Supercharge Your Fundraising Campaign with These Proven Money-generating Tips

Whether you’re looking to raise money for a local charity or are hoping to generate funds for a larger non-profit organization, coming up with fundraising ideas can often seem challenging. While it’s true most people subscribe to the idea that to give is better than to receive, planning and executing a successful funding campaign that engages users and encourages them to part with their cash can frequently seem an uphill struggle.

Whatever the reason you’re trying to raise money, below are some tried and tested methods used by charities and non-profit companies that have raised significant funds over the years. 

Try Peer-to-peer fundraising

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Sometimes the simplest and oldest ideas are the best, and peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising has been used for decades by organizations to build significant funds from their supporters. With P2P funding, your charity devises an idea, then helps your followers to gain funding from their network of friends, family, etc. The most common types of P2P ideas include sponsored fun runs, walkathons, swimming events, and so on; basically, anything where supporters can complete a challenge in exchange for backing from their network. 

Use SMS messaging in fundraising

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We live in a highly connected world, and the ubiquity of mobile devices now makes it easier than ever for charities to go direct to users to seek funding. Moreover, with 501c3 SMS fundraising, it’s incredibly quick and easy for users to commit to making micropayments, direct from their phone and paid from their mobile account. This method of fundraising is far less hassle than physically making payments—plus, the funds arrive immediately in your account. 

Hold a charity auction

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Arranging a charity auction can be a great way to engage directly with your supporters while also allowing them to benefit from deals and bargains. As well as asking followers to donate their unwanted goods to the auction, think also about approaching companies for sponsorship i.e. asking firms for items they’re willing to give you to auction. If you want to move your efforts to the next level, you could even think about simultaneously broadcasting your auction online to increase attendee numbers. 

Set up a site to accept online donations

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In years gone by, setting up donation sites used to be a highly complex and time-consuming process that would involve hiring the skills of a web developer. However, with the vast improvements made in technology and programming techniques, there is now a huge range of online services you could use to quickly and easily set up a donation page. Sites such as JustGiving and RallyUp could have you up and running in a matter of hours, ready to accept payments from your supporters. 


Holding a raffle for prizes is one of the simplest ways to generate money quickly—yet normally only requires donors to part with a small sum of money to buy entry. However, if you sell enough raffle tickets, the final sums can quickly add up, far outweighing your initial investment in prizes and logistics and giving an impressive return on investment (ROI).