10 Things that You Need to Know About Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency has become one of the main areas of interest when it comes to the business sector. It is rapidly continuing to grow in popularity and this means a lot of investors are also coming on board. Crypto trading has been one of the ever trending topics in recent times.

As we all know, we might not be using the traditional currency we have now in the future and this is why technologists have always been aiming at improving the systems and making the trading platforms even better.

We have seen them go as far as coming up with very interesting trading bots and other platforms including Bitcoin Loophole Software and cryptobots among others. As it stands, it is rather a more booming business to invest in compared to others and people seem to be making profits from it.

Off course, no one would dare engage in a business that won’t be making him money, right? But then, it will not always be a win situation, sometimes you can lose too, that’s business. You don’t expect to always be making profits on a daily basis and this is why you must be willing to take the risks too in as much as you want to enjoy the benefits.

Anyway, if you are willing or you have any interest in crypto trading, crypto trading signals and so on, here are some things that you might consider keeping in mind.

Create portfolio

If you want to have a successful crypto trading experience, you first need to build a portfolio. In this crypto trading field, you might find it difficult to choose the coins you would like to trade with many that are available.

Well, there are many techniques and methods in which you can use to choose the coins as this will help you to minimize your risks. This is why building a cryptocurrency portfolio is important.

A cryptocurrency portfolio is a useful tool that allows you to easily track the performance of all your cryptocurrencies in one place. By using our portfolio, you can see which of your crypto investments is performing the best in real-time and compare it with your other crypto holdings.

For beginners, this might be quite challenging, but it is always advised that you diversify the portfolio as you still get to learn your way around the business.

Use what you can afford to lose

Have you ever tried to gamble?

There is usually some sort of a rule and I think that can be perfectly applied here too. It is always recommended that you invest just about 10-20 percent of what you are earning but just after you’ve cleared all your bills.

This is because people realized that is what remains after sorting out their bills anyway. Doing so will keep you much safer in that if anything happens and you lose your investments, you can still survive and find a way out.

But if you invest before settling your debts and your investments get lost. Well, you know how this goes.

Do not quit your regular job

However much you are making from your crypto investments, it is advisable to still keep that regular job. Just hold on to your daily job regardless of if you have already achieved your financial target from the investments.

This will help you not be so attached to your cryptocurrency investments as your only source of income. In turn, this will also help you not to be forced to sell your digital currency whenever you find yourself in a situation where you badly need some cash. You can however use the profits you make to settle your debts.

Read more about cryptocurrency

You need to be reading a lot about cryptocurrency, especially if you are just getting started on it. It is very important that you get a glimpse of what is happening around the crypto market as this is one sector that is capable of changing at any time.

This is due to the many factors that usually affect the crypto market. The trading platforms also can be improved and new features added due to the fast-changing technology too. Reading will help you to know more about this business hence enabling you to make wise decisions.

There are plenty of content to read about crypto trading

The people around you

One of the factors that can affect your decisions to trade is the people you associate yourself with. It is always wise to spend some time around those who are experienced in this particular area.

This way, you can also get to learn quite a few tips regarding the crypto market. You might end up learning quite a lot including the trading techniques and how to read the crypto trading signals among others.

Leave your family and friends out of it

It is not always a good idea to involve your family or friends in the crypto business. You shouldn’t even tell them about your involvement in the business unless you feel quite comfortable, leave alone trying to convince them also to invest.

This is simply because this is a very volatile industry and has a lot of uncertainties. This should show you how much risk you are facing, making it a bit of a tricky business.

If your family member or even a friend invests just because you tell them to and the worst occurred, what do you think will happen? You don’t want them to always be at your neck about your bad advice, right? I thought so too.


Before you do something or before you get into something, it is always a great idea that you first get to know more about it. This means that you need to look for as much information as you can about it.

If you are just getting started in cryptocurrency, it is better that you do your own research first and get to know what platforms you need to use as this is a field that is prone to many manipulations including hacks and a lot of scams.

If not so careful, you may find yourself entering into more problems while you thought you were solving one. Doing research will allow you to know what to use and what things to avoid.

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Sell for fiat currency

If you would love to have some cash against your cryptocurrency, all you need to do is sell for the fiat currency. This will come in handy in case you have some bills to pay. Just convert the crypto to fiat. However, some payments do not accept digital currency so you might as well use crypto to make the payments.

Fiat currency is a legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it, like INR, USD, EURO.

Long term profits only

When joining the crypto trading business, you should be thinking about the long-term profits only. Planning on short-term profits will not be able to give you as much profit as you might have anticipated. You should also remember not to trade more than 30% of your crypto net worth.

Watch out for the pyramid schemes

Do I really need to say anything on this? However much we emphasize on this point, people still go ahead and decide to try their luck. Maybe the scammers are just more persuasive. Anyway, things like cloud mining, MLM and other earn interest schemes should be avoided at all cost if you don’t want to lose your money.



As I said earlier, before you join any type of business, it is right to try and find out more about it. If you are thinking about investing in crypto trading, the above tips might be of help.

Bonus: How to Save Transaction Costs with Discount Codes?

Many apps and websites are now available online that can be used for buying, storing, selling bitcoins and more.

Process of selling and buying cryptocurrency

The process of selling and buying cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is not as difficult and tough as it seems to be.

You can simply download a wallet app using which you can exchange bitcoins and moreover can sell them without any problem. There are several wallets and each one of them have their own process. However, one of the main benefits that you will enjoy is that the transaction will remain secure as you need to do enter a 4 digit pin code that will complete the process. This also means that no other person can do transactions without your permission.

Additionally, you can try xcoins if you want to buy bitcoins online. There are other Crypto Trading apps if you are located in India.

Taking help of promo codes

If you are new in the world of cryptocurrency or digital currency and don’t know anything related to it, then you can prefer surfing about it online. But at the same time, if you are finding bitcoins a little expensive for selling and buying then you can prefer using promo codes.

These codes will help you in getting instant discounts at any time and anywhere you want. Thus, it will automatically reduce the buying and selling cost of cryptocurrency which means better and huge savings by investing less money.

There are many sites that are specialized dealers of promo codes where you can get almost all promo codes for all wallets and apps. In fact, many sites are also there which offer free of cost codes and even some of them also offer daily payouts or investment in their user’s wallet.

Earn free bitcoins without doing any investment

Along with earning free and paid promo codes, you will even enjoy the benefits of earning bitcoins.

Yes, many platforms are there which offer their users great and better opportunities through which they can earn more and more bitcoins without doing any type of investment. This will even provide security as most of the time people make the wrong investment. So, in this way they can earn more if in case they are suffering from loss and in terms of profit they will become rich and wealthy.


  1. A cryptocurrency portfolio is a useful tool that allows you to easily track the performance of all your cryptocurrencies in one place. By using our portfolio, you can see which of your crypto investments is performing the best in real time and compare it with your other crypto holdings.
  2. Fiat currency is a legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it, like INR, USD, EURO.