What is digital signage?

In simple language, digital signage is the modern version of signage. In it technologies like LED, LCD etc. are used to project or display the content like advertising in the form of digital images, information, streaming videos and media. You will often find these kinds of signage everywhere in a mall, on the side of a road, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Still confused? Well, let us try to explain it further. You do go to McDonald’s, right? Have you noticed the large LCD or LED TVs on display featuring their menu? Well, that’s digital signage. Companies often use it for marketing purposes. They use it to display their products and services. This way customers feel prompted to look at it at least once while passing by it. It looks aesthetically attractive. The display, however, can have multiple displays and sometimes even multiple screens to display their content. Digital signage in India is in high demand and obviously, it will be. Looking at how attractively it can feature the content surely captures a lot of attention.

What are the uses and importance of Digital Signage?

Digital signage has a lot of usabilities. Aside from being attractive digital signage screens capture a lot of attention too.

Here are some of its usage:

Brand informing/promoting

Digital signage is frequently utilized as an instrument for showing critical brand messages or raising brand image. Top notch designs and quality symbolism can be utilized to draw according to in-store clients.

In fact, fashion retailer, frequently utilize digital signage solution to show a list of pictures for in-store branding and to help the sales process.

For better selling and product information

Digital signage can be also used to increase sells. They can display exciting offers and discounts on certain products which somehow influences customers to buy them.

Also, a company who has recently launched a new product in their showroom can use digital signage as a tool to inform customers about it. Important pieces of information never go unnoticed.

Digital signage can cab be used as menu boards

Remember the example of Mc Donald’s menu that we talked about in the beginning. Well, many food outlets prefer using digital signage to display a huge range of food products. It becomes easy for the customer to take a quick glance and order for food.

Digital signage boards also help customers to get engaged better.

For entertainment purpose

Companies also use digital signage as a method to keep everyone entertained. They can either display a high definition animation, play the latest music video while people visit a restaurant and wait for their food. This way no one minds waiting a bit extra.

Benefits of Digital Signage

  • The main benefit of using digital signage is to create a lasting impression. Moving images are anyway much better than still images. When you display more, people feel interested to know more.
  • Another advantage of using digital signage is to keep people entertained. Let people feel entertained and inspired by your very own animated story about your store. People always enjoy a nice video. They won’t mind spending some more time and you never know who is getting inspired.
  • You can display ads instantly through digital signage. Impulse purchase often happens when customers feel highly engaged with a good ad and digital signage has the ability to transform a random visit to an impulse buy.

Why and where are digital signage systems used?

Digital signage is preferred by a lot of companies. Mainly because they come with so many benefits. You can use it to display ad, as an entertainment medium, use it to display important information, and more. Different sectors have different purposes and luckily digital signage boards can be used to fulfil all kinds of needs.

Following are some sectors who are availing huge advantages using digital signage:

Medical facilities

Hospitals and nursing homes have a lot of information to talk about.  They use it to deliver messages to their staff, use it for lecturers for the residents, display patient information, and more.

Education sector

Large screens displaying important information about their schools and universities are also benefiting a lot from digital signage. They use it to teach students in a fun and exciting way. Plus, they are great when you want to reach bigger audiences

Retail sectors

Well, the retail sector is possibly one of the sectors that is truly benefiting from digital signage. They use it to display their offers, newly launched garments, and more. It attracts customers and affects impulse purchases too.

What are the types of digital signage?

There three kinds of digital signage that you can opt for.

  1. Digital Kiosk: A digital kiosk is an intelligent terminal that has programming inside it that gives access to data identified with various areas, for example, correspondence, diversion, business or instruction.
  2. Digital Signage Broadcast System: Use it to display your message in front of the right target audience.
  3. Retail and Out of Home (OOH) Analytics: This type of digital signage can help your company to understand the mindset and behaviour of your consumers and also to ensure that your information is making sense.

Who are the best providers of digital signage in India?

If you are looking for the best digital signage companies in India, then you should try and contact Digi Excel. DigiExcel is the first Digital Kiosk+ Cloud Enabled Content Management System+ Retail Analytics to create a dynamic and rich digital experience in hospitals, retail, outdoor, real estate, restaurants, schools, and government offices. 

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