How to Become a Professional Sports Writer? (3 Tricks + Steps to Follow)

Over the last ten years, we have seen a huge spike in the number of online sports writers. This is due to an increase in readily available information, which allows writers to pen previews, reviews and features from the comfort of their homes using laptops and mobile devices, including smartphones. 

There are three different types of online sports content writers. First, we have professionals who cover major events from the Super Bowl to the latest news regarding sports betting and sponsorship in Texas. These authors have their work published on the most popular websites and are paid handsomely for their efforts, allowing them to gain full-time employment from betting. 

Next, there are the part-time writers or hobbyists who write decent sports pieces which appear on mid-size websites, attracting a few hundred readers each week. In most cases, this work is of a decent standard but is done without pay or for a small compensation. 

Lastly, we have sports fans with strong opinions and a Wi-Fi connection that allows them to publish their thoughts to a global audience. The quality is poor and attracts few writers with the work done for free or published on the writer’s blogs and social media fields.

Where do you fit in?

Become a Professional Sports Writer

Where do you fit into this content-producing pyramid? Are you an elite-level author looking to make a living from producing sports articles, or do you want to enhance your skills with the aim of boosting your wages with some extra cash made through a passion for writing and a love for professional sports?

In this article, we will explain three easy-to-follow steps alongside some tips and tricks that will improve your chances of becoming a paid sports content writer.

These pointers will improve your chances of being a good sports writer and help distance you from the basement hacks who pack the third tier of sports writing and make it difficult for talented writers to stand out from the crowd.

Go it alone

Why beg for column space on a run-of-the-mill website for a chance to write articles? You can go it alone and cut out the middle man by producing a blog or website. It’s simple to create a website with many different providers offering affordable and simple templates. When you are a web owner, you can write as much or little content as you like, covering all your favorite areas. There’s no need to see your talents stifled by an editor.

When running a blog, you will learn SEO practices, editing and basic site-building skills. All this can be put to good use when you eventually start applying for web content writing positions for major media outlets. Present your site or blog to a prospective employer, and you’re not only showing your writing skills but time management, commitment and a determination to succeed. 

An experienced editor will love your efforts, appreciating that you went outside the box and wanted to showcase your talents. The chances are when it comes to applying for a job; you will stand out against a backdrop of talented writers. Even if they are producing better quality content, your blog shows what you are capable of and that you can stick to deadlines.


The more you read, the better the writer you will be. Study the work produced by the leading sports writers and take your lead from their style. Even if you don’t want your writing to be similar, there are still some pointers you can follow from the professionals.

Read sports previews, reviews and features: study autobiographies and stories of past legends of boxing, football, soccer and other favorites. Immerse yourself in the latest news from the sports people care most about.


The more you know about a subject, the better writer you will be. Similar to public speaking, coaching or teaching, confidence comes from knowing your subject, and that confidence is infectious. Your readers will know and appreciate your efforts, putting you as a trusted source for the competition, fixture or team.

Read interviews, head-to-head stats, form, injury news and more. Take on board the gossip columns and even your views on the sport to ensure an article that is unique to you.