Powerful Digital Marketing Tricks to Help Boost Your SEO

With so much competition on the Internet, businesses are battling to be seen on search engines. The more visibility you have on search engines, especially on the first page or first few pages, the higher traffic your website can get and the more sales for your business. How do you stand out among the rest?

Below are 8 powerful digital marketing tricks to help boost your search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Remember: Content is the Key
  • Ensure Mobile Optimization
  • Utilize Social Sharing
  • Step Up Your Social Media Presence
  • Don’t Neglect User Experience
  • Don’t Belittle SEO Tools
  • Spy on Competition
  • Have a “Contact Us” Page

Let's dive in detail.

Remember: Content is the Key

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Content can help you pull SEO to your favor.

First and foremost, content on your website should be of high quality, useful, valuable, relevant, readable, and authoritative. Here are other tips regarding content:

  • Content on your site, blogs, social media posts, videos, etc., should be related to your market and should include keywords that are currently trending.
  • Keywords are crucial in search engines, so your content should be keyword rich, long tail, and specific.
  • Your articles should be long enough to be able to discuss a topic and engage your readers, rather than short and with a topic that has already been discussed everywhere.
  • Catch your reader’s attention on the first part of your published articles and address their challenges so they continue reading.

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Ensure Mobile Optimization

Studies from different companies found that mobile devices are used more often in visiting online platforms than desktop computers and laptops, and this is an increasing trend over the years. With that being said, it is vital that your audience can quickly navigate through your websites or blogs with their handheld devices. You wouldn’t want to lose a potential customer just because your site isn’t mobile ready.

Utilize Social Sharing

In a time when social media presence is important, your website should allow for social sharing in every possible platform and method. Many companies have claimed that social sharing has increased their website traffic and sales and has caused their websites to rank higher in search engine results pages. The capability to share your content through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest should be available as much as possible. Even audio production file sharing is now possible for these types of media.

Step Up Your Social Media Presence

As you make your content shareable through social media, you should also spice up your social media game. Facebook is the largest social media platform for a reason, and their advertising methods are definitely working for those who take the time to craft their marketing strategies carefully. If your brand is visually appealing, create an Instagram account with an attractive feed to drive sales. Look for the best influencers who can produce quality content in your niche for your market, and you’ll see how this will boost your business. Your social media presence will show your potential customers who you really are, how you connect with them, and what you are about beyond what you’re selling.

Don’t Neglect User Experience

Is your website loading very slowly? Is your interface confusing page visitors? Are your images blurry? Is your content boring? Do you have broken links? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are neglecting user experience, which is very important in digital marketing.

Experts on user experience and user interface are very well compensated because they make sure your websites are optimized for your potential customers and that it’s being adjusted according to the behaviors they see during website visits. In order to maintain your audience’s interest, it’s essential to:

  • Use simple menu navigation
  • Optimize images according to the platform
  • Use various multimedia
  • Ensure fast page loading time
  • Ensure links are working

Don’t Belittle SEO Tools

Due to the stiff competition of ranking higher in search engine results pages, you may want to invest in SEO tools to help you out. Several SEO tools will help you, depending on what your need is. Study your business, identify the areas you’re struggling with, and research the best tools to lighten up your load in that area so that you have more time to enhance other areas in your business.

Spy on Competition

Whatever niche you are in, there is always competition. This is exactly the reason you need a unique selling point (USP). However, despite having a USP, it can’t be completely avoided that other companies are targeting your market as well or claim they can do what you do, even better.

Take note of who your competitions are, and pick out the main ones. Check on what they do, how they interact with their customers, how they present themselves in social media, etc. This doesn’t mean you copy them. Being aware will give you more insights on how your industry or audience is changing, and you can make sure you aren’t falling behind.

Have a “Contact Us” Page

Websites that provide contact information are ranked higher by search engines because they are seen to be more dependable. Make sure that your contact information is easy to find and presented well, and ensure your customer service team responds promptly.

There are many tricks to increase your website’s ranking higher on search engines, and all you have to do is apply them and be patient with the results. Although you may think that SEO is costly or tiresome, the results you will reap will definitely be worth your while. If you mean business, boost your SEO.