How Relaxing can Improve Productivity? (6 Best Ways to Relax)

Can relaxing improve productivity and efficiency? This is one of the most usual productivity questions that I get from time to time.

The short answer to this is yes. But there are certain rules to it.

Relaxing within a limit can definitely improve your productivity but doing that more than often may cause inverse effects such as indolence and procrastination.

Before I get into details, let's first learn why relaxing is important.

When you work, an overwhelming demand for your time and attention may lead to you wearing out.

Constantly being on the move, or having your concentration shift from one thing to another, leads to eventual low productivity.

You find yourself feeling fatigued and worn out at the end of the day. Sleeping late and rising up early reduce your sleeping hours taking a toll on your performance.

This may lead you to start despising a job, and even the life that you initially enjoyed.

This is where relaxing properly comes into play.

Ways to Relax

woman in gray tank top lying on bed relaxing to improve productivity

So how do you infuse relaxation into your life? Psychologists have suggested several ways to relax to improve productivity, like having a good sleeping habit, following the 25-5 minutes rule during focused work and 90 minutes rule for general work, doing Yoga and more.

I will discuss more about these in detail and also how these can improve your productivity.

Quality sleeping

You could start by having a strict sleeping regime.

You need quality sleep in order for your day to start on the right foot. Building a good sleeping habit and environment will optimize your sleep.

Staying away from your smartphone right before bed helps you relax easier.

There is no secret how a good night's sleep can make your days better. When you'll wake up, you'll feel refreshed and ready to give your 100% on work. Good sleeping schedules also make you a composed, passionate and happy person.

Observe breaks

Create timely breaks in your work day. Research shows that the optimal working time is ninety minutes.

Set a timer that rouses you every ninety minutes to take a short break and do some stretches.

If you are studying or doing focused work, do that for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break. Watch outdoor and relax a little. Start again.

These breaks help your body reboot and work more efficiently. You will start feeling great once you get used to these.

Take a vacation

One thing most people don’t take seriously is vacation time. Taking prolonged breaks away from your desk is an important relaxation factor. Vacations are usually set to increase productivity because your perspective clears when you don’t have stressors around you.


Exercising is a way to clear your mind. As an entrepreneur, employee or student, you probably have a lot in your mind. Exercising and participating in physical activity help you refresh your mind and stay focused. You can take up a sport or run around the block to clear your head.

Have a massage

Relax your body by taking a warm bath or having a massage. You probably spend your whole day slouched in front of a computer. A bath or massage will help you ease the stiffness and soreness in your muscles. It even relieves the back pain that may be caused by desk slouching.

Get a hobby

Get a hobby. You’re going to increase your productivity in the office by getting yourself invested in some activities outside the office.

Use your leisure time to take part in an activity you’ll enjoy that isn’t connected to your job like going to a rave.

Getting time away from work gives your brain other things to focus on that aren’t too engaging. A hobby will increase your boundaries of interest and open your mind to new ideas.

Train yourself to be more mindful. Your job may keep you focused on the future earnings and not repeat past mistakes making you forget the present. Bring yourself to focus on what is happening in the present by having a daily journal or even meditating.

In the end, you’ll realize that relaxing and giving yourself time out does increase your productivity.