Best Apps For Small Businesses in 2023

Building a business from the ground up can be quite tasking. Having the right tools to go about it the right way is essential especially in the first few months when a person is aiming to get a firm foundation.

In the digital age, you can all you need with these few apps to save time and money. In this article, we have listed some of the best apps for small businesses.

Google Workspace

Best Apps For Small Businesses

Google workspace comes with every essential thing that a small business may require.

There are two ways to go with it. The first is using personal accounts, which offer 15GB of free storage and most of the Workspace apps.

The other way is to get a subscription for your business, which is charged around $6 per month per user.

Google workspace lets you create docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings. It also offers businesses emails, Google Meet and other business features essential for marketing and collaboration.


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Shipstation is one of the best business apps right now. They have services to offer that will make your business easier and time-saving for you. It is a cloud-based app that allows you to process online orders, print shipping labels, get order alerts, you can process your orders online, and more.

This app works well with many e-commerce platforms, including Shopify. Shipstation streamlines the order processing system according to your business’s needs. This app also helps you create custom shipping labels that show your brand. The plan for availing of its services starts from $9.


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To do a business, you need to know about the requirements of your customer and their feedbacks after they use the products or services. SurveyMonkey makes these things easier for you and saves your time. They offer these services for free initially, and their standard package starts at $32. There is a special discount for educators and students. It sends your surveys to the customers via websites, social media, and email. You can use surveys to measure customer engagement and get customer feedback on your products, pricing, website, and anything needed to target your audience.

Microsoft OneDrive

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Microsoft OneDrive is one of the most trusted applications in the market. It allows cloud storage, which means your files will be safe with this application. This application offers convenient sharing of files, which means you can share files among mobile phones and PCs easily. You can also view and edit your one drive files with any smartphone or any device OneDrive app. This app also offers additional services like creating backups, and automatic photo uploads are reserved for Windows users. Microsoft offers all these services at a very affordable rate of $5 per month.


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Evernote is a popular app that that’s specially designed for small businessman and entrepreneurs. With this application, you can save your business ideas in voice, text, or photos. It helps you restore all the brilliant business ideas if you need that for your future business expansion. This application is readily available on multiple platforms, and you can search your notes or ideas you saved with simple keywords and tags.

This application is very useful as young business minds develop new ideas every day, and you can easily sign in through Google. This application is free for basic plans, and if you upgrade to a business account, the cost is $14.99 per user per month.


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Creating invoices now can be very easy with the FreshBooks application. It is an application that helps you to create invoices for your business. This is a cloud accounting software that will help you in making your invoices more simple quick. With the help of this app, you can also keep a track record of your business expenses and also helps you to analyze your business’s financial performance. Also, you can create your invoices and can set up automatic billing.

This application is accessible from any device, and it accepts credit cards on your mobile device. This app covers your estimates into invoices, and for all these services, they charge $15 per month for five clients, with which they provide free Invoice Template downloads.


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Slack is one of the widely used business communication apps in the market. It is an easy-to-use app with a clean interface that gives you a fantastic user experience. With slack, you can easily communicate with anyone, and you can arrange meetings through its channel, send group messages, and even conduct a one-to-one meeting within a slack channel.

Communication is an essential part of business growth, and slack helps you to easily communicate with your teams and stop confusion among team members. Slack provides targeted channel communication, and the best thing about this application is that it offers its services for free, which means anyone can use it.


Skype is a fantastic video-conferencing application among businesses and professionals. It simplifies your business communication and makes it very clear and simple. You can connect with your team members using this app from any location.

Due to its popularity, everyone is well versed with its functions, and everyone knows how to use it. Skype offers to call, chat, and video conferencing, and you need not worry about privacy as it is a very trustworthy application. Furthermore, Skype provides free calls to friends and also all their services for free to their users.


Quickbooks app is one of the widely used apps to keep a record of all financial transactions. Quickbooks connects to your bank accounts and all the online payment applications and uploads the real-time data to help you to keep a track record of your financial transaction and its well-being. You can save all the receipts in the form of pictures and upload the same on this app. It can also help in tracking your business expenses.

These all things can be beneficial for you while paying taxes. You can also track unpaid invoices and pay salaries to your staff using this amazing application. Its pricing starts at $7.50 per month for a freelancer plan that provides loads of amazing features to monitor your financials hassle-free.

Time doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking app and helps in increasing workplace productivity—this time tracking app billable hours and each worker’s time on each project. Time doctor is beneficial for those employers who pay the workers on a shift basis as it keeps the record of every employee’s working hours and stops payroll confusion. In addition, this application claims to have robust reporting tools, which can be used by businesses. Price starts at $10 per user per month.


Podium is a marketing tool that helps you collect reviews from your customers based on their product experience. It helps you to collect online reviews and testimonials through text messages. Reviews help you understand consumers’ preferences, and it also increases word of mouth, which in turn increases sales. The customers’ talks more positive things about your business, the more your business will grow. Podium offers an easy Google review collection tool and stops any time type of problems in the review collection method. Overall this app is a great marketing tool, and the services offered by it will help you improve your business.


Square is a payment gateway app that helps businesses to receive credit card payments through their mobile devices. Square doesn’t charge any fee for offering its services. Instead, they take a percentage from the money received, and it starts at 2.6% per transaction. In today’s world, where everything is digital, digital payment is also very common, and there is no need to do cash transactions only. Furthermore, square offers credit card processing services from anywhere, which means you can receive your payment through a credit card from any location.

Dropbox Business

It is a file storage platform that helps and supports small businesses by providing their storage facility for their important files and data. Dropbox Business is cloud-based data that allows its users to sync data from various platforms. You can also share your important file and data through this platform with its highly secured features. It provides flexible storage plans for different businesses and also prevents files from getting lost. The Price for availing of its services starts at $12.50 per month for 3+ users.


As a small businessman, you may have to travel a lot because you will be doing almost every work yourself. Tripit is an app that allows users to keep business trip arrangements in an arranged form. It keeps a record of your hotel bookings, train/flight details, or location details, not to forget anything. It keeps all the records in one place and helps you to avoid any last moment rush. The best thing about this application is that it offers its services for free.


Today, when everything is digital, the Inigo app allows you to create digital business cards that set you aside from the crowd. You need not carry stacks of business cards with you wherever you go; you can share your business card with anyone with just one click. This makes it easy for you to share your business card with anyone and saves your time and money.

This app also stops business cards from getting lost, and it provides a real-time networking solution. Furthermore, you can use this app for free as the service provider charges no money.


This app lets you sign documents digitally. Available as a Chrome extension, this app let’s you sign documents on the go. You will no longer be needing physical documents to get paperwork approved. With just a few clicks, one can add their signature and email on essential papers and send them right back. There’s also an app version for your smartphone so you can have things approved on the go as is the norm for small businesses.


As an entrepreneur, one might know that they need social media but not entirely sure how to go about making the most of it. With Crowdfire, you’re able to post content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has a trial period of 100 posts; during this time you’ll be able to know what content works best for your audience, what channels work and how often you should post. You can also use it to view tutorials like this one by

Crowdfire acts as a social media guide, same way a tutor English guide would, in letting you know what to look for and what exactly to do. You may get prompts letting you know when to repost an article or post. When done right, it drives traffic to websites and maximizes a startup’s exposure, which is crucial in the early days. Its user-friendly nature means that you don’t have to be intimidated by it especially if you’re new to social media.


A connection is essential when you’re starting out. To encourage and bring about this dynamic, Shapr pairs you up with businesses and persons who best march what you do. The concept is much like Tinder. You’re able to swipe left or right on profiles that match job titles and businesses that align with what you do. The app also encourages offline meetings where you’re able to ask a person you’ve been paired up with for a session.

If you’re looking for other companies to collaborate with, then this is the app for you. You’re able to find the right person or business to give you an edge. With Shapr, you can just as well find your target audience and the right people to sell your product or company to.