Leaders in Marketing, Business & SEO trust me with their work.

I have worked on more than 2000+ projects with 800+ clients as of now. My work includes development, design, marketing, performance and SEO and the allowed budget of these works ranges from $35 to $46,580.

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The list of my clients' names is exhaustive, and here are some of the clients whose names I have been allowed me to list.


  • Brand Name: Acer
  • About: A global technology company known for its wide range of electronics, including laptops, desktops, and monitors.
  • Niche: Consumer Electronics and Technology


  • Brand Name: Adobe
  • About: Specializes in software for graphic design, video editing, web development, and more, notably Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Niche: Software and Creative Solutions


  • Brand Name: Airtel
  • About: A leading telecommunications services company offering mobile, fixed line, broadband, and digital TV services.
  • Niche: Telecommunications


  • Brand Name: Asus
  • About: Manufactures computers, mobile phones, and electronics components, known for high-quality motherboards and gaming devices.
  • Niche: Consumer Electronics and Computing

  • Brand Name:
  • About: Provides digital marketing and social media engagement services.
  • Niche: Digital Marketing and Social Media


  • Brand Name: Canva
  • About: An online design and publishing tool that makes graphic design accessible to everyone.
  • Niche: Graphic Design and Publishing


  • Brand Name: Collegedunia
  • About: A comprehensive search engine for students, parents, and education industry players looking for detailed information on higher education.
  • Niche: Educational Resources


  • Brand Name: Copyleaks
  • About: Offers plagiarism detection and content authentication services using AI and machine learning technologies.
  • Niche: Content Verification and Security


  • Brand Name: Crello
  • About: A graphic design tool offering templates and design elements for creating visual content.
  • Niche: Graphic Design


  • Brand Name: Depositphotos
  • About: A stock photography platform that provides high-quality royalty-free images, videos, and vectors.
  • Niche: Stock Media Content


  • Brand Name: DesignRush
  • About: A B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies for web design, digital marketing, and IT services.
  • Niche: Agency and Business Services Directory


  • Brand Name: Digitrio
  • About: Provides digital marketing services, including SEO, SEM, and social media advertising.
  • Niche: Digital Marketing


  • Brand Name: EasyGetInsta
  • About: Offers services to help users gain Instagram followers and likes organically.
  • Niche: Social Media Enhancement


  • Brand Name: Examsnap
  • About: Provides study materials, practice tests, and exam dumps for various certification exams.
  • Niche: Educational Resources and Certification Preparation


  • Brand Name: Flexclip
  • About: An easy-to-use online video maker that helps create professional videos for business or personal use.
  • Niche: Video Editing Software


  • Brand Name: FreshBooks
  • About: Offers cloud-based accounting software designed for small business owners and freelancers.
  • Niche: Accounting and Financial Software

  • Brand Name:
  • About: Provides services to increase YouTube channel subscribers and video views.
  • Niche: Social Media Marketing

Globex Outreach

  • Brand Name: Globex Outreach
  • About: Specializes in outreach services, helping brands gain visibility through link building and content marketing.
  • Niche: SEO and Digital Marketing


  • Brand Name: GoogieHost
  • About: Provides free web hosting services along with Cloudflare, SSL, and other features to support small websites.
  • Niche: Web Hosting

  • Brand Name:
  • About: Offers Instagram growth services including buying followers, likes, and views.
  • Niche: Social Media Enhancement


  • Brand Name: Growthoid
  • About: An Instagram growth service focusing on gaining real followers through engagement.
  • Niche: Social Media Marketing


  • Brand Name: HubSpot
  • About: Provides a comprehensive platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Niche: Marketing and Sales Software


  • Brand Name: IBM
  • About: A global technology and consulting company known for its hardware, software, and IT services.
  • Niche: Technology and Consulting Services

iCash Canada

  • Brand Name: iCash Canada
  • About: Offers short-term, quick-approval loans for Canadians facing financial emergencies.
  • Niche: Financial Services


  • Brand Name: InboundJunction
  • About: A digital marketing agency focusing on SEO, content marketing, and influencer outreach.
  • Niche: Digital Marketing


  • Brand Name: KnowledgeHut
  • About: Offers professional training and certification courses in various fields including technology, management, and business.
  • Niche: Professional Training and Certification


  • Brand Name: LawClerk
  • About: Connects attorneys with a network of freelance lawyers to assist with various legal tasks and projects.
  • Niche: Legal Services


  • Brand Name: Loganix
  • About: Provides SEO and digital marketing services, including link building and content creation.
  • Niche: SEO and Digital Marketing

Lovely Professional University

  • Brand Name: Lovely Professional University (LPU)
  • About: A private university in India offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.
  • Niche: Higher Education

Ministry of Agriculture, GoI

  • Brand Name: Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India
  • About: Oversees agricultural activities and policies, aiming to ensure food security and improve farmer welfare in India.
  • Niche: Government and Agriculture Policy


  • Brand Name:
  • About: A cloud-based platform that provides tools for project management, team collaboration, and workflow automation.
  • Niche: Project Management and Collaboration Tools


  • Brand Name: OnlyLoudest
  • About: An online platform offering insights on blogging, digital marketing, and technology trends.
  • Niche: Digital Marketing and Technology Blogging


  • Brand Name: Overeview
  • About: Provides reviews, comparisons, and guides on various digital and tech products to help consumers make informed decisions.
  • Niche: Technology and Product Reviews


  • Brand Name: PaperHelp
  • About: An academic writing service that assists students with essays, research papers, and other assignments.
  • Niche: Educational Support Services


  • Brand Name: RecordCast
  • About: An online tool for recording and editing screen videos, aimed at creating tutorials, presentations, and more.
  • Niche: Video Editing and Screen Recording


  • Brand Name: RomyLMS
  • About: Provides a learning management system designed for simplicity and efficiency in corporate training environments.
  • Niche: Learning Management System (LMS)


  • Brand Name: SuccessCDs
  • About: Offers educational content, exam preparation resources, and career guidance for students in India.
  • Niche: Educational Resources and Exam Preparation


  • Brand Name: SuperbWebsiteBuilders
  • About: Reviews and compares various website builders to help users choose the best platform for their needs.
  • Niche: Website Builder Reviews and Comparisons


  • Brand Name: Talentedge
  • About: Offers live and interactive online courses for working professionals in collaboration with premium institutions.
  • Niche: Online Professional Education


  • Brand Name: Thoughtbuzz
  • About: A social media analytics and management tool designed to help businesses track their online presence and engagement.
  • Niche: Social Media Analytics

University of California, Riverside

  • Brand Name: UC Riverside
  • About: A public research university part of the University of California system, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Niche: Higher Education


  • Brand Name: UseViral
  • About: Offers social media growth services to increase followers, likes, and engagement across various platforms.
  • Niche: Social Media Marketing


  • Brand Name: Venngage
  • About: An online tool that helps users create and publish custom infographics, reports, and charts.
  • Niche: Graphic Design Software
  • Brand Name: Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy
  • About: An independent think-tank doing legal research to make better laws and improve governance for the public good in India.
  • Niche: Legal Research and Policy

Yael Consulting

  • Brand Name: Yael Consulting
  • About: Offers online marketing and business consulting services to improve ROI for businesses.
  • Niche: Digital Marketing Consulting


  • Brand Name: Zoutons
  • About: A coupon aggregator that provides the latest deals and discounts for various online retailers and brands.
  • Niche: Coupons and Deals Aggregation


  • Brand Name: Zyro
  • About: A website builder and hosting service that allows users to create professional websites and online stores easily.
  • Niche: Web Development and Hosting

Recent Clients

  • LeaveDates
    • Brand Name: LeaveDates
    • About: A platform for managing leave and absences within teams, simplifying planning and approvals.
    • Niche: Human Resources and Team Management
  • HighSpeedOptions
    • Brand Name: HighSpeedOptions
    • About: A comparison tool that helps users find the best internet and TV service providers in their area.
    • Niche: Internet and TV Service Comparison
  • Removal.AI
    • Brand Name: Removal.AI
    • About: An automated service that removes backgrounds from images using AI technology.
    • Niche: Image Editing and Processing
  • CouponZania
    • Brand Name: CouponZania
    • About: Offers a wide range of coupons and deals for saving money on various online purchases.
    • Niche: Coupons and Deals
    • Brand Name:
    • About: A British news website covering the latest in news, sports, and showbiz.
    • Niche: News and Media
  • WarehousingAndFulfillment
    • Brand Name: WarehousingAndFulfillment
    • About: Provides solutions for warehousing and fulfillment services to businesses of all sizes.
    • Niche: Logistics and Supply Chain
  • HostingAdvice
    • Brand Name: HostingAdvice
    • About: Offers expert reviews, advice, and resources for choosing the best hosting solutions.
    • Niche: Web Hosting and Technology
  • CreativeFabrica
    • Brand Name: CreativeFabrica
    • About: A marketplace for digital content such as fonts, graphics, and crafts.
    • Niche: Digital Assets and Creative Resources
  • Collidu
    • Brand Name: Collidu
    • About: An educational platform offering tools and resources for collaborative learning and teaching.
    • Niche: Education and Collaboration
  • OWorkers
    • Brand Name: OWorkers
    • About: Specializes in data entry and content moderation services for businesses.
    • Niche: Business Process Outsourcing
    • Brand Name: Edureka
    • About: Offers online training courses in various IT and software domains.
    • Niche: Online Education and Training
    • Brand Name: WasteRemovalUSA
    • About: Provides waste removal services and dumpster rental for both commercial and residential use.
    • Niche: Waste Management
    • Brand Name: Manhattan Mental Health Counseling
    • About: A New York-based clinic offering mental health services.
    • Niche: Mental Health and Counseling
    • Brand Name: LYFE Marketing
    • About: A digital marketing agency providing social media, PPC, and SEO services.
    • Niche: Digital Marketing
    • Brand Name: Ultahost
    • About: Provides hosting services including shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.
    • Niche: Web Hosting
    • Brand Name: ExamLabs
    • About: Provides exam preparation resources for various certifications.
    • Niche: Educational Resources and Certification Preparation
    • About: Information not readily available; would need more context to accurately describe.
    • Niche: Could vary; name suggests digital or media focus.
    • Brand Name: InboxLane
    • About: Offers email marketing tools and services.
    • Niche: Email Marketing
    • Brand Name: CapCut
    • About: A free all-in-one video editing app.
    • Niche: Video Editing Software
    • Brand Name: Sceyt
    • About: Provides messaging and communication solutions for businesses.
    • Niche: Business Communication Tools
    • Brand Name: Wepik
    • About: Offers online design tools and templates for creating visuals.
    • Niche: Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation
    • Brand Name: Whop
    • About: A marketplace or platform for digital products and services, details are scarce.
    • Niche: Digital Marketplace
    • Brand Name: WiziShop
    • About: An e-commerce solution provider for creating online stores.
    • Niche: E-commerce Platforms
    • Brand Name: JoyWallet
    • About: Offers advice and tools for personal finance management.
    • Niche: Personal Finance
    • Brand Name: Linens & Hutch
    • About: Sells bedding and linens online.
    • Niche: Home Goods and Bedding
    • Brand Name: Pollack Peacebuilding Systems
    • About: Provides conflict resolution and peacebuilding services.
    • Niche: Conflict Resolution Services
    • Brand Name: Corodata
    • About: Provides secure records management and shredding services to protect business data.
    • Niche: Data Protection and Management
    • Brand Name: EduBirdie
    • About: An essay writing service aimed at students seeking assistance with their academic papers.
    • Niche: Educational Support Services
    • Brand Name: StudyClerk
    • About: Offers professional writing help to students for various academic assignments.
    • Niche: Academic Writing Services
    • Brand Name: Lendio
    • About: A marketplace that connects small business owners with various lenders to find the best loan options.
    • Niche: Small Business Financing
    • Brand Name: The Dallas Morning News
    • About: A news website offering the latest local and national news, sports, and entertainment.
    • Niche: News and Media
    • Brand Name: Dennis Hernandez & Associates
    • About: A law firm specializing in personal injury cases.
    • Niche: Legal Services
    • Brand Name: Popularity Bazaar
    • About: Offers social media services to increase likes, followers, and engagement.
    • Niche: Social Media Marketing
    • Brand Name: Rock The Rankings
    • About: Provides SEO and digital marketing services to help businesses improve their online presence.
    • Niche: SEO and Digital Marketing
    • Brand Name: Dedola Global Logistics
    • About: Offers global logistics and freight forwarding services.
    • Niche: Logistics and Freight Services
    • Brand Name: Social Boosting
    • About: Specializes in boosting social media profiles by increasing followers and engagement.
    • Niche: Social Media Enhancement
    • Brand Name: SpeedRDP
    • About: Provides Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) services with high-speed internet connections.
    • Niche: Remote Desktop Services
    • Brand Name: International Air Transport Association (IATA)
    • About: Represents and serves the airline industry, setting standards for airline safety, security, efficiency, and sustainability.
    • Niche: Aviation Industry Association
    • Brand Name: LessonPal
    • About: An online platform connecting students with tutors for personalized learning experiences.
    • Niche: Online Tutoring
    • Brand Name: CEX.IO Plus
    • About: Provides advanced trading options for cryptocurrency investors.
    • Niche: Cryptocurrency Trading
    • Brand Name: My Degree Guide
    • About: Offers guidance on online degree programs, colleges, and universities to prospective students.
    • Niche: Educational Resources
    • Brand Name: UX Design Bootcamp
    • About: Offers intensive courses in user experience design to equip students with practical skills.
    • Niche: Professional Training and Development
    • Brand Name: Digital Spotlight
    • About: An Australian digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.
    • Niche: Digital Marketing Agency
    • Brand Name: Kittl
    • About: Provides a design platform for creating unique digital and print designs with ease.
    • Niche: Graphic Design Software
    • Brand Name: Workit Spaces
    • About: Offers co-working spaces, e-commerce hubs, and offices for Sydney-based businesses.
    • Niche: Co-working and Office Spaces
    • Brand Name: TaxBuddy
    • About: An online platform offering tax filing and financial planning services.
    • Niche: Tax Preparation and Financial Services
    • Brand Name: The Virtual Gurus
    • About: Provides virtual assistant services for businesses, including administrative, social media, and bookkeeping tasks.
    • Niche: Virtual Assistance Services
    • Brand Name: PayStubCreator
    • About: An online tool for generating custom pay stubs instantly.
    • Niche: Financial Documentation Tools

And many more.

Thank you so much for your trust in me, guys! 💕