Considered to be one of the most popular course among students, engineering is the graduation choice of most science stream students in India. Proving this is the fact that in 2015, around 1.3 million students have registered for JEE Main, which in fact, is one of the most popular engineering entrance exams in the country. However, not many students are prepared for what life actually is like once they join an engineering college. Studying engineering as a course requires a lot of hard work. But it doesn’t end there, students also need to study their programme in a smart manner and work on their time management if they want to achieve academic success & higher grades.

In this article, we will be discussing tip that engineering students must keep in mind if they want to do well in their end-term exams.

Make notes in classes

Image via Wikipedia / © Wikimedia
Image via Wikipedia / © Wikimedia

It is advisable that all engineering students attend their classes/lectures on a regular basis. Apart from this, students should also effort to make study notes in classes. Studies reveal that students who regularly make hand written notes in classes are mostly the ones who understand the concepts better as compared to those students who do not jot down notes.

Also, engineering students should make an extra effort to label their notes at the end of the day, like; there should be different labels for each note made on theorems, equations, theories and problem/questions.

Ask questions in classes

Raise hands and ask questionsEngineering students should make necessary efforts to voice their concern if they are not able to understand an equation or a concept. You can even ask your professors to explain a problem at hand with another example. Do not be afraid to put forth such a demand. You would be surprised to note that your professors would actually appreciate such an initiative and will feel that you are not secretly just sleeping in the class but actually trying to learn things taught by him. Also, you would find that your friends and batchmates, would later turn up to you and thank you for putting forth such a question.

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Complete assignments on time

In engineering colleges, students are always given assignments right after a topic is completed. So, here students need to ensure that they go through the entire chapter before attempting the assignment. Students should then patiently start attempting the assignment and after completing the assignment they should again make notes of what they were able to attempt and which spheres in a particular topic/chapter they need to work on.

Equation of Time (Image)

Manage time well

Engineering as a course to study is very lengthy, that is, students have to perform well in multiple aspects in order to secure the perfect grade/credit/score in their engineering programme. Students need to work around a schedule wherein they have sufficient time to revise what they have studied at class followed by completing their assignments and thereafter working on their projects and preparing for tests.

However, such a tight schedule does not mean that engineering students should not unwind and eat food. The trick here, is to manage your time well and then making all possible efforts to stick to the plan.

Prepare for tests

One of the most important aspects of being successful in your engineering programme is to work hard in getting the perfect score in your tests. If you are regular with your studies and complete your assignments on time then this should not be much of a problem. However, in order to better your chances of scoring well, students are advised to go through practice test papers and try to predict the syllabus core areas from which questions can be asked.

Form study groups

Most often when students study alone, there is no doubt to that fact that they can concentrate and cover more syllabus but on the hindsight if they get confused or get stuck at one specific sphere/topic then they will be left stranded there for eternity. The solution to this problem is to make a study group and then cover various topics.

Also, study groups will provide you the opportunity to study with your other batchmates whose strong points and weak areas may be different from yours and here you can use their strengths to better your grades.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, group study can also help you relax and form a sort of camaraderie which on dull days can fill you up with happiness that you have friends and your life doesn’t only revolve around books.

Teach your friends

Try to Teach your friends

Another way to understand engineering subject syllabus better is to try and explain the various concepts you have studied, to your batchmates. Trust, me when I say this, when you head out to teach topics to other people you tend to work on them in a better way and this can help you when you actually go and give your end-term tests.

Also, as your engineering course proceeds you will find that the concepts of any new chapter are based on things you learnt in a previous chapter. So it is important to first master all the previous topics before heading out to study a new one.

Go for internships/industrial visits

Engineering programmes in most good colleges require you to go for industrial visits on a regular basis. Make it a point to go for such meets because it is only here that you will get industry exposure which at the end of the day is what you will be required to do when you finally get placed after completing your engineering course.

Apart from this, engineering students also need to go for summer or winter internships as mentioned it their course curriculum. Such internships are very helpful for students as it is only through these that engineering students can apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical manner. Thus, students at engineering colleges should not miss out such an opportunity at any cost.

So, these are some study tips which engineering students should definitely keep in mind while pursuing their course and thereafter be assured of success in all their future endeavours.

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