20 Best International Scholarships for Indian Students

We all know that global education is nothing short of a life-changing experience, one that millions of students covet and leave their countries to study abroad every year. However, the costs can be way too high for many of them.

A scholarship is the only way for such students to achieve their dream of studying abroad.

Fortunately, there are various international scholarships available for Indian students to study abroad.

Most of the scholarships are offered for master’s and doctorate programs, but recently a lot of undergraduate scholarships have also been introduced for Indian students.

Since countries across the world are acknowledging the economic significance of international students, a number of private organizations, universities, and federal governments have put out various international scholarships for students to choose from. In spite of the easy availability of scholarships for Indian students overseas, many students are unaware of the funding options linked to them.

That’s what this article is meant to help you out with; here, I have provided the details of the best international scholarships presently available for Indian students.

Best International Scholarships for Indian Students

20 Best International Scholarships for Indian students

Let us now take a look at my picks for the best international scholarships for Indian students.

1. LSE Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme (CSSS)

The Department for International Development (DFID), in collaboration with participating institutions, awards five scholarships to brilliant students from developing nations that are part of the Commonwealth. These scholarships aim to help them pursue a postgraduate degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, one of the UK’s most prestigious institutions.

The scholarships cover all the costs of the awardee, including the entire cost of the tuition fee, travel costs, and maintenance allowance. It is one of the most sought-after scholarships for Indian students.

2. Saltire Scholarship

Students who would like to pursue further studies in Scotland can apply for the Saltire Scholarship. The government of Scotland, in association with Scottish universities, provides annual scholarships worth £8,000 to fifty Indian students. These scholarships amount to the one-year tuition fee of a full-time postgraduate course.

The scheme is specially intended for students in India, China, Pakistan, the USA, Canada, and Japan who want to pursue a master’s degree in science, technology, healthcare & medical sciences, and renewable & clean energy. It aims to promote Scotland as an academic destination, and the awardees are expected to act as ambassadors of both the scholarship and the country.

Keep in mind that only students who have already been granted conditional or unconditional acceptance from Scottish universities are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

3. Orange Tulip Scholarship

This scholarship is specially designed to help bright Indian students pursue a graduate or undergraduate course in the Netherlands. It is funded by higher education institutions, government institutions, and multinationals.

Remember that not all Dutch universities offer the OTS scholarship – while some of them may offer a 100% (tuition fee) scholarship, other universities may offer a 50% or 25% reduction in the tuition fee. There are also some colleges that only offer visa fees or cover living expenses. Thus, you should always try to check individual university criteria before applying for a scholarship.

4. Campus France Charpak Scholarship for Indian Students

If you’re seeking admission in France, then you can apply for this scholarship for Indian students who are interested in pursuing a master’s program at this university. They offer a separate travel grant scholarship as well. These scholarships are all based on merit, and only students who are 30 and under can apply for one.

The two scholarships awarded here include:

  • The Charpak AME Scholarship (Allocation Mensuelle d’Entretien), includes a living allowance of up to 700 euros along with a few waivers of up to 5000 euros  and a waiver on a student visa and campus France fee
  • The Charpak BCS (Bourse de Couverture Sociale) grants a waiver on a student visa and campus France fee, along with social security and assistance in finding affordable accommodation.

Moreover, they offer a travel grant that includes a one-way ticket from India to France in economy class and a waiver on Campus France fee and student visa.

5. Cornell University Tata Scholarship

The Tata Education and Development Trust, in collaboration with Cornell University, provides scholarships to Indian students who are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree from Cornell. It gives preference to students who have been accepted to any of the following departments of the university:

  • Applied Economics
  • Architecture
  • College of Art and Planning
  • Engineering
  • Majors in “hard” sciences such as the physical and biological sciences
  • Management major in Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business

The TATA fund annually donates a massive sum of $25 million towards the scholarship program, covering the fees of the undergraduate program for twenty recipients.

6. Fullbright-Nehru Research Fellowship

This scholarship is available for energetic individuals who possess leadership qualities, hold a bachelor’s degree, and have an experience of at least three years. It is offered to Indian students wanting to pursue a master’s degree in fields such as:

  • Museum studies
  • Heritage conservation
  • Arts and culture management
  • Environmental science and studies
  • International legal studies
  • Public health and administration
  • Gender studies
  • Regional planning
  • Higher education administration

By availing of this scholarship, students will be able to cover their visa and education fees, along with living expenses. Based solely on merit, the scholarship only deems students who have completed their bachelor’s degree equivalent to a US degree eligible for application. It is one of the most sought-after scholarships for Indian students. 

7. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

As its name suggests, The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is intended to help people who want to pursue a doctorate in the city of Ontario, Canada.

It is annually awarded to seven postgraduate students who have proved their academic brilliance by scoring 80% or more in their last two examinations (full-time degrees). 

The scholarship grants a sum of CAD 40,000 to cover the expenses of tuition fees and others for a duration of four years, which can be subsequently extended and renewed based on merit. It is quite popular among Indian students who are hoping to study in Canada.

8. University of Calgary Graduate Award

The University of Calgary is a popular choice for students applying abroad due to the wide range of scholarships offered across various disciplines and levels of study over there. It awards different scholarships and bursaries to international students who demonstrate an outstanding meritorious record. These scholarships are available for the high school level up to the doctoral programs.

You can visit the university’s website to view the scholarship offered for the program you are interested in. Thereafter, you can choose a scholarship or financial aid program that best serves your needs after making sure that you fulfill their eligibility criteria.

9. Monash International Merit Scholarship

Monash University offers scholarships for Indian students who are interested in pursuing graduate or postgraduate level programs from the university throughout three to five-year duration programs. Every year, they award 31 scholarships amounting to AUS $10,000 per chosen student. 

The selection is based on academic merit and achievement, along with the SOP with the application form. They also judge the candidate on their potential and ability to become an ambassador for the university. Also, students who are commencing their program receive special preference.

10. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus is an international study program launched by the European Union. It aims to increase cooperation between the EU and the rest of the world. It offers scholarships to students who are interested in pursuing a joint master’s degree from any college affiliated with the Erasmus Mundus program.

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree scholarship for Indian students to study in the UK consists of four grants that are offered to third-world countries and EU/EEA nationals. It provides all the necessary financial support for travel allowance, installation costs, monthly allowances, and participation. It is undoubtedly one of the best scholarships in the UK.

11. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

Offered by the New Zealand government in collaboration with the Indian government, this scholarship is meant for students from developing Commonwealth countries who are interested in pursuing postgraduate and doctoral programs in New Zealand. It is one of the most well-known scholarships that is awarded to deserving candidates with a strong background in academics and research.

Students who wish to study and do research in fields such as environmental science, climate change, food security and agriculture, governance, disaster risk management, and renewable energy should consider applying for this scholarship.

12. British Chevening Scholarships for India

This is the UK government’s worldwide scholarship program financed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). It offers rewards to exceptionally talented researchers with leadership qualities from all around the world who are considering a graduate degree in any subject at any college or university in the UK.

As of now, it covers more than 12,000 courses within 150 universities and entails an 8-12 week program that runs its courses in specified areas of science, journalism, cybersecurity, and more. It provides around 1500 scholarships globally to international students. Thus, Indian students have a good chance of getting selected after applying.

13. Dr. Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarship

The university offers scholarships to international students who possess an exceptionally bright academic record and are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree from the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Sydney. It covers 50% of the tuition fees of the awardees.

14. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian students

This scholarship is offered to students who are pursuing a course with the intention to use their knowledge to aid in the progress of their country, i.e. India. The awardees are expected to return to India two years after the completion of their program. The scholarship is funded by the Reliance group, and five Indian students are admitted every year to the Stanford Graduate School of Business for their MBA program. Each student is granted a sum of $140,000 through the scholarship for the course.

Please note that I currently don't have any idea whether or not this fellowship is active. Please contact Stanford University for the availability of this fellowship.

15. Indian Global Leaders Scholarship

This is a full-tuition international scholarship for Indian students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree or a coursework master’s degree within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Queensland in Australia. However, keep in mind that it does not include MBAs.

16. University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) Future of Change India Scholarship

The UNSW Sydney Future of Change India Scholarship is intended for Indian citizens who have been accepted to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at UNSW Sydney, Australia. As part of your application, you are required to submit a brief video of yourself discussing how the scholarship will help you achieve your dreams.

17. Ms. Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford

This is an Indian government fellowship, fully funded by the Government of India, offered to Indian students who are pursuing studies at the University of Oxford’s St. Anthony’s College in the field of economics, political science, and history. As of now, it is only available to postgraduate research students with a uniformly brilliant academic record (at least 60% marks at the master’s degree level) and a minimum of three years of teaching experience at the graduate or postgraduate level.

18. Heriot-Watt SML International Merit Scholarships for Indian students

This scholarship is available for five Indian students at the postgraduate levels studying at Heriot-Watt University in the UK in a taught program within the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society. The chosen candidates are offered a scholarship amount of £2,000 as a fee abatement.

19. University of Adelaide Ashok Khurana Scholarship for Indian students

Indian students who are pursuing a postgraduate degree in selected fields at the University of Adelaide, Australia can apply for this scholarship.

20. Hinrich Full MA Scholarship in International Journalism at HKBU

These scholarships are open to citizens of India, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. They provide financial support to help students study for the Masters of Arts in the International Journalism program at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong.


For the benefit of Indian students looking for opportunities to study abroad, there are diverse international scholarships offered by various governments, organizations, and universities.

I hope this guide helps you find, choose, and successfully apply for an appropriate scholarship that helps you reach your goals.