PS4 Pro Christmas Price Drop, PS5 Christmas Deals and Offers

Along with others, the PS5 Christmas 2024 & New Year 2025 starting on December 25 and ending the first week of next year, the biggest weekend of online deals in the US & UK coincides conveniently with Sony’s mid-generational console updates.

Sony launched PlayStation® 5 on November 12th, 2020 and they have revealed PlayStation 5 prices. The PS4 Pro, as expected, is going to get heavy Christmas discounts.

PlayStation® 5 Specifications
Model PlayStation 5
Processor8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2-architecture CPU at up to 3.5GHz
GraphicsAMD Navi/RDNA 2-family GPU with 36 CU up to 2.23 GHz (10.3 TFLOPS, FP unit unknown)
Video memory16GB GDDR6 with 256-bit interface (448GB/sec)
Storage825GB SSD at 5.5-9GB/sec; NVMe SSD slot; support for USB HDD
Optical driveYes, 4K Blu-ray
Maximum output resolution8K 60fps; 4K 120fps
Audio3D, accelerated by custom Tempest Engine hardware; for headphones only at launch, supplemented by virtual surround for speaker audio
New controller featuresHaptic feedback, adaptive triggers, USB-C connector
VR supportYes, compatible with PSVR headset
Console streamingYes (Remote Play)
Streaming apps at launchApple TV Plus, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube
Backward compatibilityPS4 games
Subscription tie-inPS Now
Dimensions15.4 x 4.1 (3.6) x 10.2 in/390 x 104 (92) x 260 mm
Release dateNov. 12
PriceWith optical drive: $500, £450, AU$750; without optical drive: $400, £360, AU$600
 PS5 Christmas Deals and Launch Offers

PlayStation 5 starts at $399 for a 1TB version without an optical drive. It will cost an extra $100 for the optical drive version. No discounts have been announced on PS 5 yet but Sony is surely going to offer a heavy discount to combat Xbox's competitive pricing. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, is expected to have heavy discounts.

PS4 Pro Christmas Discounts

PS4 Pro Christmas Discounts

There are two main reasons that lead us to believe the standard PS4 Pro console will be heavily discounted on Christmas:

  • Sony will be looking to maximize sales of old hardware.
  • Retailers will be looking to clear out old stock to make way for the new PS5 models, which are arriving shortly before Christmas.

We predict the standard PS4 Pro 1TB to be slashed from $499 to $249-$300 on Christmas, representing a 40%-50% discount. The PS4 Slim 1TB version, could fall as low as $199.

Use this table to check the Christmas pricing and deals

PS5 Christmas Discounts

PS5 Christmas Discounts

The PS5 was released on November 12. It’s unlikely that the PS5 consoles will be heavily discounted during Christmas as they are so new to the market.

The main deals we expect to see on these mid-generation consoles are bundle deals. For the PS5 consoles themselves, we predict discounts in the range of 10 – 15%. A PS5 Slim console for $349 on Christmas is optimistic but not impossible.

Retailers will be looking to shift old consoles before offering big reductions on the newest Playstation consoles.

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What did we base these prices on?

As well as the reasons outlined above, we analyzed: Christmas 2024, 2020 & 2019 PlayStation deals, trends in console prices over time and we also compared the launch price of the PS5 to previous consoles.

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