Best Cloud Storage Lifetime Deals in 2024

Cloud Storage is too important now. You cannot totally rely on hardware and smartphones all the way.

But the problem is that most cloud storage services are free to a limit that is way too low and irrelevant.

For example, iCloud offers 5GB free, and it has been offering this limit for over a decade.

I mean, what worth is 5GB in 2024?

"A couple of videos backed up, and you exhaust the limit."

OneDrive, Box and similar services offer 5GB free as well.

Dropbox is a step lower on this sad list as they offer 2GB of free storage only, and this is the only reason I don't recommend using Dropbox to my readers.

The only service that offers more is Google. Google Drive lets you store 15GB. But, this limit is shared amongst all the Google Services you use, viz., Google Photos and Gmail.

So, what is the option?

The one option is to signup for higher tiers of the aforementioned cloud storage services. But not everyone can pay for these, and also, the rates are recurring.

I use Google Workspace at a rate of INR 10080 (around $120) per year, which offers unmetered storage and a set of other features. If you want, you can signup for this here.

But as I said, not everyone is comfortable with monthly and yearly payments. So, if you are looking for the best cloud storage services that you can buy for a one-time payment, this is the list for you.

In this post, I have listed some of the best cloud storage lifetime deals you can benefit from.

Even if you don’t have much budget or don't want to upgrade now, you can sign up for free now and upgrade later.

So without further ado, let’s see the best cloud storage lifetime deals now.

Best Cloud Storage Lifetime Deals


Internxt cloud storage lifetime deals 2TB for life: €299
5TB for life: €499
10TB for life: €999
cloud storage lifetime deals

Internxt is a quality cloud storage solution that lets you backup, store and share files with your team and the world. It is known for its high-end security and end-to-end encryption.

Here are the lifetime plans that Internxt offers:

  • 2TB for life: €299
  • 5TB for life: €499
  • 10TB for life: €999

It is possibly the best cloud storage lifetime deal you will get with the range of features it offers.

Free plan: 10GB free forever. Signup here


80% off on lifetime 10TB plan / Up to 65% on other plans.



pCloud is one of the most popular high-volume cloud storage solutions for businesses and individuals. If you are a creative, freelancer or business that deals with a lot of data transfer, pCloud can be your first choice.

There are three-lifetime plans that pCloud offers:

  • Premium 500 GB @ $199 once
  • Premium Plus 2 TB @ $399 once
  • Custom Plan 10TB @ $1190 once

Free plan: 3GB for free forever. Signup here


1TB for free (with limits) / 50% off on the monthly plan of 2TB tier (at $3.49 per month)


terabox home

TeraBox offers Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup solution to all devices. They have a generous free 1TB cloud storage which can be used to store files and backups. The 2TB plan offers more freedom and higher upload limits.

Free plan: 1024GB for free forever.


icedrive cloud storage lifetime deals

IceDrive is a cloud storage service that offers a great balance of features and value for people who prioritize privacy and ease of use.

One of the key selling points of IceDrive is its focus on privacy and security, as all data is stored encrypted and the company claims to have no access to user data. The service also offers a sleek and easy-to-use interface, as well as integrations with popular apps.

There are three-lifetime plans that IceDrive offers:

  • $99 for 150GB
  • $499 for 3TB
  • $999 for 10TB

Free plan: 10GB for free forever. Signup Here

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So, that's it. Did you expect a longer list? Well, there aren't many options, so this is it.

Among these, Internxt seems the best to buy as it has better features and even better pricing. Terabox is great if you want free 1TB storage with some limitations. But if you are serious about the data privacy and security of your files, you should always opt for a paid plan.