Changes Witnessed in the Video Game Industry in the Last Few Years

Gaming is one of the most profitable industries all over the globe. It’s already been around for decades, having gone a long way from the first versions of Atari and Nintendo. Video game technology has continuously improved from pixelated screens and limited sound systems to multiplayer systems and lifelike user experience. 

Complex storylines, better graphics, and online access have led to a rise in revenue and participation. And with restrictions related to the coronavirus, many companies have launched new gaming platforms and apps to meet the demand from stay-at-home consumers. That makes for a lot of changes. 

character playing videogame

Here are some of you’ve seen in the last few years. 

Online Gaming

Improved Internet technology paved the way for online gaming, with big names rolling out better games, graphics, and consoles. Easy internet access meant more people played video games. That came at a cost, though, with gamers needing to invest money in hardware and system setups. 

That’s when online storefronts like Wii Shop Channel and Xbox Live Marketplace started to change the way people bought games. They offered software upgrades online. They made it possible to communicate with other games. Sony’s PSN—a networking service—helped multiplayer gaming take off online.

Sports Play

Gamers who were fans of competitive video gaming experience found eSports the perfect way to indulge in spectator sport. The growth of mobile gaming plus internet advancements allowed eSports to flourish. Mobile gaming meant that users could access the games anytime, anywhere. Internet services, meanwhile, resolved connectivity issues, so users could be online anytime they wanted. 

Competitors from different leagues can compete with eSports, allowing millions of fans to view the games, attend live events, or bet. Today, eSports is a billion-rupees industry. Online betting became popular, especially in nations like India. 

Online Betting

One reason for the surge of online betting in the gaming world is the way it tapped into its vast cricket fanbase with various betting apps. Many online sites and platforms offer convenient ways to play and bet, allowing players to access these games online through their tablets and mobile phones. 

Attractive bonuses, various games to choose from, and plenty of payment methods have made these gaming options more attractive. With consumers looking to find the best online casino in India, though, companies that review betting sites have also emerged.

Review Sites

With so many things taking place online these days, it’s easy for players to check out games, consoles, and gaming platforms. Review sites now allow users to go over consumer feedback. They can take note of the highlights of the reviews and come up with their takeaways. The reviews tell them which sites offer efficient account setups, various payment options, and better security. 

Gamers also learn which sites offer more free spins, low-cost options, and easy payments. That way, they can choose sites with greater confidence and steer clear of gaming platforms that turn out dodgy. The complaints alone should help them avoid gaming platforms or sites that offer poor user experience, few payment options, and lousy customer service. 

Complaint Service

With the rise in online gaming and betting, not all gamers have been careful; more importantly, it has led to the rise of a few untrustworthy gambling platforms. Users who’ve had a disappointing experience could go to review sites to file their grievances. These complaints on review pages and portals can help gamers resolve their issues. 

However, reputable online gambling platforms have their own customer service department. Hence, it is crucial to convey your reservations and complaints. All the top betting platforms aim to provide users with a frictionless experience, and customer service is an integral part of that. As a result, betting sites developing their own customer service departments have been another pivotal development in the video game industry.


After online gaming, it was only a matter of time before video game streaming became a thing. Streamers could earn money in many ways: from getting donations or tips from fans, regular viewer payments that they receive from the streaming platform, and even tips as well as recurring payments from third-party platforms. Some also earn revenue from ads, brand deals, and sponsorships. Streaming is also tied to online betting, with fans watching games of their favorite leagues face off in the games. 

Constant Growth

The rapid changes in online betting games and video gaming technology mean that there are even more developments to look forward to. From increased security and bonuses to more games and lifelike gameplay, users are sure to have fun with what’s in store for video games and online betting in the future.