10 Best AI Video Generators to Convert Text to Videos Online

AI is the future of everything. With time, new AI tools are changing the way we used to work. There are AI writing tools available. AI image generation tools can generate images based on your input. And then, there are AI video generators that can create videos in an instant — all just by following your simple text-based instructions.

In this article, I have listed and discussed 10 of such AI video generators that you can try.

In an AI video generator, you input data in the instructions (most commonly text) and then choose from various ready-made AI voices and AI people (called, human presenters) that can act on your instructions. An AI generator's key role begins here. It automatically thinks and generates media based on your inputs and then adds those to your video.

It is important to understand that no matter how good these AI tools are, human intelligence and interference are required if you want to get a humane output.

10 Best AI Video Generators to Convert Text to Videos Online

Now, enough with the basics. Here are my picks of the best AI video generators.


Invideo AI

InVideo is an online video editing tool with this "Text to Video generator" that is robust and very effective. With it, you get over 5000 customizable templates, filters, iStock media, a music library, and more.

From an AI video editor point of view, InVideo offers over 50 AI-powered themes to help you convert text-based content to videos.

To get started with InVideo, you need to pick any theme or template and enter your text to turn it into a high-quality AI video. You can use it to create all types of videos, such as advertisements, promos, YouTube videos, intros, etc. Its free plan allows you to create videos up to 40 minutes in length. It also lets you carry out unlimited HD video exports and produce videos in any language.

As a video marketing expert, I can vouch for InVideo.io's seamless AI-powered text-to-video conversion. With its intuitive interface and vast template library, transforming text content into engaging videos is a breeze.


lumen5 video

Lumen5 is a fantastic AI-driven text-to-video creator, automatically generating video storyboards from your text input. Its intelligent platform simplifies video creation for content marketers.

Lumen5 is a useful online tool for creating AI videos from text, blogs and RSS feeds.

Once you enter a piece of written content or connect your blog, Lumen5 will automatically find the perfect audio and visuals based on the same.


synthesia ai

Synthesia AI's text-to-video AI technology uses advanced synthetic media, allowing you to create personalized videos in minutes. Its unique selling point is the ability to create AI-generated avatars for your videos.

Synthesia can help you easily create realistic AI videos within minutes. It is a great choice for users who wish to create professional-looking videos on a budget. You can use it to create your own AI video in just three simple steps:

  1. Create your avatar or choose one from the 40 different avatars that Synthesia offers. 
  2. Enter the script for your AI video.
  3. Generate your AI video and proceed to download, translate, or stream it.

Apart from this, Synthesia supports over 60 languages and gives you access to more than 30 templates, custom backgrounds, free background music, free stock images & videos, and video-sharing pages & embeds. It also offers efficient and reliable customer support.


veed io

VEED.io stands out for its user-friendly text-to-video tools that are perfect for beginners. Its AI capabilities make video editing and captioning simple and efficient.

With it, you can use AI to turn text into videos or as a video editor to crop, cut, or add subtitles to videos. It has unlimited file upload size and allows you to create unlimited projects, remove background noise, and produce any type of video, including intros, outros, videos for ads, text to videos, etc.

VEED.io features a free plan allowing you to export videos for up to 10 minutes. Its plans include video editing features, auto subtitles, and numerous video-making templates. However, you might face issues while working with the auto subtitle feature.


design ai

Designs.AI is an impressive AI-powered content creation platform that lets you turn your blog posts and articles into gripping videos. You can use AI to create banners, logos, and most importantly, videos quickly. It allows you to create unlimited projects and offers more than 20,000 templates for you to choose from. You will also gain access to over 170 million images, 10 million clips, 500,000 audio files, and 50 voices.

With Designs.ai, you will also have many video effects, transitions, animations, and icons at your disposal to make your videos even better.


steve ai

Steve.ai's AI engine excels at generating attention-grabbing videos from text inputs. It's the go-to choice for marketers looking to maximize audience engagement.

Steve.ai holds the distinction of being the only AI tool to create live-action videos using text. You can use it to grow your product sales by providing relevant visuals of your products with the help of its built-in technology. Its unique media asset library features 100 million high-quality photos, videos, and audio files to make your video more gripping and vibrant.

The tool offers various readymade templates to help you quickly create videos for different genres such as marketing, news, advertising, training, corporates, education, cultural programs, and social media.

It features a user-friendly interface to help creators create professional-quality videos. It is easy to use and does not require you to have any prior video editing skills. However, it takes a long time to export videos.


elai io

Elai.io is an innovative new SaaS platform that allows you to create custom AI films with a presenter using only text. Elai.io offers a powerful AI-driven text-to-video solution, simplifying video creation for busy professionals. Its unique features include AI-generated voiceovers and automatic video summarization.


Make a Video by Meta

Make-A-Video is a new AI tool from Meta (Facebook's parent company) that allows users to turn text commands or messages into short, high-quality video clips. It can produce original short videos from text prompts and create variations of existing videos. Some experts claim that Meta’s Make-A-Video technology even has the potential to help users to produce a full-length movie with just text descriptions and advanced AI in the future!

Kapwing AI Video Generator

Kapwing AI Video Generator

Kapwing is a handy AI video generator that can be useful to users just starting out on their online journey with a limited budget (or none). It lets you create, edit, and upload your video online all in one spot. Its user-friendly interface is fast becoming a favorite among many professional creators and businesses.


Colossyan AI

Colossyan is a powerful video creation tool combining AI with real actors and voices. It allows you to create professional, studio-quality videos within minutes. The development team created virtual versions of the Colossyan actors in their studio; with AI technology, these synthetic actors will perform your script perfectly on the first take.

Colossyan supports over sixty languages and enables you to communicate effectively globally.  You can choose different accents and voice styles depending on the content you are working with. It also helps you keep viewers engaged and improve your SEO rankings with the help of subtitles and captions.

So, these were some of the best AI video generators presently available. I hope it helps you choose a great tool and consistently produce high-quality content. Not to forget, Canva too offers text-to-video options and a brand-new AI presenter.

canva AI presenter

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