Best WordPress Membership Plugins (Compared & Ranked)

Creating a course website, private community or paid members-only website using WordPress? If you are, you must be looking for WordPress membership plugins. Well, you are in luck then, but there is a problem of plenty.

There are hundreds of WordPress Membership plugins to choose from and not everyone knows which one to pick.

This is why I have written this article that brings you some of the best membership plugins for WordPress membership sites.

This list aims to provide you with a transparent opinion on which plugins to invest in and how to pick the best from the rest.

Please note that building up a membership site, despite all tools, requires a lot of time, patience and, above all a developer's help.

These WordPress membership plugins can help you save time on usual things and offer you the functionalities that may cost tens of thousands of dollars at low prices.

Membership plugins are limitless and depending on what you can plan, you can create private spaces, forums, online stores and even more to grow your business.

Moreover, these plugins can generate steady income from your membership sites as you can instantly charge customers for accessing something from your site.

So without further ado, let's look at the best WordPress membership plugins in 2024.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins in 2024

Here are the best WordPress membership plugins that you can give a try.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro - #1 in the Best WordPress Membership Plugins

The Restrict Content Pro membership plugin is regarded as the complete package of features required for a perfect membership site. RCP has both free and membership versions of its plugin and is evenly priced.

Restrict Content Pro restricts access to content with a shortcode and provides different ways for restricting access to each post based on membership level.

Features of Restricted Content Pro

  • The customer dashboard permits your customers to control and manage their account details.
  • Built-in support for payment gateways like 2Checkout, PayPal ,Stripe,  etc.
  • It is integrated with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce so that you can sell digital products.
  • Allows upgrades and downgrades.

Pricing: Starting at $99 for a single site license (Yearly)

Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro is a complete plugin that allows users to fully control their website content and posts and get their website visitors a subscription plan using multiple payment gateways. You can get an array of features by just setting up and configuring the plugin with your website. More than 33000 websites use Ultimate Membership Pro, which generates around $2 Billion +, thus making it one of the best WordPress membership plugins of all time.

Ultimate Membership Pro is so popular due to its extensive customizable features that make the plugin stand out. For example, with just a few clicks, you can customize your posts and content according to your website members, non-members and visitors.

Features of Ultimate Membership Pro:

  • Managing your website members becomes much easier with Ultimate Membership pro as it allows registrations and logins of more than seven social networks. 
  • It also allows you to view/update subscription status and cancel them anytime. 
  • You also access various customization tools for personalizing themes, forms, profiles and others. 
  • You also get integration with PayPal for online payments, Elementor for drag and drop website building, Mailchimp to add signup forms easily and others.

Pricing: You get lifetime access for just $59 for the basic features.


Paid Membership, User Registration, User Profile & Restrict Content Plugin - ProfilePress is a robust WordPress user subscription and membership plugin with many features. With just a few clicks, it allows you to create beautiful user profiles, member directories, and user registration forms to register users as members and member subscriptions. It also has an easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop form builder to make beautiful and customizable forms so you can easily collect user data.

ProfilePress is specially designed to handle all aspects of user management with ease. You can get all of these done with no technical/coding knowledge. It is best for selling non-physical goods such as online courses, paid memberships, subscriptions, and online services.

Features of ProfilePress

  • ProfilePress allows you to create beautiful frontend user profiles with high customization and added custom profile fields. 
  • It also has multiple payment integrations with one-time payment options and even an installment payment option. 
  • You also get to create and personalize intriguing checkout, login, user registration, password reset and forms, making the website UI look stunning. Also, display your users’ profile pictures and information on the dashboard using ProfilePress to access user details easily. 
  • It comes with options for content restriction depending on the users of your platform.

Pricing: The pricing for the most basic standard plan is $99(yearly).


If you are looking for a user-friendly membership plugin for your WordPress site so that you can manage your site yourself, then 'MemberPress' is the best for you. Memberpress users can control, track, and create subscriptions and sell digital download products.

If any customer is accessing your content, you can immediately charge those visitors. Besides this, it also throws built-in support for payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal

Features of Memberpress:

  • Integrations with Amazon Web services and BluBrry for podcast hosting as well as AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp for email services
  • Content Dripping for selling learning materials and online courses. Allows showing of restricted content to users after a certain point of time.
  • Strong access controls to restrict access of any content such as pages, posts, tags etc.

Pricing: Starting from $129 for the basic plan (yearly)

Paid Member Subscriptions Plugin is all about creating your own membership site jump-off and getting paid instantly.

Paid Member Subscriptions plugin is integrated with WooCommerce and allows users to add member discounts per subscription and per product. This plugin not only imposes restrictions on product purchasing and viewing but also restricts access to the whole WooCommerce store.

Paid Member Subscriptions plugin is basically free, so you can easily install it, or if you want to experience the features, you can try it on the demo site.

Features of paid member subscriptions

  • Globally restricts access to the content of your site based on the type of the post.
  • Multiple users per subscription
  • Upgrade and enjoy features like content dripping
  • Integrated with payment gateways like PayPal Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, and Stripe.

Pricing: Free. Pro starts with $69 for a single-site license

WP-Members Membership Plugin

WP-Members Membership Plugin is probably the oldest and the most sought-after WordPress membership plugin. It is a very user-friendly plugin and is quite robust when it comes to the features it offers. So if you want to focus on your business and growth and not bother about how to get a membership site, it is the best solution for you.

It is hard to tell how powerful the plugin is due to its sparsely designed admin interface. However, you can also use the free version of the plugin to see if the features are what you need or not.

Features of WP-Members:

  • With WP-Members Membership Plugin, you can easily hide or restrict any post or content from your page and make custom posts. 
  • Users can easily log into your website and check the menu items listed. 
  • Due to its high customization property, you can also customize registration fields and profile fields of new users and put out forms with fields of what data you need. 
  • User login, registration, and profile are integrated into your theme with WP-Members Membership Plugin.

Ultimate Member

User Profile, User Registration, Login & Membership Plugin - Ultimate Member is a user profile, user registration and membership plugin you can add to your WordPress website. It is a quick way to add user registration and membership features to your brand. The plugin allows you to make advanced online communities with much ease and makes it easy for your users to get membership details and all on your website quickly.

The best part of all, the plugin is exceptionally lightweight and greatly extensible, with various paid integrations to choose from. In addition, these integration options make the website more personalizable.

Features of the Ultimate Member:

  • Ultimate Member provides you with a frontend user profile, user registration and user login space from where your users can access the membership to your platform. 
  • You can also create custom form fields to get user data and put it in your records. The drag and drop form builder is an added advantage to its custom form builder. 
  • It also comes with a user account page to get user details. Other than these, you also get a member directory to get a membership list, content restriction options to hide any particular post and conditional nav menus.

Pricing: There is a free version, and the basic plan starts at $249 (Yearly)

WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend is one of the robust and most widely used page builder plugins for WordPress websites that you can install to get excellent engagement from your platform users and visitors. It has over 30,000 active installations at present. Getting user engagement through forms, forums and comments is a perfect way of building an engaging community site that’ll bring back visitors time after time.

It offers excellent features like Membership, Profile, Registration & Post Submission Plugin for WordPress. In short, WP User Frontend manages your whole website frontend, especially on the user end. It includes tasks like user registration and subscriptions, form submissions, and user profiles.

Features of WP User Frontend

  • WP User Frontend offers easy drag and drops customizable form builders that allow you to make forms for users swiftly. You can adjust each form field according to your needs and restrict inputs. You get post form options too. 
  • Your users get a unique user registration page for your website that allows them to create their accounts and register with minute details, and later, they can also view the details on their “My Account” dashboard. 
  • A registration form editor is provided with a maximum capacity of 38 fields.
  • Subscription options, be it one-time payment, quarterly or annually 
  • Content and post restriction / partial visibility options only expose certain content to specific members.

Pricing: A free version is available, but the basic plan starts at $49(yearly).

Restrict User Access

Restrict User Access is a plugin by DEV Institute that gives you website membership, content protection, and many other features. With Restrict User Access, you can limit your users to what they can and cannot view depending on your membership details. You can also create an unlimited number of access levels while keeping the authority to override any user and role at any given time. Other features include control over membership durations to keep track of user behavior and access time, redirect unauthorized users away from pages in case any user disobeys platform guidelines, and even give a user who does not yet have access to the platform sneak peeks of restricted contents.

With Restrict User Access, you can create different user membership levels like Platinum, Gold, or Free. The best part is with these many features, the plugin also comes with good documentation to guide you through the features.

Features of Restrict User Access

  • Restrict User Access allows you to create multiple user access levels depending upon their subscriptions to your platform. 
  • Members can also level up or down their access levels depending on certain triggers. 
  • Other than this, there is already content restriction with specific tags, permission/ denial to access certain levels on the platform and even content restriction from other plugins.


LearnDash facilitates creating, selling and controlling online courses on your WordPress membership site. LearnDash comes with a quiz builder facility through which you can create quizzes or different types of questions. Besides this, it allows the reuse of any/same course content without using another version or putting it on another page.

Features of LearnDash

  • To make membership sites more appealing it introduces facilities like badges, certificates, user profiles etc and course completion bonus points to its users.
  • Drip-Feed Content allows you to ascend content to users on a regular basis.
  • Integration and payment gateways with WooCommerce, bbpress, Cartflows etc.

Pricing:- Starts at $199 for a single site license (Yearly)