I am an experimental Windows user. I find, install and experiment several new applications on my Windows PC every week. Most of the applications and tools, I have installed are directly or indirectly about  desktop publishing. Some of them are aimed to help me with my study and some others are for web development . In addition to them, there are many other Windows applications which are intended to help me in publishing stuffs online. In this post I have listed my favorite blogging tools which I use on my Windows PC regularly. This list is totally a person’s choice and the order does not intend the superiority (or inferiority) of one tool to another.

Writing/ Editing Tools

By a Writing/Editing tool, we mean an application which can write new articles for a blog,  modify the existing ones and send them to you blog server. Here are the most amazing Writing and Editing Tools for Windows I ever tried.

  • Windows Live Writer:

    Windows Live Writer on Windows 8.1
    Windows Live Writer on Windows 8.1

    Yes. Not just me, but every blogger who owns a Windows PC assumes Live Writer as the best blogging tool ever made for Windows. The post, which you are reading at the moment was also written and published with the same app. Windows Live Writer (WLW) is developed by Windows Live Team at Microsoft. It comes bundled in Windows Essential Tools along with Live Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and deprecated Live Messenger. The updates for this tool are almost halted with no new features being added after 2012. It receives only security updates by time.This lack of regular updates doesn’t matter at all as WLW has reached the height of perfection. Windows Live Writer can be extended with more features by using official and unofficial plugins.

Download Windows Live Writer | Read more about the features of WLW


  • Girasol Editor:

    Girasol Editor
    Girasol Editor : Via PsiqueWare
    [wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left”]

    “Girasol” is a Spanish word which means ‘Sunflower’ in English.

    [/wc_box] Developed by PsiqueWare, Girasol Editor is another elegant Windows application for regular blogging needs. It runs on Java Runtime Environment and is therefore available for all desktop Operating Systems which support JRE. That is to say Girasol Editor is also available for Linux and Mac.  Girasol Editor has colorful UI and bit complicated configuration. I’ll not recommend this tool for serious blogging stuffs, as it lagged a lot for me and published unwanted small auto posts to my blog.  But once you learned how to use this app, it becomes an awesomeness.

Download Girasol Editor for Windows | Read more about the app

  • BytesScout Post2blog:
    [wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left”]This app no longer receives updates and support from developers.[/wc_box]Post2blog  works on least resources and is free to use now. It can be downloaded from Download.com website.
  • BlogJet 3:
    BlogJet is premium blogging application for Windows. It can be regarded as an upgraded form of WLW with added new feature, excellent user experience and great stability. BlogJet is priced at $39.99 with 30 days of free trial period. If you are aiming to become a pro-blogger, go for it… otherwise stick to any of the three above. For more details see the official page: http://www.blogjet.com/
  • Microsoft Word 2013:
    Word 2013
    Word 2013 is an all in one solution for content writers with any need. Starting from the 2007 version, Word supports direct publishing to blogs. Word 2013 is a part of Microsoft Office 2013 which is a premium application developed by Microsoft. Office 2013 can be purchased from office website. If you don’t like paying for it, you can try free Open Source tools like LibreOffice and OpenOffice too, but they don’t have Word like blog-publishing feature.
  • Scribefire:
    Scribefire is a browser extension which enables WYSIYG writing and publishing of posts to your blog. It supports all major blogging platforms like WordPress, WordPress.com, Blogger & Typepad. Scribefire can be downloaded from Firefox add-on repository and Chrome web store. Safari users can download Scribefire from this page and Opera users can download the same from this page.

Proof-Reading Tools

proofreading tools

There are several amazing online and offline tools available for Windows which can help you fix mistakes in your articles by finding spelling and grammar faults. Windows’ inbuilt language pack finds spelling mistakes on the go and underlines the wrongly spelled words. I use Jetpack’s online spell-check feature for WordPress for fixing serious grammatical mistakes and Microsoft Word 2013 to replace poor words with their better synonyms. If you are using Windows Live Writer for day-to-day blogging needs, I’d recommend the After the deadline (AtD) plugin for WLW. It’s an open source project available at http://grammarcheckerplugin.codeplex.com/ .  [wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left”]

After the Deadline is the same tool which is used by Jetpack and WordPress.com blogs for proof-reading, hence without any doubt, it is the best proof-reading tool available for free.

[/wc_box]  After the Deadline extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can be downloaded by accessing the AtD downloads page.$  If you are looking for something advanced with expert like proof-reading experience, try Grammarly.

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