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India’s best SEO, Gaurav Tiwari, now offers local & niche SEO services to serious brands under Gatilab – the best SEO company in Delhi & NCR. Get in touch, as we can handle only a limited number of projects simultaneously.

Best SEO Agency in Delhi

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Are you looking for the best SEO agency in Delhi NCR? Your hunt ends here.

We offer dedicated SEO services for brands in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurugram and Ghaziabad.

While there are many SEO services providers, both companies and freelancers in Delhi & NCR, everyone promises superior services, but not all are equal.

This can make hiring an SEO agency in Delhi a big challenge for any business looking to do it for the first time.

We have seen people struggle to find the best SEOs. That is why we gathered together to come under the leadership of Gaurav Tiwari and started offering SEO services that are special and on-point.

Every SEO company can call itself an A, B or C expert. But they’ll treat you only as a customer. Connect with us, have a coffee, tell your ambitions and get amazed at what is achievable.

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Team Lead by India’s #1 SEO Expert

Gaurav Tiwari
Gaurav Tiwari

Team Lead

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Siddharth Sharma

Keyword Research

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Yarov Ramarav


Ishita Bhatt

Link Building

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With so many SEO companies to pick from, why choose us?

Here is why!

Here’s why Gaurav Tiwari is Delhi’s best SEO expert:

  1. Fourteen years in the field. Since 2008, Gaurav Tiwari has worked with 670+ clients ranging from tech to business to marketing to education.
  2. 6.8 Million Dollars in assured revenue growth in the last 4 years for his client.
  3. His clients reached 50 Million people.
  4. World-renowned SEO professional – even his personal blog ranks on over 40,000 keywords.
  5. No premade templates. Every SEO task is custom-planned and prepared in-house with 500+ ranking factors tested and ranked.
  6. Offers both long-term and monthly SEO services.
  7. Free website redesign, PR, social media marketing, email marketing, copywriting and branding for all SEO clients.
  8. No hidden charges. One flat rate billed as per your requirements.

Are you interested in knowing more? Send us an email using this form, and let’s fix a meeting (offline or online).

Free Bonus Services

We offer these services free. Most will charge for these but we think these are the starting points and must be free.

  1. Website Redesign
  2. PR & Social Media Marketing Setup
  3. Email marketing
  4. Copywriting
  5. Branding
  6. Local SEO

The Basics

Here is what we can do:

  • Improve site visibility in Search Results in Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo! Take you to the top. We can also change the way your website content appears in Search Results.
  • Boost site traffic and make Search Engines a regular free traffic source so that even if we part ways, you can keep your traffic intact with just a little help.
  • Boost your subscriber/consumer base
  • Increase your online reputation
  • Build better consumer engagement
  • Boost sales and yield more customers
  • Make your content stand out from the crowd
  • Make your local business look better online
  • Boost app downloads
  • Beat the company X

SEO is a slow process; it takes a lot of time for a page to be properly ranked in Search Engines. Additionally, there are some things that it can not do:

  • Take your site from 0% to 100% in no time.
  • Boost app/product reviews — that’ll require better app/products.

How do we work?

Here are the key steps involved

  1. content optimization
  2. user-experience evaluation
  3. local business optimization
  4. keyword research & competitor analysis
  5. optimizing site architecture
  6. internal link optimization
  7. link building
  8. in-house SEO strategy implementation

Are you interested in knowing more? Send us an email using this form, and let’s fix a meeting (offline or online).


What kind of SEO projects do you take?

We take niche SEO projects that are focused on a target. We don’t take offers that are vague in nature or misleading to customers.

Do you also offer link building?

Yes. Mostly the link building is offered for free under a distinct but if you are looking for the link building package only, we will be happy to provide the same.

Do you offer SEO services in Noida?

Yes, we covered all locations in Noida in specific and Gautam Buddha Nagar district in general.

Do you offer SEO services in Gurugram?

Yes, we covered an array of locations in Gurugram. Please contact us to see if your location is covered.

What is Gatilab?

Gatilab is a digital marketing agency focused on conversion and quality. Gaurav Tiwari leads Gatilab’s SEO & content divisions and is supported by 11 team members.