How Bookmakers are Making Sports Betting Easy in India?

Sports betting is one of the most popular betting events in the Indian betting arena, all thanks to the immense popularity of cricket. Besides cricket, horse racing and online rummy are also quite popular. Most of the sports betting has been done in general through online betting apps.

In this article, we will talk about the status of sports betting activity in India in general with cricket betting in focus.

How Bookmakers are Making Sports Betting Easy in India?

And for that, we reached out to some of the well-known bookmakers in India. The team from Bet365 talked about how they have made sports betting very easy on their website and mobile apps.

Cricket betting in India

As we talked about earlier, cricket betting is the most popular betting event in India. Considering more than 1 billion cricket lovers in the country itself, it’s not at all surprising.

Imagine the adrenaline rush and the amount of money that is spent on betting just for the IPL season — if not all cricketing events. IPL is a gamechanger for sports bettors, and it has followings not only in India but all over the world.

IPL live streaming happens even in the other parts of the world, where sports like football and Tennis are more popular.

How Bet365 like bookmakers help?

Bet365 and other top bookmakers offer easy signup and easy to play facilities on their websites and apps. You can just register, deposit and start playing.

bet365 bookmaker

Bet365 sports, for instance, has the world’s largest share of bettors. Starting around the 2000’s — this bookmaker has been thriving to keep its place. Almost all the Cricket bettors in India are aware of the Bet365 live stream and how to bet with the Bet365 Android (APK) app.

This IPL season will be one of the most participated cricket betting events, learn more on what are the best bookies in India and how to bet with Bet365 or any other bookie of your sort. Not only the sports betting sites, but fantasy betting has been one of the revolutionary concepts in the betting arena.