Engineering is one of the most comprehensive professions, and it requires a person to have more than just the technical acumen to make it or break it! The role of engineers is changing significantly today, and it is imperative for them to have certain non-academic skills.

Although, the methodical expertise is truly the foundation of an engineer and they are required to handle the technical side of their role. However, today engineers are also interacting with customers, clients, managing teams and are fulfilling more than just their specialized functions. Soft skills are vital for all professionals, and they fall under the non-academic umbrella. An engineer must adapt to the ever-changing world and develop non-academic skills that will help them both professionally and personally.

Most students pursuing engineering in India skip past the necessary non-academic skills which undermine their actual value. Going out of your regular B. Tech. Course Structure will give you accurate insights about the industry and equip you with challenges you might face in the industry. Developing skills that are bound to improve your personality will stay within all walks of life.

Here is a list of non-academic abilities and skills engineers must equip themselves with:



The most vital of all non-academic skills is your ability to communicate effortlessly. Communication skills, also known as soft skills, are seen with a high regard in all professions, and engineering is no different. Both formal and informal forms of communication are assessed in an organization. A budding engineer must develop effective communication skills while in university. Developing strong reading and writing skills will instill a level of confidence to your talks. Online and offline forms of communication are critical for an engineer. Any breakdown in communication can be highly critical for business, client, and the engineer. Nevertheless, communiqué is not just the ability to thread a few sentences together, but it is the impalpable deftness to adapt to the situation, while still enunciating oneself professionally.



If you are pursuing engineering, chances are you are already aware of how technology is shaping up while including new ideas to its forte. Working in the ever-changing industry can be challenging, and it requires one to shape up to be adaptable to the change. Engineering is all about solving problems and with the advent of technology, one must think out of the box to find feasible solutions. To be a better engineer, it is required that one be adaptable to change.



All the gadgets and gizmos that we use in our everyday life are a result of rapid innovation in the engineering field. However, innovation is driven by creativity. Engineers with an ambition to deliver better products do it with a pinch of creativity and nimbleness are needed all the time. All organizations thrive on ideas and how they innovate from inspiration determines the value of their product.



Another crucial non-academic skill for an engineer is their ability to collaborate with other professionals. The Internet and present digital age have changed the way organizations and professionals think and work. It is effortless than ever before to work together and connect with others on a project. Since most organizations are global, an engineer must be able to work across the world seamlessly. Today, it is quite common to see engineers working together to solve a problem.

Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a necessary part of the non-academic skills an engineer must develop while still studying. Interacting with peers and groups will form a new range of competencies for a nascent engineer. Also, by developing emotional intelligence one can hone their leadership skills. Leading people is not an easy task, and that is mostly why an engineer needs to understand team dynamics. If a professional wants to lead their team, they must be able to convince their peers of their idea. When one can understand their emotions regarding a particular thing, then only they allow themselves to read the emotions of other people.

Engineers must foster these non-academic skills to stay forward and to add value to their work further. Universities like BML Munjal University offer a soft skills training program for students across different courses. The university prepares their students for a successful career by incorporating various programs in the engineering courses. These skills are as vital as technical expertise and students must work on them to become the next generation of global professionals.


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