invideo Review: Game-Changer or Another AI Video Editor?

In this invideo review, we will see how invideo works and where does it stand in the crowd of many. We will also see whether or not it is worth its price.

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I have been creating and editing videos on my laptops and PC for over 10 years now, both as a hobby and also as a professional. In last couple of years, several online video editing tools have emerged too, invideo being one of the firsts.

These online video editing tools offer comprehensive features to create professional quality videos for general usage. invideo has been a pioneer in this, competing even the likes of Adobe, Canva etc.

In this invideo review, we will see how invideo works and where does it stand in the crowd of many. We will also see whether or not it is worth its price. Let's begin.

About invideo

invideo homepage

invideo is an AI based online video creation and editing tool, which can be used without installing a software on your PC/Mac. It's also available as an iPhone & iPad with launch on Android still planned.

invideo advertises itself as a user-friendly video creation tool powered by AI & ChatGPT that offers a wide range of features such as customizable templates, a vast media library, and powerful editing capabilities.

Its more advanced features are designed to transform text prompts into engaging videos, including script generation, scene creation, and voiceovers, making audience engagement effortless.

invideo is ideal for marketers, content creators, and businesses looking to create professional-quality videos without needing extensive video editing experience.

Currently invideo caters to over 7 million customers across 190 countries, offering a unique video creation experience with complete editing control and customization.

The website supports real-time collaboration and provides a comprehensive solution for brand growth through social media success and revenue generation.

With various plans, including a free option, invideo AI is accessible for different creator levels, now also available on iPhone & iPad for flexible creative workflows.

Please note that invideo AI and invideo studio are two different products.

invideo Features

InVideo allows for easy video creation from ideas, utilizing a vast stock media library. The platform features an intuitive editor, lifelike voiceovers, and real-time collaboration for editing. It emphasizes efficiency in video production to enhance brand growth. InVideo AI and studio offer tiered pricing, including a free plan for new users, and premium plans for more frequent creators, aiming to balance cost with features and storage needs.

invideo's features can be categorized into AI-based features, general features and invideo Studio features.

invideo AI Video Editing Features

Invideo AI Turn ideas into videos AI video creator 2024 02 004008
  • YouTube Video Editor: Tailor-made for YouTube creators. Edit videos easily, add effects, and optimize for engagement. Ideal for vlogs and content channels.
  • Slideshow Maker: Create stunning slideshows from photos and videos. Perfect for presentations, memories, and marketing visuals. User-friendly and fast.
  • AI Talking Avatar: Generate lifelike avatars that speak your text. Engage viewers with virtual personalities. Great for tutorials and customer service.
  • AI Script Generator: Automatically creates scripts based on your topic. Saves time and enhances creativity. Ideal for ads, stories, and educational content.
  • AI Text To Video: Converts text into engaging videos. Simplifies content creation for blogs, social media, and websites. Fast and innovative.
  • AI Video Editor: Edit videos with AI assistance. Enhance quality, add elements, and streamline editing. Suitable for all skill levels.
  • AI Video Generator: Produces videos from prompts. Utilizes AI to craft visuals and narratives. Quick and efficient for various content types.
  • AI Faceless Video Generator: Create videos without showing faces. Maintains privacy while delivering compelling content. Useful for sensitive topics and testimonials.
  • AI Voice Generator: Generates realistic voiceovers in multiple languages. Adds a professional touch to videos. Versatile for narrations and voice-overs.

invideo General Editing Features

Invideo AI Turn ideas into videos AI video creator 2024 02 004010
  • Rotate Video: Easily rotate videos to any angle. Perfect for correcting orientation. Simple and quick.
  • Trim Video: Trim videos to the desired length. It is ideal for removing unwanted parts. Fast and efficient.
  • Cut Video: Cut out specific sections from videos. Great for creating clips or highlights. User-friendly.
  • Video Compressor: Reduce video file size without losing quality. Saves space and makes sharing easier. Effective and straightforward.
  • Video Converter: Convert videos to various formats. Ensures compatibility across devices and platforms. Convenient and versatile.
  • Screen Recorder: Capture screen activity with ease. Useful for tutorials, presentations, and gaming. High-quality and reliable.

invideo Studio Features

Invideo AI Turn ideas into videos AI video creator 2024 02 004012 1
Invideo AI Turn ideas into videos AI video creator 2024 02 004014
  • Intro Maker: Create engaging video intros. Captures attention right away. Quick, easy, and impactful.
  • Outro Maker: Design memorable video outros. Encourages viewer action. Simple, effective, and creative.
  • Video Ad Maker: Produce compelling video ads. Boosts brand and product visibility. Fast, efficient, and persuasive.
  • YouTube Intro Maker: Craft unique intros for YouTube. Enhances channel branding. User-friendly and customizable.
  • Invitation Maker: Generate digital video invitations. Perfect for events and announcements. Creative, personal, and convenient.
  • Promo Video Maker: Create promotional videos. Drives sales and awareness. Innovative, quick, and impactful.
  • Instagram Reels Maker: Make trendy Instagram Reels. Engages and grows your audience. Fun, easy, and fast.
  • Video Collage Maker: Combine videos into collages. Great for storytelling and memories. Versatile, artistic, and simple.

invideo Review: A Creator's Perspective

Turn ideas into videos AI video creator invideo AI 2024 02 004016
  • 1. AI Features: invideo's AI capabilities are a breakthrough, offering intuitive script generation, creating videos with text prompts, voiceovers, and video editing. This innovation accelerates content creation, making it accessible and efficient for creators of all levels.
  • 2. Studio Features: The studio tools, like Intro and Outro Makers, simplify the video production process, enabling creators to craft professional and engaging content with ease. These features empower users to produce high-quality videos without needing advanced skills.
  • 3. General Editing Capabilities: invideo's editing suite is robust and versatile, catering to a wide range of editing needs. From basic trimming to more complex edits, the platform accommodates both novice and experienced users, enhancing the creative process.
  • 4. Templates: The vast array of templates provides a solid foundation for creativity, offering designs for every occasion and content type. This vast selection helps users jumpstart their projects, ensuring a professional look and feel.
  • 5. Pricing: With its competitive pricing structure, invideo offers great value, making powerful video creation tools accessible to a broader audience. The free plan is a generous offer for beginners, while the premium options provide extensive features for more serious creators.
  • 6. Future: The potential for invideo's growth is immense, with ongoing updates and feature enhancements. This commitment to innovation positions invideo as a forward-thinking tool in the video creation space, promising even more advanced capabilities in the future.
  • 7. Comparison with Similar Tools: Against its competitors, invideo stands out for its balance of ease-of-use, comprehensive features, and affordability. It bridges the gap between novice creators and professional video editing, making it a top choice for a wide range of video production needs.

Pros and Cons

Pros of invideo:

  1. Wide range of AI features for automated video creation.
  2. User-friendly studio features, including intro and outro makers.
  3. Comprehensive editing capabilities suitable for all skill levels.
  4. Extensive library of templates across various niches.
  5. Competitive pricing with free and premium options.
  6. Regular updates and feature additions show a commitment to growth.
  7. Supports a variety of video types, catering to social media, marketing, and personal use.

Cons of invideo:

  1. Advanced users may find editing capabilities somewhat limited. This is what dedicated Video Editing Software are for.
  2. Template-based videos risk lacking uniqueness.
  3. Premium plans can be costly for individuals or small teams.

Comments on invideo Pricing

invideo's pricing structure is versatile and inclusive, catering to a wide range of users from beginners to established creators.

The free tier is particularly welcoming, allowing new users to experience AI video creation without any initial investment, which is great for trial and experimentation.

The Plus and Max plans offer increased AI generation minutes and storage, meeting the needs of more frequent users.

However, there's room for improvement in offering intermediate tiers for users who may find jumps between plans too significant.

Also, InVideo AI is not included with the existing InVideo Studio plans as they are separate products. However, those who had an active lifetime deal with InVideo Studio before August 15, 2023, will receive free credits for InVideo AI. These will be provided gradually, and eligible users will be informed via email.

If you have an InVideo account purchased from InVideo itself and not from a lifetime deal, the company is considering benefits for these users to transition to InVideo AI.

If you are an existing user, you need to keep an eye out for future updates from InVideo on this topic.

Furthermore, the use of user data for training in the free tier but not in paid tiers is an interesting approach, suggesting a trade-off between cost and privacy.

Overall, the value presented at each level appears strong, especially with the yearly discount.

My invideo Review

invideo impressively earns a 4.7 out of 5 rating for its robust video creation suite. The platform's AI-driven tools enable users to turn simple ideas into captivating videos, a real game-changer for content creation. With a vast library of stock media and intuitive editing features, it simplifies video production while fostering collaboration. The human-like AI voiceovers add a professional touch. Although it's a great tool, the pricing structure could offer more flexibility for mid-tier users.

My journey with invideo has been seamless and this invideo review is a testament of that. From conceptualizing ideas to executing sophisticated video projects, invideo has been my reliable companion. While pre-made templates significantly speed up the creative process, Text to Video prompts are supercool and worth investing the money for.

Compared to Canva and other competitors, invideo stands out for its balance of simplicity, depth, and value. While other platforms offer similar services, invideo's comprehensive AI features at a competitive price point make it a superior choice.

Offering both free and premium plans, invideo provides exceptional value. The premium subscription unlocks the full potential of the tool, making it a worthwhile investment for those serious about video content.

In my opinion, invideo is a must-have tool for anyone looking to create engaging and professional videos with less effort. Whether you're a marketer, content creator, or just exploring video production, invideo offers the tools and resources to bring your vision to life.