Why Should You Get a Kindle?

If you are still confused on whether or not you should get a Kindle in 2024, then you are probably a decade late. If you are a student or a reader, you should clearly switch to Kindle from paperbacks.

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader is a pocket-friendly device that has been snapped up by millions since its launch. If you’re not one of the millions who own a Kindle, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Reasons to Buy a Kindle

Here are 5 key reasons for buying a Kindle.


With the Kindle, you can literally take your library with you wherever you go, as the device holds up to 3,500 e-books. Imagine how many books you’d be able to carry with you!

Always Yours

Amazon keeps a record of all your downloaded e-books so you can delete away on the Kindle, knowing that all the books are still there should you ever want to download them again (for free, of course). You can also organize all your books into collections/categories which means you’ll be able to easily find the book you want.


Another great feature of the Kindle is its ability to sync across your devices. Using Whispersync technology, Kindle remembers your last page so you can read a bit on your phone or computer perhaps, before picking up right where you left off on your Kindle. There’s also support for documents, to save you always having to print information – simply take the portable e-reader with you instead and make notes/updates as you go.


The Kindle weighs less than 250 grams on average, less than a paperback, and at 8.8mm thick is slimmer than some magazines.

Measuring 190mm x 123mm x 8.5mm the Kindle is compact and light, perfect for even the smallest bag as well as many pockets and briefcases.

With a 6 inch display and advanced screen technology which prevents glare even in bright light, you can read books on Kindle whenever and wherever.

Unlike laptops and some smartphones, the Kindle never gets hot which together with its size and weight enables you to read for as long as you wish.

Selection of books

There are currently over a million e-books in the Kindle store plus various Indian and international magazines, newspapers and free classic books.

Amazon also lets you download free samples of books so you can read the first chapter or two before deciding whether to buy the entire e-book.

With so many books and magazines available in one place, the Kindle is ideal for entertaining you during your commute to work, plane journeys, train rides, as you wait for an appointment or queue in the post office, as well as during those times you want to relax on the sofa or read in bed.

Battery life

In stark contrast to smartphones which require almost-constant charging to support all your calls, browsing and content viewing, the Kindle has an amazing battery life.

Charge up and enjoy up to 2 months of uninterrupted reading in the wireless-off option. With wireless on, the Kindle lasts up to 3 weeks (Wi-Fi only) or up to 10 days (Wi-Fi and 3G) depending on the model.


The Kindle has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity which means once the e-reader is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot either in your home or elsewhere you can download books in under 60 seconds.

Get a Kindle

Do you have a kindle?

If not, you can explore all the models on Amazon.in. Coming from the United States and the rest of the world? Explore the latest offers on Kindle here.