10 Reasons Why Startups Love Graphic Designs (And You Should, Too!)

Every business is going to need graphic design work at some point or another; in fact, for startups today, the majority of this work should actually be done before the grand opening. While the necessity of graphic design in business is common knowledge, less well-known is the fact that professional design solutions aren’t just the best solution, they should be treated as the only solution. Here are just a few reasons why.

10 reasons

1. Create Design Consistency

Using a professional for everything from company logo design to business cards helps create consistency and cohesion in your brand. Giving your business a cohesive image is the priority if you want to gain and hold customers, as it helps define your brand’s image over time. According to Skill Path, one of the first steps to having solid design as a company is the creation of a business color palette; a pro designer will not only be able to help you find the palette that’s right for you but will know how to use it properly.

2. Increase Brand Recognition

The consistency in design style and color palette assists in creating instant brand recognition. Using the services of a pro designer to maintain consistency helps to sets your business apart from the competitors by making sure your loyal customers always know what to look for when seeking your brand amid the other options in your industry. Brand recognition is a form of marketing in and of itself.

3. Look More Professional

According to Business Insider, it’s not good enough to just have a logo anymore: the goal is to become a brand and gain that recognition you need to succeed. To do that, you need to have a professional image, and that can only be gained through expert design. The same consistency that helps foster brand recognition also makes your business look more professional and on top of things. Remember that in the world of branding and marketing, image is everything!

4. Be More Efficient

Work done right the first time won’t need to be redone two weeks later when you realize it’s getting entirely the wrong kind of attention—or worse, no attention at all. By having a professional designer on your side, your graphic needs will be executed properly from the get-go; less need for damage control on DIY design disasters means more hot leads coming your way.

5. Increase Your Productivity

By working with a graphic design professional, those hot leads you pick up through your increased efficiency will be easier to handle through an increase in productivity. Since you’re no longer spending half your time trying (and usually failing) to create a great image for your brand, you have more time to handle the aspects of business where you’re the professional.

6. Access Expert Knowledge

Professional designers know why some things work and others don’t, they keep up with all the latest trends and can even predict where those trends will go over time. Access to this expert knowledge will help keep your brand timeless, saving you from the dreaded fifth-year rebranding effort so common among small businesses.

7. The Economic Choice

An article published on Entrepreneur says that getting your logo right the first time means no wasting time on damage control, but it also means no wasted money on “re-dos” and no losing clients to a poor first impression. Using a professional with the knowhow to keep your brand looking timeless also keeps you from spending a small fortune in recreating your logo, website and all company literature four or five years down the road when an amateur logo design would be distinctly dated.

8. More Leads

You already know that professional design will get you more leads, but did you know that the avenues are almost endless? Brand recognition, cohesion, efficiency and productivity are just a few of the ways using an expert can help draw people to your company; a professional image also creates a sense of credibility, making your company look like the better choice, while well-designed website directs visitors to all the right pages.  Professional design literally offers nothing but benefits.

9. More Conversions

Everyone knows that visitors who stick around are much more likely than visitors who take one look at your website, brochure or business card and look the other way. By creating more leads, you’re also sure to gain more conversions over time.

10. Be More Confident in Your Business

Business2Community points out that bad design can negatively impact every aspect of your business, while good design does just the opposite. This one may come as a bit of a surprise, but having professionally designed material doesn’t just impress customers, it helps you to feel that your business is more impressive. This helps breed confidence by allowing you to feel like a truly professional entrepreneur—all it needs is some truly professional design.

Bonus Tip: Design or Hire

There are umpteen resources available online if you’re looking to try your hands at designing your own logo. Do it if you’ve an eye for design, and time on your hands. If you’re short of time, or aptitude for design work, it’s better to hire the services of a pro designer instead. Don’t have the shekels to bear the hefty charges of pro designers? No worries. Crowdsource your logo requirements! Designhill, like a host of other logo design contest sites out there, puts you in touch with a thriving network of freelance logo designers, graphic artists and illustrators from across the globe who’ll help you get a creative logo within no time and without splurging your pockets.