Must Have Firefox Tools and Extensions for Bloggers

Firefox is the most customizable web-browser packed with beauty and features plus this great browsing experience is enhanced by add-ons (extension and themes). The Firefox add-on repository stores over two thousands  add-ons, all of different types and for different purposes. There are few great add-ons for blog-o-sphere too. In this post, I've listed the must have and highly recommended Firefox tools and extensions for bloggers.

Evernote Web Clipper

 If you want to save any intriguing information found on the web while browsing through it, this add-on is perfect for you. Evernote Web Clipper allows you to collect and save as much information as you want from the internet.

This add-on is very convenient for researching through the internet, blog post ideas, and manage information in general. You can now save all the data very easily with simply one click. You can also share all the information you saved through your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It also lets you set reminders for your clipped notes.


Clippings add-on specifically allows the user to select and save a particular text from any webpage or email. If you are annoyed by typing the same text over and over again for different purposes, then this add-on will help you through it. It allows you to save small bits of texts that you recall every time you need them with just one click.

You can assign a shortcut key and customized colors to every clipping you saved to access them quickly in a time of need. It also has a feature to note the source text if you ever need to do so. Clippings support many languages like English, German, French, and Portuguese. The clippings can be easily imported and exported, and synchronized as well.

LastPass (Free)

LastPass Logo

LastPass is in particular a password reminding tool but it also helps bloggers to auto-fill their registration / profile data. It certainly decreases effort on sites they regularly visit, by filling all these data automatically. So, forget about memorizing passwords and credit-card details like old-school students and use LastPass.

Download: Extension Link

Print Edit WE

Logo Print Edit

I use Print Edit WE extension for Firefox to edit, customize and print my blog articles in a beautiful clutter-free form. You can use this extension to convert your blog into a beautiful manually crafted e-book.


Download: Extension Link

Alexa Toolbar

logo alexa

If you want to have a better Alexa rank for your blog, you must install Alexa Toolbar for all of your browsers, not only Firefox. That won't help you around anything in blogging but as Alexa rank depends on data taken from Alexa toolbar, you must not take any chance. The Alexa toolbar can be freely downloaded from

Web Developer Toolbar by Mozilla


A great combination of several great extensions in one, Web Developer toolbar is already inbuilt in Mozilla Firefox. All you need to press F12 key and you're ready to go. The web console in Firefox enables HTML/CSS inspector, debugger, live CSS editor, page source viewing, scratchpad and a full-featured web-app manager.

These stuffs are very easy to learn and can be used to improve interface, load time & bugs. There is also an associated responsive design view which tells how responsive your site and how will it look on different resolution devices.

Download: This feature is inbuilt. :)

Web Developer by Chris Pederick

logo web developer

Web Developer extension by Chris is another great tool to work on the web-development. It extends some features of inbuilt web developer tools by improving cookies & DNS management, better CSS view, image debugging and a lot more. Web developer by Chris Pederick delivers almost the same features the inbuilt toolbars offer but there is a word, superb simplicity.

The add-on allows the developer to view source code and shows div elements' sequencing inside a page and the CSS classes and ids. It can also disable all styling, modifies cookies, and much more.

It is also very useful to check up on your design's responsive capabilities and display the size of your browser. It makes the work of a developer faster with easier access to tools and features. Even the simplest tasks of a web developer like checking tags, image placements, image dimensions are made easier with the help of this add-on.

Download: Extension Link

SeoQuake Toolbar

logo seoquake

SeoQuake is an amazing utility to display all major infographic related to any site. SeoQuake displays page information including page title, url, meta descriptions, keywords  and keyword density.


It also shows detailed information about:

  • Google Page Rank for the webpage
  • Google Index for the domain
  • Semrush Links to the webpage
  • Semrush Linking Domains to the domain
  • Bing Index
  • Alexa Rank for the domain
  • Age for the domain
  • Twitter Tweets for the webpage
  • Facebook Likes for the webpage
  • Google +1s for the webpage
  • Whois information for the domain
  • Page Source (using inbuilt Firefox Source viewer)
  • SemRush Rank & Price for the site
  • Link Analysis (Internal/External, Nofollow/Dofollow)
  • Content and Keyword density for Search Engines
  • Webpage diagnosis by providing relevant suggestions.
  • Semrush is also very useful for bloggers- you can get Semrush Black friday sale.

Download: Extension Link


Feedly is an online feed reader and on Firefox you can use it to easily keep track of your favorite websites through RSS feeds. It delivers a natural and alluring way of reading your website content. The "Add to Feedly" button on the address bar opens a menu that contains all feeds available on the current website. The Feedly add-on is also accessible through the Ctrl + Shift + F shortcut on the keyboard. Generally, the add-on is not visible on the page; it only notifies the user when RSS or Atom is on the current page.

Update Scanner 

A lot of websites do not give Atom or RSS feeds of their content. Thus, it becomes a hassle to know about the updates available. It can be very irritating to visit and load the websites, again and again, to check if the update is available or not. So, to get quickly informed about the updates, headlines, summaries, and links back to articles on your preferred websites, add Update Scanner on your Firefox.

The add-on monitors and scans the websites for updates and informs you about any website that has been updated. It automatically puts attention to the changes made on the website and lets you choose how frequently each website should be scanned and checked upon. It also has the option to ignore minor changes. This way, the add-on will not notify the user of very unnecessary minor modifications made to the website.

Pocket App

While browsing through the internet, we come across various attractive websites and articles which we want to keep for later. Thus, we bookmark those web pages so that we can find them later for convenience. But over time, too many bookmarks keep on pilling up, and it's hard for us to keep track of each one of them. So, for us to easily manage our bookmarks, the Pocket app add-on is essential. Pocket App is a pre-included add-on in Mozilla Firefox. Users can now comfortably restore desired documents and videos from websites all over the internet.

You can now save pages to read later with just one click. You can also sync your to-read list across all your devices through Firefox and this add-on. The most significant advantage of using it is that you can read your pre-saved websites without an active internet connection. Also, you can use "Text View Mode" to avoid seeing images and advertisements on the bookmarked page. This allows for an only content view by removing unnecessary and distracting things from the page. 


FireShot is an add-on to help with screenshots. It allows the user to capture and annotate websites. This is a handy add-on. It is an easier way of taking screenshots. Now you can click and save screenshots of entire web pages swiftly and effortlessly. The add-on allows you to annotate the screenshots you took and upload them to popular photo-sharing services like Flickr, Picasa, Image Shack, etc. It also allows you to save the screenshot to disk, copies it to the clipboard, exports it into OneNote, and directly attach it to emails.


Pearltrees is a great free add-on for organizing. It lets the user organize, discover and share everything they want on their Mozilla Firefox. You can save and organize websites, files, notes, photos, and videos as per your need. You can also group them according to your requirement. You can also look into other users' pearltrees (what they saved and grouped using pearltrees) which might interest you, and subscribe to them. You can even share your pearls on social networking sites and let other users browse through what you saved. You can access your pearls whenever and wherever you want with any of your devices.

ReminderFox Save 

ReminderFox is a handy add-on that helps you to maintain your schedule. It arranges and shows the user the list of tasks and reminders they put up within the browser. It uses easy-to-use task lists with warnings/alarms to remind the user of their important tasks, deadlines, and appointments without a different calendar. But if you want, You can sync ReminderFox with other calendars in addition. Thus, this aids you in your work by keeping track of all the work you did and have to do.