How to Become an Azure Developer?

When it comes to cloud computing platforms, Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest in the world. One of its advantages is that it is owned by Microsoft, meaning it is compatible with a lot of other services that the provider has to offer. This allows businesses and companies to benefit from the multi-functional advantages offered on behalf of their infrastructure and network.

One of the most sought-after Azure skills is development. For developers familiar with Azure, they can improve forward bloc technologies such as DevOps, Kubernetes, and containerization by leveraging the cloud's power and incorporating the technology into the cloud so as to create powerful apps and software.

However, how can one learn these skills?

Continue reading to find out how you can become an Azure developer.

What is an Azure Developer?

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This is a web or software developer who makes use of Microsoft Azure—a cloud computing service tasked with providing resources such as servers, storage, analytics, networking, and databases.

Azure is used for executing complex application development levels, making it a popular tool in the industry of tech.

The Azure cloud was designed to be a big pool consisting of computer servers holding significant amounts of data. Therefore, Azure is an operating system comprising of services that will allocate these resources to applications in need of them.

Job Description of an Azure Developer

Azure developers carry out detailed and complex analysis of software systems and components. They make sure that the implementation and construction of technical documentation are attained.

Azure developers also carry out integration and unit testing and help out in deploying and transitioning software components for projects.

They help other teams in software development and in any business-related task. They conduct tests, write code, evaluate alternative actions, resolve technical issues, and provide recommendations.

Skills Required to Become an Azure Developer

When moving into a new field, you'll need to know and acquire the required skills that will make you employable. Azure training is the best way to gain the needed skills to excel. For Azure developers, the following are some of the areas and skills you need to be knowledgeable about:

Fundamental Skills

  • A competent understanding of Microsoft products such as PowerShell and Office 365 is expected since these apps are integrated using Azure.
  • Programming background in languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and SQL is required since the job involves app development.
  • Adequate knowledge of cloud computing. Experience in AWS or Google Cloud is also sufficient.

Specific Skills

  • Azure pricing depends on the use of its services. Organizations move to the cloud because they want to cut costs. That's why a good developer will keep this in mind when using the resources of the cloud.
  • In the course of accessing the environment, developers use code to script them. This will make it easy to recreate the environment in case of disaster or infrastructure updates.
  • Since applications and data require flexibility, Azure developers need to know how to scale them. This will lead to improved storage, processing power, etc.
  • Predicting the future is not possible, but developers can envisage it by looking out for every possible problem and finding solutions for them.

Once you are loaded with these skills, you will become a formidable Azure Developer.