Best Cloud Storage Black Friday Deals (2022)

Looking to save on cloud storage this festive season? Well, if you are, look no further. In this article, I have listed some of the best cloud storage Black Friday deals that you can benefit from. The deals include Internxt, pCloud, NordLocker, TeraBox and more.

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Even if you don’t have much budget, this will help you around as most of the mentioned cloud storage services offer generous free tiers, which you can later upgrade to premium/higher tiers or from annual to lifetime plans.

If you have already been using those free tiers and desperately need to upgrade, I have provided you with the best discounts possible and listed only those products that I wholly recommend.

So without further ado, let’s see the best cloud storage Black Friday deals that are live now.

Best Cloud Storage Black Friday Deals

Cloud StorageDiscountRedeem
Internxt70%Get Deal
pCloud80%Get Deal
TeraBox50%Get Deal
NordLocker53%Get Deal
Google Drive50%Get Deal
Bunny0%*Get Deal
* Pay as you go.


Exclusive 70% off on the Internxt annual 2TB plan.

Redeem the exclusive discount here

internxt cloud storage black friday

Internxt is a quality cloud storage solution that lets you backup, store and share files with your team and the world. It is known for its high-end security and end-to-end encryption.

Generally, the 2TB plan costs 8.99 €/mo, but during Black Friday, you can get a whole year for just 2.99 € per month.

It is possibly the best cloud storage Black Friday deal you will get with the range of features it offers.

Free plan: 10GB free forever. Signup here


80% off on lifetime 10TB plan / Up to 65% on other plans.



pCloud is one of the most popular high-volume cloud storage solutions for businesses and individuals. If you are a creative, freelancer or business that deals with a lot of data transfer, pCloud can be your first choice.

Free plan: 3GB for free forever. Signup here


1TB for free / 50% off on the monthly plan of 2TB tier (at $3.49 per month)


terabox home

TeraBox offers Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup solution to all devices. They have a generous free 1TB cloud storage which can be used to store files and backups. The 2TB plan offers more freedom and higher upload limits.

Free plan: 1024GB for free forever. Signup Here


Up to 53% off on all plans


nordlocker screenshot

NordLocker is a product by the team behind NordVPN and is focused on providing high-end security to storages offered to both businesses and individuals.

Each plan comes with high-speed storage space and unlimited end-to-end encryption. Generally, NordLocker offers a 2TB storage maximum, but if you are a business, you can always ask for a custom plan.

Free plan: 3GB for free forever. Signup here

Google Drive

50% off on the first year if you upgrade Google Workspace / 1TB storage on Workspace Individual instead of the earlier 15GB (available in select countries)

Redeem here

google drive on workspace

If you are a business or freelancer looking to upgrade to Google Workspace, now is the best time to do.

Google is offering 50% off on the first year of their Google Workspace plans. (Offer subject to availability in some regions.)

Free plan: 15GB for free forever. Signup here


Pay for only what you store


bunny storage

All the other cloud storages have a storage space that is locked and billed for you, regardless of whether you use the extra space. But Bunny goes differently here.

With its pay-as-you-go plan, you pay 0.01$ per GB and only for the GBs that you have used. It is my personal favorite as you can use it as both an object storage and a CDN for your website.

Free plan: 14-day free trial. Signup here

Which one to pick?

Looking for my advice? Let’s divide the use cases into two parts, business and personal.

If your business relies on Google Workspace, you know that Google Workspace is the best. But if it doesn’t, you can always go for Internxt or NordLocker, depending on your budget.

For personal needs, I’ll suggest going for pCloud and also signing up for TeraBox and Internxt for free.

Words of caution with Terabox are security and privacy issues. So, store something which is not important and not private. Internxt on the other hand, is the best of the lot already — fast, secure and trustworthy.

So, that was all from this cloud storage Black Friday deal guide. Make sure to choose wisely.