and they’re not happy with what you’re doing for them.

One of the things that’s so great about services like Zoom and Skype is that you can send out a notification that you need all hands on deck, and within minutes, you can be talking to your whole workforce. You can get quick feedback from them and brainstorm if that’s necessary.

With a way of gathering everyone together, even if you’re working in different parts of the city, country, or even the world, you can quickly sort out any issues that you run into and get back on track again rapidly.

You Can Congratulate Your Workers

Sometimes, you might choose to use video conferencing to tell your employees that they’re doing a great job and that you’re proud of them. You can easily do this in the office if you’re all working in a centralized location. If you’ve got many remote workers, though, it takes a little more effort to let people know you appreciate them.

Drawing everyone together via video conferencing and calling attention to someone’s stellar performance lets them know that you genuinely care about their efforts for the company. This leads to employee loyalty and high retention rates.

You Can Use If for Virtual Parties, Jam Sessions, or After-Work Cocktails

You can use video conferencing for more than just work, though. Maybe you had a tradition with your workers of going to the bar around the corner from the office back before the pandemic struck. You can’t do that anymore if you’re all stuck at home.

You might use video conferencing to have a jam session after work if you play different instruments. You can have an optional cocktail hour in your own homes, but it will still seem like you’re hanging out together. You can have a birthday or retirement party with social distancing for safety.

Video conferencing makes it so much easier to handle tons of work tasks. Just because you can’t physically be together, that does not mean that you have to feel isolated.

Ensure your employees know that if any of them has a valid reason for a video conference, you’re available. It’s a two-way street, and if they need to utilize this technology, they should do so.